How to Pair Openload Links in Kodi

If you are looking for How to pair Openload links in Kodi? than you are at right place. On tricksroad you will get to know How to fix the issue of pair openload links in kodi.


About Kodi

Kodi is a wonderful application which makes your television a smart one with it’s wonderful features and thousands of its addons. Using Kodi you can do about anything with your smart TV. You can do everything that you do in your computer with Kodi like play games, limited games which your TV can run, watch movies, TV series, listen to series and also you can live stream sports, news, TV channels and radio.

About Openload

Open load is a famous kodi addon used to resolve links in kodi. Almost all the famous kodi addons like Exodus, Specto, Salts, etc. Use open load to open new links in kodi. Open load Movies also use the same to resolve URL, not only these addons. Almost all the kodi addons use the open load addon. The problem is that URL resolver is a kodi system application. Open load is a kodi addon which does the same thing. It is a third party addon and all the other addons used open load to manage links.

About URL Resolver

URL resolver is a kodi system application which runs in the background to ensure all the link opening process works fine in kodi which can’t be stopped. Stopping or shutting it down may lead to crash of the kodi application. But the open load always tries to open links and gain the access which was first under URL resolver and some of the new versions of the open load had inbuilt coding to stop URL resolver to gain access to its files and sites, which caused a lot of problems.
So the developers of both the applications have come forward to build some common things and merge the services of these 2 applications. So that both of them will get benefited and the kodi users will have an error or crash free experience. The idea behind this discussion is to pair both the applications so that the links which are managed by open load will open in it and the links with no specification and URL resolver will open in kodi system browser.
So, in this post I will post a detailed guide on how to pair both these addons. Pairing this is a must as recently all kodi users were facing a lot of problems due to both these addons.
The steps mentioned below may be a bit complicated for the noobs, so follow each step carefully and don’t skip any step.

How to pair Openload links in kodi

Whenever there is a link clash between the open load and the URL resolver addon. The new update of the addons will bring a message to authorize to pair the devices in the network. Guide is as follows:

• Make sure you have updated both the addons to the latest version and open any browser in kodi.
• Now open any video link which you will find all the movies and TV shows, series addons you will get message, click on the link provided in the message itself.
Link to open: kodi [Check for the correct link, check it twice as many fake sites provide this kind of service which are very dangerous]
• Now authorize the devices in your kodi network to pair the addons. After opening the link, click on Pair and you will get the instructions to do the same. Just follow all the instructions very carefully as it is very important, missing some steps or doing something wrong will cause some serious problems to your kodi application.
• After that, read the terms and condition and the pair agreement and click on the check box which says I am not a Robot and click the button on the right top corner Pair. The Pairing is valid for 4 hours only so when you get the message again do the same.
• To make this settings permanent. So to the settings of both addons and click on permanent pair for links between URL resolver and Open Load.
That’s it, if you have done everything right you will get both the addons paired without any problem. Many new users tend to get errors in the last steps as they don’t follow the instructions properly. If you get any error, then try gain by carrying out all the instructions very carefully.
The pairing process is really very simple if you have done it right, don’t panic by seeing all the complains in the forums and tweets about failing in pair. This problem also arises with the the video links, so follow the same procedure to fix it.

Tknorris, one of the leading kodi contributor worked with the team of developers of the open load to come up with this great solution. Using this method, you can gain 4 hours of link usage of the open load on all the kodi devices that you have synced. There are some spam websites which installs malicious addons which just looks like the same original pairing site. So check whether the link you have open to pair is right, use the link provided in this post only.

We are working on a video tutorial on the same and will be posted to this post soon. So check out this post regularly. If you are still facing problems in pairing, you may ignore the error for all time. But there will be a point of time where you will get annoyed and stop using kodi. So pair it today and enjoy uninterrupted kodi services. The pairing process is 100% legal and safe as both the developers have agreed to pair the addons.

I have mentioned all the possible problem and the solutions in this post, still if you face any problem which I have not mentioned above or a unique rare issue. Then comment down below we will try to help you fix it and also update the post with the solution for the new problem. I hope you found the How to pair Openload links in Kodi post beneficial.