low recoil 38 special load data Personal Defense Hydra Shok Low Recoil Personal Defense Hydra Shok Low Recoil 38 Special. Non sparking low ricochet and clean shooting projectiles allow for an unparalleled training experience. 5 gr loads to be too hot as an overmax load for the hbwc 39 s or whether my 2. The Numero Uno . The benefit is being able to load more rounds into the tube magazine of your pump action personal defense shotgun. Meet three new loads that get more from 224 Valkyrie. 38 Special Low Recoil. Any proven recipes out there that work well in snubs for low recoil Also will a http www. Thanks to Buffalo Bore for sending us the ammunition sample used for this review We were not compensated in any way for the review outside of the sample and the testing data was all unbiased and objective. These low recoil nbsp 10 Feb 2014 You won 39 t get any lower than this weight bullet and using Hodgdon 39 s load data. There are reduced recoil 9mm defensive ammunitions out there if this ends up being a problem for the shooter. I have been reloading for some time mostly with unique and 158 gr 4. I also want to use it in my colt D frames However Trail Boss offers superb versatility in rifle cartridges producing reduced loads using lead or jacketed bullets. The light load makes for virtually no recoil which in turn means quicker transitions to the next piece of steel and faster following shots. Jan 30 2013 Happy Saturday Everyone I have been looking for a soft felt recoil powder for my 45 ACP loads I would also like it to meter well through my Dillon powder measure I currently use Clays and really like it but I am open minded to new powders as well so if you dont mind let me know what you like. 357. full power load features a 140 grain bullet at 2800 f. 311 150gr SP g1 BC . The N320 is a faster burning powder than BE and gave a sharper recoil can of a snap vs. For those wanting a deep penetrating all copper expanding 38SPL P load this is it. HALF THE RECOIL. They all penetrate at least 12 inches and meet law enforcement FBI guidelines. 1 grain at a time to see if I can find a load that is accurate and low recoil. The unique center post design of the Hydra Shok Hollow Point delivers controlled expansion while the notched jacket provides efficient energy transfer for maximum penetration. ITEM 20F. 20 Round Box. Shotgun Shells Easy to load shotgun shells offer seamless reloading while long lasting hulls provide reliability every time you shoot. 38 Smith amp Wesson Special is a rimmed centerfire cartridge designed by Smith amp Wesson. There is something to this 1911. 38Spl P The so called FBI load also known as the Dallas PD amp Chicago PD loads very accurate low flash great service record. 44 Remington Mag Low noise Low recoil Bullets. 45 ACP. I also have heard that the 38 55 is suprisingly a heavy hitter with great penetration even given it 39 s mild manner recoil and shootability. It 39 ll look funky but it will shoot. Find your best price for Hornady . I will say I have only found one seller who has any left in stock. 32 and . lbs. 38 Spl would allow a faster return to target and since it is a revolver I could load light loadings which obviously would not affect the action like on the 1911 . 38 Special fired more than likely out of a snub nosed revolver. Any reasonable . 145 quot and loading to 38 Long Colt data but thought I 39 d ask if anyone has reduced power loads for 38 Special to save me the effort. 38 Special P amp almost the . I have looked in my The Alliant website has data using Bullseye powder. 5 to 5. 5 Grendel Ammo Bulk 7. 357 guns loaded with 38 Special. The felt recoil was bit more than factory Oct 07 2014 While the . In the SP 101 which is much heavier than the 13oz LCR she 39 ll do fine if you can find some of the light bullets mentioned above. 223 is nice as factory loads are plentiful Hornady match other brands with Sierra 69 or 77 gr match bullets etc. load 2 once fired brass mixed. What other low recoil loads Obviously there is tons of data on this but I have personal experience as well. In 1927 I abandoned the . Barely makes 900fps but the gun runs fine with a 9lb recoil spring stock is 11 lbs . No need for different brass just use light bullets with light powder charges. Apr 24 2012 One of my first projects is working up loads for 44 spl. We have all the best brands of . 3 and a 125 JHP. They do well against barriers but when the cavity fills with fluid the hydraulic pressure builds until the side walls of the projectile explode. I keep meaning to get some but every time I go looking for it I can 39 t find it. 357 instead of . 9mm 40 S amp W and 45 ACP are just a few of the cartridges that are well matched with this powder. 38 Automatic data to produce low recoil target loads. SETTING UP n This article is intended as an overview of reloading basics. 32 20 Winchester . p. 5 grains of HS 7 in . 357 Magnum Ammo . Ask me which gun I carry the most and you would get a different answer. 38 special load I know I could order some cowboy loads online but Id like to find something available on a shelf somewhere that wouldnt be too punishing for my wife to try out a revolver. The 115gr JHP p or P is the best of this lot for self defense. 5 are good choices. The proof pressure MAP specified by SAAMI is 29 500 psi for both rounds. 357 mag revolvers. 38 Special brass cycles effortlessly and delivers 1556 fps and decent accuracy at 50 yards this load should only be used in . I wanted low recoil and I did not want p because of the alloy frame. 99 Fiocchi 12ga 3. Is one bullet any better than the other for th Oct 06 2014 You won 39 t get any lower than this weight bullet and using Hodgdon 39 s load data. After all if the expanding bullets don 39 t after passing through the denim why not go nbsp 9 Mar 2011 takes low recoil to the extreme It can also be loaded two to a case or used to top a load of shot in a . Even if it does not work out in pistols I suspect that the Honey Badger load for a backup or snubbie may just be the perfect load of the future. I didnt think to take any pictures of my groups but the accuracy is very good. The Train amp Defend ammunition was designed to be a shooting system giving consumers a straightforward process when choosing training and personal defense ammunition. or any special ammo concerns or questions that you may have. Shooting Times magazine 39 s Dick Metcalf had this to say about the . 44 Russian . 38 Special is renowned for its accuracy. Group Sizes are for all 10 shots but excluding called flyers. 38 special 130 grain round nose flat point beveled base. study the website Ballistics By the Inch in conjunction with the data supplied here extended range or reduced recoil load it may fail to impart energy as a result of nbsp 30 Nov 2018 Which . If you consult the Hornady manual up to and including the 10th producing loads effective to 200 yards with minimal recoil. Jan 04 2015 In the table below rifle weight is given in pounds free recoil energy is given in foot pounds and free recoil velocity is given in feet per second. So say the short barrel or mid power . 38 Special is the perfect plinking round cheap to reload accurate sufficient power to make tin cans and pine cones dance merrily low recoil and muzzle blast so large volume shooting doesn 39 t have a tendency to cause bad habits and highly amenable to being loaded with cast bullets. In many ways the . This makes the standard pressure ammunition better for use when considering carrying for self defense purposes since it is easier to fire extra shots after each round Jul 12 2019 These are neat little cartridges accurate in the right handgun and very mild to fire. Since that time I ve been doing some additional shooting with the . Jul 04 2018 I shoot in an informal PPC league and just switched to revolver. Feb 24 2020 What is the best choice for low recoil 9mm FMJ target ammo. The Winchester Ranger LE load looks really solid by the numbers. Fiocchi target loads offer you many choices to suit the shell to your game. 38 Special was eyed as an improvement over the. Feb 24 2016 Match ammunition and cowboy action loads are exceptions to this general rule Factory loads are usually run at max pressure listed for the type of load. Downloadable Brochures Downloadable Load Data Brochures 38. 44 Special than for any other revolver. Lots of loads per pound low recoil low noise low barrel heat and the varmints don 39 t complane abou the reduced velocity. 3g suggestion is from my personal data good for any construction. 3 Fully Tapered Jacket and Special Lead Alloy Core Allows controlled expansion and optimum weight retention at all practical velocity levels. 9 Accurate Solo 1000 Alliant Powder 2400 Alliant Powder American Select Alliant Powder BE 86 Alliant Powder Blue Dot Alliant Powder Bullseye Alliant Powder Power Pistol Alliant Powder Red Dot Alliant Powder Sport Pistol Alliant Powder Unique Hodgdon 700 X Hodgdon CFE Pistol Hodgdon Clays Hodgdon H4227 Hodgdon Magtech 158gr . 344 the load is a very close match the original Soviet trajectory charts for extra accuracy be sure to fill any airspace in case with the sweet sound of Soviet national anthem comrades 7. Jan 28 2018 And none of these cartridges are black powder cartridges and light . With that explosion comes starburst pattern fragmentation reduced over penetration and 100 energy transfer. 357 loads. One ounce loads that deliver superior performance with less recoil than a comparable 1 1 8 ounce load. It needs to be supple mented by other reloading manuals including at least one by a prominent bullet manufacturer. 603 quot . So far I have tried 110 grain Hornady XTP bullets with the minimum loads in the Hornady book with Unique and Power Pistol. PS never used Blue Dot in a . As you can see from the table a . Several manufacturers have introduced loads of lower power and recoil in such cartridges as . 38 Special Load Data Needed. These would be awesome for double taps. 44 Special and 45 ACP. 41 Mag round like the . The best loads for . Dec 12 2018 By careful loading the . It is most commonly used in revolvers although some semi automatic pistols and carbines also use this round. If you go to http data. bullets. as PF 110. 38 Specials in a . 357 Mag brass I up the charge to a full 3 grains to account for the additional airspace. 38 Special load with reduced recoil. Category Reloading Data Help with cast loads for a 38 55 rifle and where can I get 220 grain jacketed Hornady bullets Latest By mashburn 21 March 2019. I 39 ll ask some of the other shooters in the league what kind of loads they 39 re cooking up as well since it seems most of them are shooting the . But one additional area of . Oct 18 2018 This means handloaders can use . With all else being equal the larger . asp for instance they nbsp 16 Sep 2013 anyone else load 38 special with 700x I found it to have low recoil and has a nice sweet smell when fired. The Hornady 90 gr Critical Defense Lite was probably the mildest hollow point we tested but I was not impressed with its shallow penetration averaging around 11 . This high energy powder provides economy in loading. 7 Accurate No. Feb 17 2012 On Sunday I compared some N320 loads to my standard BE load I 39 ve been using for DR matches. For years these have been the 39 go to 39 low recoil defensive load for snubbies not perfect but better than lead round nose or semi wadcutters. 357 magnum. 30 30 Win. my pistol is ruger redhawk . 56 NATO case has less capacity than the . 38 special out of a . in the Ruger SP101 revolver weight 28 oz 0. 45 colt loads recoil about the same or less as a . Winchester spp I found both to feed and shoot great. 41 doesn t have a non magnum alternative load like the . 38 SPL P BUFFALO BARNES LEAD FREE 110 gr. 38 Special Cowboy Action Hi Tek Coated Lead 158 grain RNFP With our 100 hand loading techniques We place the same care and passion into each and every round produced as those do in their own private loading rooms. 38 CBC Special shorts wadcutters and Super Police rounds and testing them 357 Sig Load Data 38 Special Load Data 357 Magnum Load Data 357 Remington Maximum Load Data 40 S amp W Load Data 10mm Auto Load Data 41 Remington Magnum Load Data 44 Special Load Data 44 Remington Magnum Handgun Load Data 45 Auto ACP Load Data 45 Colt Single Action Army amp Replicas Load Data 45 Colt Ruger amp T C Contender amp Encore I just ordered several boxes of buffalo bore . A similar move to a high pressure loading was done on the . Moderators flatgate Moderators. Daltech Force . means pet loads can be developed and tuned to your specific requirements. Dec 12 2016 I use 4. Hornady Custom Lite ammunition provides reduced recoil and muzzle blast from the most popular calibers and puts the fun back into shooting for kids women and every shooter looking to keep recoil to a minimum while still enjoying the use of their favorite rifle. 7 fps which is nearly 50 less than the other rounds listed so far. 5 grains of Red Dot. In your friend 39 s case she is using a lightweight revolver. 32 ACP features a 71 grain gr bullet that travels at 900 feet per second fps and has 128 foot pound energy ft lbs . 4gr W231 May 06 2017 The . 0 4. 012 quot from 1. Winchester 39 s shotshell ammo delivers the ultimate in perfomance and versatility for shotguns in a variety of shotgun gauge sizes and lengths including shotgun slugs and more than 110 lead free shotshell options. 30 06 Springfield Ammo IMR Target is a fast burning pistol powder yielding outstanding performance in 25 ACP 38 Special and 45 ACP. Velocity 875 FPS. Normally I prefer 125 grain in 38 special but if this lowers recoil and still maintains good stopping power at close range I will give it a try when I can find some. ES 66 f. The loads described on this site were generated at the ballistics test facilities of Western Powders Inc. 223 bolt gun. 44 Special and have seen no reason to change back. Email Products. I can imagine the LCR 357 would be great with the 38 P 39 s too. 44 Special represents a recent resurgence of the . hodgdon. May 06 2017 The . The recoil from this round even though P rated was about the same as the 105 grain we shot earlier. 44 Special rounds. 7 BE and 148 gr wc. 38 Special defensive load lol never in my wildest Vihtavuori offers handgun reloading data for competitive or recreational we have a vast selection of reloading data to find that perfect pistol load. and the Lyman 311041 another flat nosed killer at 165 grains in my alloy. For commercial loads I really like Remington . rifle or a low recoil plinker. 38 special are the Speer Gold Dot 135 p hollowpoint Corbin DPX all copper bullet 110 grain hollow point 158 grain p lead semi wadcutter hollowpoint FBI load . I would use . Lead Free Bullet Data. Hornady Custom Lite Ammo Specifications Among the most important reasons are low recoil high velocity low noise reduced cost longer barrel life and better ballistics for a given bullet weight. over 10 grains of Red Dot goes 1400 fps and 10 grains of 231 goes 1100 fps. Was thinking of triming down cases to 1. Accurate 39 s No. Essentially it lets one fired . but with most 38s you can get them so they are very mild almost like shooting a 22 01 11 2012 03 38 PM 8 Beerd Load it using wadcutter specs and seat the bullet flush like a wadcutter. amp 8 lb. There are newer loads. I am looking to make a low recoil load for both my S amp W 329 PD. in the Ruger SP101 revolver weight Meet three new loads that get more from 224 Valkyrie. Mar 11 2014 In the calculation I plugged in the loaded weight of the guns since few people carry empty handguns for self defense. These loads offer less recoil in a steel frame . Dec 11 2008 38 sp reloading data 38 special 145 gr lead rn reloading chart 38 special handloads 38 special handloads for snub nose 38 special lead reloading data 38 special reloading data 38 special with 125 grain bullet reloading data hodgens hp38 38 special load info loads for 38 special reloading 38 special data reloading data 38 special I bought some Gold Dot . I let her try 4 of those with the 5th one a P and she really noticed the difference and was extremely glad I had the lighter loads for a day at the range. Seemingly everyone carries a snub nose revolver in their pocket. 44 7. 22 Hornet . 38 Special in 1930 producing the . 357 case but you cannot simply use 38 Special data in magnum cases and achieve the published velocity. 357 mag loads 4. 44 Special revolvers. Jul 07 2019 I picked up some 38 caliber 105 grain LTCFP from Desperado Bullets. 357 Caliber Cartridge Loop Holder Belt Slide Holster CCW Concealed Carry Ammo Loop Bullet Loops Mag Holster 4. Thanks also to unicorn for the Corbon reference. These two have the least recoil of any 38 special load I have tried. 44 Special at low prices ready to ship right to your door nationwide . About This Winchester 38 Special Ammunition Target shooters will appreciate the accuracy and low recoil of this. We carry all of the . loads run at a pressure of 17 000 psi and the . original vintage 38 rf cartridges with. Jul 29 2012 The best would be to put in 28ga sub gauge tubes and shoot regular 3 4oz 28ga loads. The W Train amp Defend series provides more than enough stopping power with less recoil making it a great choice for new or recoil sensitive shooters. these loads generate the same pressure 50 55 000 psi chamber pressure as full speed loads. For shotshell usage powder densities are similar to competitor data. I also loaded some 158 grain plated with 5 5. You may have to register before you can post click the register link above to proceed. Low recoil and low flash make No. 0 grains of 2400 in . TWICE THE CONFIDENCE. They count on Magtech ammunition every day for reliable performance in the most demanding environments. What you describe is near the pet practice load for my S amp W 686. Reduced Recoil Shot Shell Loads. 355 84gr Bullets. com PDF Trail Boss data. Purchase Hornady Critical Defense 38 Special Ammo bulk ammo from Target Sports USA and receive free shipping Silver nickel plating prevents corrosion and is easily visible in low light situations With the . Chronographing these . 22 LR. The Corbon 110 gr. It 39 s like firing . Also a 3 4 ounce training load for new or recoil sensitive shooters. The energy delivered by most 9mm pistols have high penetration and expansion with premium JHP bullets. Perfect pocket PD in 38 or less By tgiv on 12 Feb 2018 Often sold to beginner women and pocket carry guys since it 39 s foolproof wheel low recoil and . Typical full power 357 magnum loads offer several tactical problems for use in self defense and duty applications especially when used in the shorter lighter revolvers that are typical of concealed defensive and duty carry. 38 Short Ammo collection Sep 03 2019 However my experience over the last 30 years has shown that some of the low recoil tactical loads have not been as reliable in semi auto shotguns. 4 Heavy Jacketed Base Acts as a platform for large diameter mushroom. ITEM 19E. Another I like is Hornady 39 s Critical Defense 110grFTX also in . Shooting sabots now and moving on to sabotless if necessary. The powders I have for . Feed your firearm. 41 Special. below are the results. Load Hard data Kent Cartridge 12 Gauge 2 quot Low Recoil Target. 38 P. com cartridge_load. Low velocity low recoil loading is possible but as always only with the correct reload data. The information supplied on this site including load data was supplied by our many customers. DPX penetrates 13. Buffalo Bore 39 s 158gr lead hollowpoint P single nastiest 38 P I know of HOT HOT HOT for strong guns only Winchester 39 s 130gr These shotshells feature improved components and an innovative high strength tube construction all of which gives you more reloads and tighter patterns. TIA Rod May 11 2016 Depending on the case and load you will have a load that is on the low end for hunting. and WorlWide . 44 Special and . During our extensive testing groups as small as . 38 Special load that passes those it exceeds the FBI minimum 12 inches in bare gel. 38 Special I was in the process of developing a . 2. I got my hands on 250 nosler 200gr . A compact revolver Nov 27 2019 Information on handgun Smith amp Wesson Model 442 . The biggest benefit of N32C is its high loading volume. has garnered a reputation for accuracy and is respected as a target cartridge. 38 special for an upcoming Dirty Harry league. 4406 Rathbun Lane. Winchester 39 s 231 or WSL are also good powders for the . For years shooters have wished for and hand loaders have attempted to create a low recoil load usually by simply reducing the amount of gunpowder. I am thinking about suggesting the Glaser Safety round but wanted to read what your thoughts are. The low recoil means speedy recovery to get the sights on target quickly. The heavy jacketed base prevents bullet deformation during firing. by adhering to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation GDPR . 206oz and travels at 928fps so it would have a recoil velocity of 12. Nosler Increases Reduced Drag Factor RDF Bullet Line Offerings about 2 years ago Nosler Inc. 380 ACP 9mm . DEPENDABLE Details such as nickel plated cases that resist corrosion and optimized propellants that burn quickly to reduce recoil and limit muzzle flash help ensure that Critical Defense ammo is dependable in With their light recoil and low cost . Like a heavier slower bullet HPR or any other manufacturer with a 158 grain bullet will do. Dec 02 2018 Kimber Camp Guard Buffalo Bore 155gr Tactical Low Recoil Recently I have been in debates about 10MM as personal protection. web photo Over the following 70 years . 45 Colt for company. 4. Aguila Ammunition is one of the world 39 s largest producers of ammunition. The ARX is a revolutionary bullet in every sense of the word. 8 Mar 2013 Max load for 38 special and 158 XTP is I believe 5. I know this is a nbsp 5 Mar 2020 That would start you at around 38 gr H 4895 with 300 gr bullet. Sep 06 2016 Single powder better but entertain duplexing if no 4759 involved. 5 inch which loads . 38 Special References Accurate Arms Co. 45 ACP Low Recoil Standard Pressure Product 45160LF LR 20 MSRP 37. Lots of good data offered here my suggestion would be to keep bullet nbsp Bright nickel plated cartridge cases simplify chamber checks in reduced light optimized propellants that burn quickly to reduce recoil and limit muzzle flash nbsp 1 Feb 2013 Could you suggest a 38 sp round with low recoil to teach my mother with. 38 Spl P. Bore diameter Muzzle energy Long range What purpose do you have in mind Competition shooting Plinking Hunting Self or home defense Jun 13 2012 Comparing loads side by side shows that . 5 grains Bullseye 930 FPS. 8 of BE in my super EIC pistol for the short line with 115 XTPs. Here 39 s the load data one for a 16 quot PCC and the other for my M amp P Pro nbsp pistol target loads such as match 38 Special and 45 ACP. 38 Special ammunition for snubnose Always start with reduced loads first and make sure they are safe in each of your guns components manufacturers assume any responsibility for the use of this data. Fax 406 777 3908 Review The . quot Load Data lt lt Accurate Powders quot . I suppose I could also just deep seat the bullet. This is a discussion on What is the best choice for low recoil 9mm FMJ target ammo within the Ammo and Reloading forums part of the Gun Forum category I am not sure how to list the P365 as a subcompact or micro but that is what I am trying to buy is bulk Custom Loads The quot Custom quot part of Custom Cartridge Inc. Factory loads mostshooters are familiar with as offered byWin chester and Remington for the past 97years include the previ ously mentioned 246 grain lead Table I. Jan 09 2011 The most felt recoil comes when using a light gun with a heavy load. It has been written that the cartridge is an quot inherently accurate quot one. 38 Special wadcutter second from left compared to hollow point Most factory wadcutter loads shoot at low velocity typically 700 800fps in full sized The low velocity of these rounds significantly reduces their recoil. Therefore I prefer the Hornady Critical Defense load or Remington s full power TAC 8 shells in my Remington Model 1100 deer gun. Rimfire Ammunition The primer of rimfire ammunition ignites when the firing pin of the gun strikes and crushes the base 39 s rim. 38 Special . This ammo contains a post in the middle of the hollow point to give it rapid expansion and deep penetration. Oct 31 2012 After reading through both load manuals and perusing some load data for 40 S amp W on handloads. Optimum load for light and standard 12 gauge target loads Duplicates the performance of Hodgdon Clays at an economical price Nov 30 2014 The . payload 8 lead shot. Federal Premium Mar 27 2016 If you want 44 special loads in a 44 Magnum 38 wadcutter loads 45 ACP target loads or light loads in any of the big pistol rifle cases like 44 40 or 45 Colt N310 is exceptional. 38 Special load primary shot from Mrs. 38 Spc pronounced quot thirty eight special quot is a rimmed centerfire cartridge designed by Smith amp Wesson. 5 Ballistically Engineered Solid Base I 39 d suggest borin a muzzle brake into the lead end of that barrel and not worry about trying to find special ammo for reduced recoil. com I decided on the charge weight. 38 Special. Dec 16 2018 The 357 Magnum generally eclipses the 38 P loads by nearly double in terms of muzzle energy. Closer to a . 38 Special Ammo handgun Bulk Hornady . Jan 27 2008 My 6. Even with modern powders and strong revolvers rated for P ammunition the cartridge is right on the ragged edge of performance. 5 quot Is it possible to go lower than the lowest loads listed on a reloading manual what I mean is Nov 27 2013 38 special 130 grain load data 38 special 130 grain vs 158 grain 38 special 158 gr lswc accuracy load 38 special 158 gr swc target load data 38 special accuracy 38 special lead reloading data 38spl 158gr swc loads american eagle 38 special 130 gr. revolver which can chamber . Get 1500 ft per sec. 38 130 gr. 357 does offer substantial velocity over . com load to shoot if you were arming someone who was really recoil sensitive Learn how your comment data is processed. Combining the finest components with game changing innovation Remington engineers are moving closer to perfection round by round. 38 ammo is reasonable. What an awesome resource. 223 Remington can duplicate the performance of the . Lucky Gunner hasn 39 t tested the Corbon DPX 115gr 38 Special P load but I did dig up the following thread with some data directly from Corbon HSM Ammunition. There are over 25 cartridges shown including everything from the . 38 Special . 38 S amp W LRN 145 Grain 50 Rounds available at a great price in our . The 18 degree grip angle makes the pistol easy to point but I also think it translates to sharper recoil especially when loaded with hotter defensive loads. 38Spl P it has very little flash and is very controllable a good light bullet choice. com The 41 Magnum ammunition is the most underrated and unappreciated of all magnum handgun cartridges. 38 special that I read about on a forum. 38 Special Cartridge Information. 4 BE for the LL This is with a 12 lb recoil spring and 19 mainspring iron sights Dec 11 2008 38 sp reloading data 38 special 145 gr lead rn reloading chart 38 special handloads 38 special handloads for snub nose 38 special lead reloading data 38 special reloading data 38 special with 125 grain bullet reloading data hodgens hp38 38 special load info loads for 38 special reloading 38 special data reloading data 38 special May 20 2019 A cast 125 gr RNFP over a min load of W231 in my 3 quot 38 revolver was almost like shooting a 22 lr. 9 3. Sales of revolvers chambered in just . Date published 2017 10 04 Rated 5 out of 5 by Babbalou from Accurate Very accurate out of my Ruger LCR 38. 38 Special 158 Grain Load Data. PRESS RELEASE FOR BUFFALO BARNES 38 SPL P 110gr. 357 developing good muscle memory and shooting techniques without the heavier recoil of the full house . This system works well in pistol platforms. 45 Super is a large and powerful smokeless powder center fire metallic firearm cartridge developed in 1988 by Dean Grennell a well known writer in the firearms field as well as managing editor of Gun World US Armorment Federal 12 Guage 9 Pellet Law Enforcement Tactical Low Recoil Buckshot 2 3 4 LE13200 250 Round Case LE13200 Tactical Buckshot 12 Gauge Transform the most basic police shotgun into a precision shooting tool. S amp W Model 19 with 2 1 2 quot bbl 860 ft sec American Survival Guide An Outdoor Survival Magazine Place for Outdoor Lifestyle Survival Enthusiast. Magtech Self Defense and Service ammunition is currently used by law enforcement agencies around the world. In fact this loading produces only slightly more recoil momentum that 9mm self defense loads and produces significantly less recoil energy. My buddy 39 s 2 inch snub nose Taurus. I have never used Trail Boss before and have no idea whether to expect my 2. This ammo is also very suitable for short barreled weapons and women shooters because it is a reduced recoil round. 5 grains of Unique. Jan 16 2019 Reduced Recoil. 38 Special and you 39 re essentially back to a . It will then fit in your 38 Special gun. Better but not resolved. All recoil values have been rounded off to one decimal place. Mar 22 2014 I 39 m looking to load . Complete 38 special ammunition ballistics Chart. 380 ACP nbsp Note that . This article has been a long time coming and before we even start we want to let you know up front there is no real cut and dry answer as to which is the better cartridge. I have reloaded . I would try cowboy action loads in 38 special. Oct 12 2016 The P240 came with test targets shot at 25 meters typically showing all shots touching. I do like the Federal 38G load it 39 s the 158gr LHP in. But still . 45 Caliber 1911 firing normal pressure 230 grain loads should recoil 31 more than a Glock 17 firing normal pressure 9mm 124 grain loads. 38 special modifications began to be made by Phil Sharpe Elmer Keith and eventually the guys at Smith amp Wes The 180 is good to elk and suchthe 210 goes to the moose and grizzly level. 44 Special has . 44 Special . 38 Special cases because the brass is a bit nbsp The lightest published loads for 38 Spl. Therefore it should be easy enough to take a 5 shot . 45 Auto and many shot shell loads. 2 and No. Even better is get some 38 S amp W brass. Since the bullet head is deformed by the firing pin impact rimfire ammo can 39 t be Oct 14 2018 I love the little critical duty rounds for my wife in both 38 Special and 9mm. Reduced recoil allows for faster target reacquisition. 460 S amp W Magnum will shoot in the revolver just fine. 38 the . This powerful round is a reliable choice for both self defense and concealed carry. If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. This ammo has proven stopping power. 38 Special Ammo. I plan to bump powder to 40 grns for simplicity. Remington UMC 130 g. I claim no expertise in the topic of quot reduced loads. For years H4895 has been the top choice of cast bullet shooters. I use a hard cast 325 gr. Customer reviews Mar 15 2016 41 Magnum the Lonley Cartridge AmmoLand Gun News. These techniques produce the most reliable accurate round of ammunition available on the market today A friend of my wife 39 s just purchased a Smith amp Wesson 642 in 38 Special. I have a 105 grain semi wadcutter LEE mold that makes excellent low recoil . 38 Automatic s maximum pressure limit. 38 Special Ammunition handgun AmmoSeek. Jan 18 2020 I did a little testing with Tralboss in the . Low bulky density and superior ignition characteristics make 5744 an excellent choice for reduced loads in many rifle calibers and in large capacity black powder cartridges such as the 45 70 through 45 120 and 50 90 through 50 120. You also have the option in the same revolver of quot stepping quot down to the . The most accurate load in my SBH was 3. If you haven 39 t already bought guns start with a . Lee 405 HBRN of WW 2 tin pushed by 38. Personal Defense Hydra Shok Low Recoil. 38 are bullseye trail boss unique and AA 2. Apr 03 2018 The . Unfortunately it 39 s no longer made. These reduced loads make firing such cartridges as the 300 Winchester Magnum or even the 458 Winchester Magnum pure fun Where data is already shown for specific cartridges never exceed listed maximums. 38 Special ammo that is low low recoil and blast but will hit hard. 38 Colt cartridges. Likewise it made a pretty impressive Mar 03 2014 In this video I experiment with some VERY light loads in the . Both reduced recoil loads generate 9. If you are looking for unsurpassed accuracy with velocities up to 4 000 fps Greatly reduced recoil Flatter bullet trajectory No barrel fouling and Clean release. Target Range With its stellar accuracy and low recoil the 300 HAM R is a natural for the range. 38 Special P it is 20 000 psi. Trail Boss is based on new technology that allows very high loading density good flow through powder measures stability in severe temperature variation and most After over 140 years of activity in the production of a wide range of small calibre ammunition Fiocchi is appreciated in hunting target shooting security and defence fields as well as in specific industry sectors Jun 01 2018 Some might argue the . Zero333 Mar 7 2020 middot 14 middot hillbillydruggist likes nbsp Again these loads recoil far less than our P 38 SPL ammo. 4 buck will definitely kill a large deer so humans wearing normal clothing won t stand much of a chance at close range. Mike I have heard alot of people that are using Unique in 38 55. Bullet seated just below flush with case mouth moderate roll crimp. It is primarily a pistol powder but has some application in rifles. You can shoot the . 44 Magnum 39 s parent cartridge. The patented FLITECONTROL wad provides the delivery system for new Precision Buckshot. Your choice. 16 May 2012 38 Special Low recoil load Exactly duplicates Factory 38spec. You will be essentially making 38 Short Colt. The bullets used in this video are the 110gr Speer JHP 125gr Hornady XTP and the Bobs 125gr LRNFP. I agree. 357 Magnum. 3. 7 8 oz. 38 Special non P load which features a 90 grain FTX bullet. 7mm Magnum and others but they are still of sufficient power that they are suitable for hunting species as large as deer. 7 grains. Nosler Ballistic Tips for Varminting. To date only the 9mm load has been released but preliminary testing has shown it to meet the standard established by the FBI. Turns out they shot well. 38 Spl or . I 39 m sure you will find a lot of loading data for 38 Special with Trail Boss on the internet. Match Solid Technology. Federal Premium Personal Defense Ammunition is an excellent choice for law enforcement agencies as well as concealed carry permit holders. Velocity 625 FPS. I trust users much more than I do gun writers for many reasons. Jan 17 2019 A full weight load is the SIG Sauer 240 grain JHP at about 750 fps. The Speer data worked fine and was accurate but the low pressures kept causing the primers to back out and jam the cylinders. 44 Special revolver than most . 327 39 s 39 felt recoil 7mm Remington magnum ammo has been a mainstay among hunters for more than a generation. 357 magnum on average only pushes the bullet out of a short barrel about 100 150 feet per second faster than the same weight bullet fired from a . 38 loads. Since 1899 the . 38 Special is the recoil is heavy and slows the ability to fire repeated shots at a target. BassMan 39 s 4 inch Taurus tracker she thinks the quot V quot shaped flame jets from the ports near the muzzle are cool . 22 would have more knockdown power than what you describe. 357 Mag s origins begin in the early 1930 s where the police force was in desperate need of a better terminal performing handgun load. . Next I will load and post some jacketed bullets but so far this is fantastic plinking and training kids and wives for a 30 06. Penetration. You 39 ll break just as many targets with the 28ga as with the 12ga. 357 Magnum round dump a bit of powder or use the same charge as you load in . The Federal Nyclad tested here has been a long time favorite standard pressure 38 Special load. 38 Super caliber became popular in the early 1980 and has continued to be popular in the Open division after its introduction in the 1993 season. 50 per round. 3g MAX using a 170g XTP. 327 Mag. 32 H amp R Mag or even down to the . 28 44 Less recoil than standard 38 Special defense rounds. Jan 21 2007 When I load that bullet in . Apr 29 2009 It also has a nasty muzzle blast and pretty sharp recoil. The 180 is good to elk and suchthe 210 goes to the moose and grizzly level. The Sport Utility Ammo line features Inceptor s patented Round Nose Precision RNP bullet technology with a solid core injection molded polymer copper projectile. Apr 04 2003 I was hoping that the . Still the huge piles of somewhat organized data sheets cartridge descriptions articles and chapter NEVER load or reload when fatigued distracted or under low pressure cartridges like 45 ACP or 38 Special loose primer pock ets will not less powder blast and recoil than a lighter bullet can i. Cage 1A9E5. 5 grains of Trail Boss in 38SP cases. Likewise the Lyman 358439 154 grain HP loaded over 8. Normally safe but NOT always to use next heavier bullet data. I have see are about 750 FPS for this 150 grain bullet. From the way it s manufactured to its shape to the way it transfers energy to the target. As it turns out this applies to carbine platforms as well but very little difference can be felt between the 124gr. Available in 1 lb. At SHOT last week Hornady introduced a quot Critical Defense Lite quot . Freedom Munitions ProMatch Precision Ammunition 40 S amp W and 45 ACP loads all meet IDPA IPSC USPSA Major power factor performance criteria but are kept to ideal velocities to deliver only mild recoil for reduced muzzle jump and fast recovery on target. Jul 16 2012 It seems to burn completely in the . On the other hand you CAN fire 44 special ammo out of your . Ammunition Depot is your best source for affordable 12 gauge ammo. 22 rimfire to the service rifle without being intimidated by the noise and recoil. has been with us since the turn of the 20th century and much like the . the . I also don t trust Nosler s load data for the bullet very much. 357 Magnum cartridges. Recoil. A variation of . Checked the search and found the slufoot load of 17 gr bluedot and blue sabot and 200 gr Mar 11 2014 In the calculation I plugged in the loaded weight of the guns since few people carry empty handguns for self defense. 5 grains 700x with a 158 grain plated RNFP w cannelure . The DoubleTap 75 grain TAC XP load will penetrate almost as deep and expand almost as wide but will do so with less than . 357 mags loads expand the same given the diameter is essentially the same. 38 SPL. 0 gr 610 fps 2. Therefore . 3 gr 700 Nov 27 2013 38 special 130 grain load data 38 special 130 grain vs 158 grain 38 special 158 gr lswc accuracy load 38 special 158 gr swc target load data 38 special accuracy 38 special lead reloading data 38spl 158gr swc loads american eagle 38 special 130 gr. Stay up on the latest. Jun 13 2012 Comparing loads side by side shows that . 8gr Win 231 using mag primer I would like to load some 9mm loads for my wife with light recoil. The felt recoil of a normal handgun in . Here you learn how to improve our survival skills and get the information about the survival kits Survival gears survival tools prepper gear and many other things. 8 grains of 231. 40 S amp W. Smokeless Powder I load these at the low end of the powder spectrum and even my wife likes to shoot the LCRx3 with those loads and leads. Jacketed Hollow Point 1 100 fps M. 38 Special cases because the brass is a bit thinner and will expand better with reduced bullet weights and powder chargesand it 39 s easier to verify powder charges. 38 spl load in . 45 Colt route. E. 38 or . Average ballistics on a standard round of . 440 quot but remember it exceeded the minimum FBI penetration requirement of 12 inches. recoil. 38 Long Colt . 38 Super provides more gas pressure for muzzle brakes. 38 Special level loads in magnum cases to avoid possible sticking cases if the charge holes are not cleaned quite enough. I went to a reduced load of 1oz. Buffalo Barnes . 45 70 Government to the . 9 Apr 2015 Is the LITE 90 gr load a good round or just a gimmick I want her to be able to practice without being worried about recoil. Round 2 1 280 f. However it is a bit more expensive than most other powders on a per shot basis. 5 grns of IMR 3031. The goal of this load is an accurate low recoil load for new shooters and when you just want to shoot a light load. 38 Special and see how they are performing in the real world I 39 ll just stay with this old load. My specific question is the Hornady Critical Defense LITE 90 gr a decent choice in 38 Special My wife is not really a shooter. Of unique. 44 S amp W Special quot Category One quot 15 500 psi or less bullet powder charge velocity extremespread grains grains Ips 200 RCBS44 200 FN cast Red Dot 5. I bought some for the exact reason you gave for my wife. 2 5. 38 Special load is a 158gr LSWC over 4. Shooting . BHN 12 6 boxes will fit in a USPS flat rate box. Accuracy was good enough for Steel Challenge plates though you ll need to test that in your gun. 38 Special a versatile round. I haven 39 t tried it but I think the Winchester Defend 130gr JHP could be a good option. One might say it is the terminal killing potential. 44 Special but makes quite a difference at times in a . 4 and 5. As for the 39 low recoil 39 loads in 40S amp W the low recoil loads don 39 t perform well in tests despite the fact that all other 40 loads work very well there is no such thing as a P 40 load . They are heat treated and MoS 2 is burnished into the metal to reduce barrel friction. In this regard the . The muzzle velocity is 1050 fps. KISS. 45 Long Colt 180 grain RNFP Lead REDUCED RECOIL ROUNDS for training and range applications. 12 Jan 2019 This two hour monstrosity is a complete beginner 39 s guide to loading light recoil 38 Special. Those Federal Low Recoil loads are not really that low. Dec 18 2018 While this powder is supposed to be ideal for 9mm . 38 Special Revolvers. Harris explains that this lower recoil also creates less recoil anticipation which creates more accurate and faster follow up shots. . So then I pull up Hodgdon 39 s online load data and it has a 148 HBWC load at 2. It 39 s one handed double action shooting from 50ft. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN 380 Auto 9mm Luger 9mm Luger P 40 S amp W 45 Auto and 38 Special. Teach them to shoot not to flinch. While the . Any debate about the best all around game cartridge will soon get heated because there will likely be a group of 7mm Rem mag devotees present and vocal . 5 gr. ammunition offers 14 includes loading data for only 110 and 125 grain jacketed With their light recoil and low cost . was originally loaded with blackpowder and the case is much larger than Jul 26 2017 Expansion was the least of all the loads tested though coming in at . I will go back to my normal load. H4895 has proven to be a versatile powder that performs superbly at lower powder charges. 357 magnum just more of it. 99 Mar 27 2016 If you want 44 special loads in a 44 Magnum 38 wadcutter loads 45 ACP target loads or light loads in any of the big pistol rifle cases like 44 40 or 45 Colt N310 is exceptional. 22. I 39 ve loaded 38 SPL down to 450 fps you can easily see the bullet in flight. SHORT BARREL LOW FLASH TAC XP. All three of these loads are flash suppressed so firing them in the dark won 39 t blind you. 38 Special loads in an aluminum frame revolver for the . Vihtavuori s N32C corrects this problem and is ideally suited to many of the older cartridges used in Cowboy Action shooting such as the . She is going to get a carry permit and start carrying this gun. 45 Colt was the majority caliber used for CAS competition advantage has moved to those using . The same cannot be said for the . Keep recoil to a minimum. Then cheap . What would be the most accurate load up to 25 yards. 38 has enough Muzzle Energy desired CT laser grips better hits BUT for a few dollars more a beginner that may graduate to larger calibers later might find a better investment in Jan 28 2018 The full power loads were a little much but if you are accustomed to full bore 44 probably not much of an issue. 38 Special variant and instead lock up at the ejection port. the one drawback i found when loading a low recoil load for a remington 742 30 06 is that the action is inertia driven and the lower muzzle velocity would short stroke the cycle. Bright nickel plated cartridge cases simplify chamber checks in reduced light and low flash propellants help preserve night vision. 406 777 2106. That marginal increase in velocity comes at a heavy cost. Zeroing is no problem in the M1 or M14 because quot The Load quot shoots into the ten ring of the reduced SR target at 200 yards from your M1 or M14 rifle at using your Jul 27 2020 Self Defense Service. 9 grains CFE Pistol excellent low recoil load bullet seated and crimped just above top driving band. Mar 04 2017 The book says the 340 is 357 mag. Because the . 62x54R Light Ball Duplicate Load Data PPU Brass Case WLR Primer Varget power 48. Apr 19 2017 Low Recoil . H4895 powder was chosen because it is the slowest burning propellant that ignites uniformly in reduced charges. Oct 05 2011 Just have to use lighter 44 mag loads. My favorite . 44 Special like a Charter Arms revolver and convert it to a . But consistently penetrate deeper than the . 357 ammunition loads for your different needs and it should help you narrow down a style of ammunition or a set of characteristics that you should be looking for in an ammo for your use case. S. 357 Magnum can lead to one small problem Because the . 38 Special and the . But they are hard to find unless you order online. 0gr W231. 148grain SVC WC C 4. containers. Nov 06 2019 If the intent is just to work up light loads for target shooting plinking it will be hard to beat a load using Trail Boss. Federal Tactical Precision Buckshot Low Recoil 00 Buckshot 12Ga. It is an accurate low power load great for practice but certainly not what I 39 d consider for carry. Great for shooting cans quick at 50 nbsp 17 Nov 2018 Due to increasingly severe arthritis in both wrists I find myself looking for a less punishing . The old 4759 loads of 31 to 38 grains with blue sabot and 200 grain bullet worked extremely good for me but need another powder. All the rest are sold out. These are BHN 8 9 soft cast specifically for bunny fart loads because Wrongway says this sounds cuter than mouse fart loads. Each individual must determine what is the best and safest load for their equipment. 20 Nov 2013 Or how about some extended practice on a plate rack with your grizzly bear stopper revolver The Hodgdon Reloading Data Center has an nbsp 19 Aug 2020 38 Special performance is our focus here lower pressure lower recoil ammunition. 38. 357 Magnum To develop the accompanying handload data a Savage Model 10 Predator Hunter Max was used it features a 22 inch barrel a 1 9 twist rate and was fitted with a Nikon 3 12x M223 scope. Remember all orders over 99 with us ship for free Description RNP Sport Utility Ammo 38 Special . 001 quot is not so much in a . 8 out of 5 stars 32 34. The results did create low kick but at the expense of bullet expansion and on game performance. 5 1 5 8oz Steel box 25 Fiocchi 12ga 2 3 4 7 8oz 1200fps Ultra Low Recoil box Oct 30 2013 The 12 gauge load appears to be the same as the SST Lite that was introduced late in 2012. 40 S amp W load that is very low recoil for such people. Thinking of. 38 Special even from a 2 barrel. New to this board and looking for suggestions on low recoil 38 load. 41 loads which come closer to Elmer Keith s original concept Aug 06 2017 For those interested I loaded and chronograph a couple loads using 135 grain BBI bullets. 357 Magnum revolver. We have tried several different platforms and she has decided she liked her revolvers best. 38 special load with two or three TENTHS of a grain of powder added should work fine in the . P loads have a maximum pressure of around 20 000 psi Capable of reaching a muzzle energy of 500 ft lbs the . A 148gr DEWC over 3. 38 Special remains one of the most popular By modern standards the . There has been considerable commentary suggesting that the 5. 38 spl in this table. There are cleaner loads. But understand that BPI produces that load data partially as a sales tool for their components. 20 Round Box. 32S amp W Long SJHP if the . 38 Wadcutters as defensive ammunition. Cartridge Information. quot What I do know is that a close friend who is a former Benchrest Shooter and who has more than 40 yrs of reloading experience in precision reloading got cute not too long agao and decided to quot experiment quot with reduced load using a barely broken in Savage Model 110 . Winchester 231 is between Bullseye and Unique for the . These non sparking low ricochet offerings are loaded to match their ARX Preferred Defense counterparts to allow the same point of aim in training. 38 Special revolvers would undergo multitudinous transformations including the introduction of the iconic Smith amp Wesson Models 10 14 and 15. It is quot snappy quot to say the least with a minimum load of Titegroup 4. 7mm Remington magnum ammo has been a mainstay among hunters for more than a generation. The following recoil figures are taken from various sources including online recoil calculators the Remington Shoot program or calculated from the formula given in the Nov 14 2012 For 2013 Hornady is introducing a reduced recoil . 45 Colt. 454 Casull in this gun also. Try a low powder load using 147 gr bullets. Sabot Reloading Pro offers sabots that deliver accurate reloading and performance that is sure to impress any one who tries them. Our 12 gauge shotguns shells are in stock ready to ship. 45x39mm Ammo Bulk 6. 38 Spl. s. Clay Dot Smokeless Shotshell Powder. e. Low Recoil Loads from Hodgdon 39 s website Low Recoil Loads Hodgdon Reloading quot If the goal is minimum recoil the answer is Hodgdon Trail Boss powder. Clayton Webb OK The Buckshot Manual is being updated with new data. 2 were recorded and sub . 38 Special or . 38 and is not as critical as the faster powders like Bullseye. It s perfect for cowboy action target loads where reduced recoil loads are needed. 41 Special is a short version of the . 5 grains of Titegroup with a OAL of 1. Nov 16 2014 Your results may be different. 6 Oct 18 2009 What are YOUR suggestions for . 38 Special would drive up pressure in the short Colt case. Also there are many Gun Tests readers with new . Always start with minimum loads from published data. 38 Special Gold Dots would fail the FBI barrier tests and I do not know of any . 0 gr. 38 Special performance is our focus here lower pressure lower recoil ammunition. Gel tests suggest it 39 d be a good performer. Some variations seen may be from different climate conditions and different reloading sessions. A major benefit of the 9mm round 39 s design is reduced recoil providing a tactical advantage. 357 Magnum keep the Magnum loads to a minimum and stick with the P loads. 22 came with medallions showing the test target. That seems like a killer deal for such a low recoil package. 44 Special load using Oregon Trail s Lasercast 240 grainers for my Ruger GP100 with the Smith amp Wesson 629 in there so I could compare speed from a three inch barrel versus a five inch. 29 Apr 2020 She is a new shooter and I am looking for a low recoil load for her to 110 grain Hornady Critical Defense in 38 Spl. Or not. The ammo you mention weighs 90gr . Reduced power . Jul 14 2011 see loads above I was very pleased with the light recoil and consistency and with 11. 38 can easily recoil more than a . 38 Special for several years low recoil cheap to May 13 2014 I don 39 t have an M amp P but the load a run for SC out of my Springfield 5 quot 9mm 1911 is a 115 with 3. 30 06 . com. 38 special wadcutter load but they can have pretty drastically different velocities from one brand to the next. HP38 is a spherical powder that is great for low velocity and mid range target loads in the . 357 choice available from Taurus. 4 lb. 25 20 Winchester . 38 revolver by comparison. 4 grains. 5 grains there was only a 18 FPS spread of all the shots. 38 Super . Here s what I ve decided to load for this batch Use load data at your own risk. Speer Gold Dot 125gr projectile as loaded by Doubletap Ammo or Buffalo Bore as 38 P. 355 UPC 852879006054 X Treme Bullets are proudly made out of the finest materials available in the United States in order to ensure performance delivered down range with each and every shot. p p or p If you are talking about hand loaded rounds then all bets are off. Alliant shows 7. This load is mild and controllable and suitable for use in the lightweight five shot . 357 diameter from RMR medium crimp. 38 Special P have slightly higher One aspect of these loads we aren 39 t able to quantify on a graph is the amount of felt recoil they photos a high speed video and the complete test data for that load. All the loads are developed by the staff of Handloader magazine and the archives of Handloader and Rifle magazines. The lead bullets 38 Automatic data to produce low recoil target loads. 38 Spc pronounced quot thirty eight special quot is a rimmed centerfire cartridge designed by Smith amp Wesson. Nosler Ballistic Tips and the . 357 . The early data 357 41 44 mag 44 38 spc 44 russian were taken using a PACT model 1 chronograph subsequent data has been taken using an Advantage Automation modal quot A quot lab chronograph. If it was more up to presently available components it would be better. 30 000 to 40 000 psi for handgun chamber . We accept returns. 158gr LSWCHP P quot FBI loads quot of course . Shop Nosler Products nbsp . 270 Win. We use flash nbsp 38 Special Pistol. Remington 20285 LE 12 Gauge ammo for sale online at cheap discount price with free shipping on bulk ammo including this reduced recoil 1 oz slug ammo only at our online store TargetSportsUSA. 44 40 WCF . These rounds were designed for the sole purpose of introducing friends and family to the shooting sports. 38 case is slightly shorter you 39 ll get chamber or cylinder fouling a little further back. If you plan to use this sturdy round Cheaper Than Dirt offers the best . I have always had good luck in 38 Special and 357 Mag so I plan on giving it a try. 38 special see my personal load above . Virtually all of the winners have used . Hornady 39 s Critical Defense load is perfect for someone who isn 39 t anticipating a gunfight in and around cars and who wants to keep recoil low to aid in rapid accurate shooting. 38 Special P. A. Trail Boss and . Maybe more because of the lighter recoil and possibly better shot patturn from the standard 28ga load rather then a too much reduced for gauge very light 12ga load. 38 loads broke 1000 FPS and those with a 4 barrel the slowest . 45 ACP and . I soon found that I could load much more powerful cartridges for the . 56 quot in denim clad gelatin while expanding to . USA Ammoland. For this type of shooting loads are reduced even more than the hunting loads listed here. com is a powerful search engine that allows you to search an ever expanding database of loads. 357 mag brass case 4. Compared to 9mm . 38 P 39 s but not over penetrating. Low recoil and can shoot many rounds no black and clean barrel. I do have a neck disk problem and want to stay with the liter loads. 38 Smith amp Wesson Special commonly . While recoil energy is somewhat bogus in many respects it does Oct 08 2019 The Pros and Cons of Subsonic Cartridges. They are wimpy loads but low on recoil and muzzle flash yet I trust their controlled expansion bullet for any event in which she might be forced to use a gun. Special low recoil loads allow for better accuracy and quicker follow up shots. Sign up for Exclusive Deals amp Special Offers. It is easy to load and shoot while being easy on the budget. 44 special loads are a good way to go or faster powder with a lighter bullet. Related Remington s Ultimate Defense Ammo Oct 19 2010 My lighter . 45 AUTO ammo by Federal Personal Defense is packaged in boxes of 20 and cases of 200. I did a search and only found an old thread from 2012. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it The . Jun 02 2017 Using a G1 BC of . Bayou Bullets is a leader in premium coated cast bullets to top competition shooters and discriminating reloaders. 38 Automatic and many of Lyman s starting loads for the . We also develop and sell load data for handloaders. 38 Special 100 grain SVC RN C 3. The bullets are created from a special Al alloy. don 39 t drop the ammo box when upside down probably reduced the recoil more than powder charge. The light recoiling 300 HAM R is an ideal choice for young hunters or anyone sensitive to heavy recoil. Nov 14 2016 Numerous load types producing varying amounts of recoil make the . Jul 25 2018 A Brief History. He still uses it for quot fun quot loads in his 500 Smith. 5 moa or better shooters. So if you are looking for high performance lead shot data for the Federal 20S1 wad go to Hodgdon 39 s load data site. I like Bullseye for light 38 SPL loads 2. 357 Cowboy load is advertised at but 800 ft sec. 38 Special 39 s MAP is 17 000 psi whereas for the . in accordance with SAAMI Shooting Arms and Ammunition Institute guidelines. Oct 10 2007 an important note low recoil doesn 39 t mean low pressure. No. 454 Casull to the . 357 Magnum chamber. Oct 05 2004 To start off a new shooter the . Reloading components for . target loads Secondary Uses Handgun loads Remarks The number one premium clay target powder now 50 percent cleaner. 38 special in this heavy gun and are good to shoot for target practice. The people stated that it was an excellent round for women and new shooters. Reading opinions provides you having a a whole lot of fuller data on the cons and pros in the Big Discount Fire Dragon Dual Action Recoil Spring System for 1911 Government 9mm amp 38 Super. The light recoil and lower report of these loads helps transition Junior tyro shooters from the . 0 gr to a max of 2. Data takers were all demonstrated . The great combat shooting trainer and champion Ray Chapman used to say that the 125 grain Magnum load s almost magical stopping power was the only reason to load . Compare all 38 Special ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. 38 Like the . quot How you use the data is entirely up to you. 32 ACP ammunition features some key advantages over the competition of small pistols including light recoil low noise and easy concealment. 38 Special P ammunition into a fighting revolver chambered for the Magnum round. 38 Super fit in this category as they are at or below the . low recoil low noise ammo. 38 Special cartridge has been a favorite of law enforcement throughout the United States. 5IN 357 Magnum 38 Special Blue 5RD. 62x54R Ammo Bulk 9mm Ammo Ballistic Products Inc 39 s quot Advantages quot manual is the very best source for high performance data bar none. The weight of the gun is only part of the story of that reduced recoil I think. I have been lurking on here and other sites for some time. 38 Special version of the LCR and I m nearing the 350 round mark. Start with a moderate powder load and work down till you reach a point that the gun still functions but the recoil is reduced. 243 Winchester with 55gr. 38 Special 150 grain Hard Cast Lead Wadcutter load. . 38 Special. Tactical Short Barrel Lower Recoil Low Flash 357 Magnum Ammo 158 gr. the rather soft recoil of the BE. 357 . Hornady has load data for the . And thumps a deer. 79 kg COWBOY LOADS SASS . 308 Win. Great recoil deep wound channel low flash. Yes you can make reduced loads that use a . I put a great deal of research and work into creating a . 38 Spl shells make great low recoil shooting from . 38 Special ammo will save your life SnagMag Ammo Pouch LOW gundigeststore. These aren t the only . 45 Auto Rim . 38s are made for shooting which nbsp 3 Sep 2014 A . Furthermore the data is provided purely for entertainment purposes to better facilitate arguments over what ammo or caliber or gun is quot best. 38 special that she keeps for social use but I really want her to get some more practice and enjoy shooting her revolver. 357 round is too long to fit in the chamber and a . 357 Magnum Pistol Ammo at Sportsman 39 s Guide. 357 can use low recoiling and inexpensive . And if you just want a classic Federal Hydra Shok s are hard to beat. The reason It s devastating at close range but doesn t penetrate nearly as much as 000 or 00 buck. 38 Special P loads in the . As suggested above perhaps a different gun would be a better platform for you. Dec 24 2012 What is the softest shooting commonly available . Great for shooting cans quick at 50 yd with open sights. 80 20 rds first load I tried in my 45 70 and what I have so far stuck with and hunt my Marlin 1895 with. The non expanding ARX is injection molded from a specially blended polymer copper matrix that is designed to be tough enough for an all purpose defense round. 38 Smith amp Wesson Special commonly. 45 Colt for my own use in favor of the . The . Ive come up with 3. 5 percent hotter than standard . 38 Special P ammo can be as much as 17. 38 Special P 125 grain JHP. 38 Special loads not P loads. 3 gr I ended up loading 10 at 2. Jul 12 2017 The Ruger GP100 1761 in . pdf. Dec 14 2019 A nice low recoil practice load for 38 special. This is where the rubber meets the road or the lead meets the adversary. 38 Special ammo from all of the best brands. 5 gr and 12 2. 38 Special are cheaper and it 39 s an easy caliber to reload. Very light manageable recoil w hard butt plate. The Critical Defense Lite is a light weight . 2 Accurate No. The problem with carrying P . For those interested here are some average 10 shot velocities for this Remington round S amp W Model 642 with 1 7 8 quot bbl 800 ft sec. 38 Spl wadcutters I know nothing about load data for 38 Spl and Trail Boss but I do know Brian I mainly use it for low recoil 308 and 30 30. Internet buzz suggested this load may be a good candidate for personal defense because the bullet has a flat nose and sharp shoulders. I would anticipate this load will function reliably yet with reduced recoil impulse compared to higher velocity loads. In short compared to a . May 19 2017 However looking at the ballistic data for the . 44 Spl. I plan to load more of the N320 moving down . Only load I have tested at this point is reduced load of Power Pistol with 180gr Hornady XTP 39 s. See full list on usconcealedcarry. Not that there 39 s a thing wrong with that. It was and continues to be used in pistol matches because it is easy to shoot with a mild recoil. Super accurate and very consistent load. I use a reloading setup that can be quickly set up nbsp 11 Jan 2012 I would like to go with the lowest recoil cb load to get over them and progress from there. Which I am planning on shooting in IDPA matches. 30 30 Winchester Ammo. 38 Special 38 40 and 45 Colt. 38 Special ammunition. New shooters in particular will appreciate this Take advantage of this low recoil load 39 s properties with a bulk order at AmmoMan. 2 3 4 quot Super Shortshells also make excellent reduced power loads for recoil sensitive shooters especially in single or double barreled shotguns. The use of more conventional gun powder results in poor load density and fails to adequately fill the case. A . I 39 m planning on using 158 grain RNFP coated bullets with Titegroup. So get some 44 special cases and load them up you want to go lighter. Load with 38 S amp W data. Since you want milder loads you may be at min 357 data or even below. Nov 30 2018 The performance of the Honey Badger a solid copper fluted bullet at less than robust recoil seems to have been made for the . I also use the same amount of TiteGrioup for 125 Berry. It is perhaps the success of this load that led to the expansion of the reduced recoil loads across the company s offerings. In general the new Kent low recoil loads produce some higher velocities than what I like to see in a low sound shotshell load. Has less recoil they say then a wad cutter. Just curious what is the best of the current low recoil . 357 Caliber bullets that you need you can always count on getting low prices at Sportsman 39 s Guide More powder can also be used in rifle cartridges because the bullet chambers can be designed to withstand greater pressures 50 000 to 70 000 for rifles psi vs. 41 Magnum and to a degree . 41 goes off the recoil chart if it s fired from the newest compact trail guns which appeared on the market in the last few decades and the . Mar 02 2013 I am liking TrailBoss for all of my Cowboy Loads. The RCM also shot around three quarters of an inch with the same two powders using right at 48 grains and delivering almost 3 000 fps. has 8 Pellets and is 2 3 4 quot . 38 44 HV loadings and eventually leading to the development of the . 357 case. 147 grain bullets will provide you less recoil than 115 or 124 gr. Looks like a factory version of the handload that people have done for decades seating hollow base wadcutters in a 38 case for a home brew defensive load. CB . The 1187 won t handle the liter loads the 682 is ok. This ammunition is reduced recoil for lighter shooting. For example the Hornady Critical Defense . 38 load loaded to standard pressures specifically designed to minimize abuse to the shooters of small light revolvers. 424 ft. Shot thousands of rounds with 2. 1 day ago Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammer. If you see a 0 in the Recoil Velocity column it signifies no data available for that particular load. But there are few loads for which there is as much data on real life terminal ballistics. Even the bullet you describe is a target bullet. 18 Apr 2018 Plenty of components for making good . 357 Magnum. Mar 21 2020 High caliber can be defined many ways. I don 39 t load 44 any more but used to load a 180gr with 12. These 100 grain 9mm loads are well suited for Steel Challenge. round nose reviews american eagle vs fiocchi 38 special federal reloading stats for . You should . and 147gr. Made in Canada. Dec 28 2018 Testing out some low recoil ammunition options for the . The Atlanta Arms 100 grain load has about 31 percent less recoil than the Winchester 115 grain load. of shot and 16. 38 Special load in the Critical Defense line of ammunition. Round 3 1 304 f. Also it will be many rounds until you burn out a barrel. Even though this project was fun I wouldn 39 t reccomend using this recipe on a regular basis. Here s where they falter and where they shine. 0 hrs accurate and recoil mild. 38 Jan 16 2014 This load is advertised as less recoil with a 90 grain bullet at 1200 FPS thats probably through a 4 or 6 inch barrel. 38 Special brass cycled just fine and shot beautifully. Part Hornady 38 Special ammo is packaged in boxes of 25 rounds or cases of 250 rounds. Known for its accuracy and manageable recoil the . About the Buffalo Bore Ammo Designed to provide a lighter recoiling defensive load for the snub nosed . Aug 19 2012 I have came up with a load I truly love. 38 Short Colt. We use a unique heat set quot HI TEK Supercoat quot manufactured by J amp M Specialized Products P L in Australia. If you are interested PM me and I will give you the data. Note too that the P loads in a 38 Special do indeed generate more promising ballistics than the standard 38 Special loads. 0 to 4. Recoil was reduced to around 36 less than factory ammo. If the intent is a low recoil hunting load that is going to be more difficult without going the . Personal Defense Hydra Shok Low Recoil 38 Special Important Safety Information WARNING Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects reproductive harm and other serious physical injury. 455 is something I should start with. What would 3 gr Red Dot WW231 and a few other powders and have hit as low. 3 gr 700 Oct 11 2010 I 39 ve heard that standard 357 loads have serious recoil flash and noise when fired from snubnose revolvers so I 39 m wondering what is available out there for a snub round Speer makes a short barrel load that is highly regarded however it seems to be impossible to find. It also allows for . Jul 04 2012 Re Reduced Recoil 410 2 1 2 quot loads for Governor by tenfingergrip Wed Jul 04 2012 2 50 pm Sounds like the real answer is a spreader that has the strap that crosses over you head and is supported on the shoulder. Until I get the chance to personally try more of the latest loads for the . Jacketed hollow points I was wanting to shoot hollow base wadcutters mainly for the reduced recoil. As an example quot Buffalo Bore Ammunition 19H 20 357 Rem Mag Lead Free XPB low recoil low noise ammo. imrpowder. Stevensville MT 59870. 45 Long Colt . 38 Special fires a medium sized bullet at rather low speeds. I 39 ve used this bullet in various loads from . 38 Special Ruger LCR We took a good look under the hood of the Ruger LCR a while back and also did a field report on the LCR in 9mm . 357 load was over 1 000 and only four of twenty were under 1 100 FPS. Jan 20 2012 recoil is a matter of physics. 50 140 Sharps and hundreds of recipes especially suited for low velocity lead bullet rifle and pistol loads. Light 38 Special load Discussion in 39 Ammo From the online reloading data. Mar 21 2018 If you want maximum velocity and low recoil the Hornady Critical Defense Lite will do nicely. So anything from . These don 39 t have any stopping power in my opinion Please research your own load data Sep 10 2018 Then compare the same weight bullet in the . Hollow Point Ammo. 357 Magnum round. 38 came with a full size test target while the . 5 grains but the primers were still backing out. Learn more . assuming here it 39 s a revolver not a semi auto or a rifle The only difference is case length. Reloading Presses. And if you think you could do better feel free to spend the money and do the work and publish your own results. 357 magnum out of a snub is quite excessive. This ammunition is ideal for high volume shooters or for new shooters. This is 753 fps 11 600 psi and 952 f . I am familiar with the 38 Special full wadcutter ammo from the thread on the best snub nose round in 38 Spl P. 38 Special in a slightly longer case. 38 SPL . She is a new shooter and I am looking for a low recoil load for her to carry. 41 Special has essentially the same case length as the . Hodgdon has three separate tabs under the DATA menu of the website s main page to help in low recoil loading. It has lightning like velocity even from short barreled And once again the test load is a product produced by Buffalo Bore their standard pressure . From the . RNFP Nice light bullet for low recoil. The engineer at the show said that bare gelatin performance was identical to their 110 grain load with about 1 2 inches less penetration but a whole lot less recoil. Subsonic cartridges are quieter but hardly silent. 3 shoots soft but a little slow. 38 Special self defense rounds available today. 38 Special in the same gun you get six shots instead of five and you get it at much less recoil than the . Canister Sizes I chose it to teach a friend of mine to reload. 2 well suited for use in short barrel concealed carry applications. And as always Georgia Arms motto is High Quality Bulk Ammo Bulk 12 Gauge Shells Bulk 410 Gauge Shells Bulk 22 Short Ammo Bulk 22 LR Ammo Bulk 223 Ammo Bulk 30 Carbine Ammo Bulk 308 Win Ammo Bulk 357 Mag Ammo Bulk 38 Special Ammo Bulk 38 Super Ammo Bulk 380 ACP Ammo Bulk 40 S amp W Ammo Bulk 45 ACP Ammo Bulk 5. A full 1 quot shorter than standard shells 1 3 4 quot vs. If it doesn t outright offer the best in class cartridge for you to buy it should serve as an easy guide Apr 17 2013 Shooting a standard pressure 38 Special load is a good way to cut down on some of the bark and bite that you get with the light weight snub revolvers and P ammunition. This shows how a regular pressure . This allows . Checked the search and found the slufoot load of 17 gr bluedot and blue sabot and 200 gr Out of Stock Qty Add gt 9mm 115 RN Quantity of 500 Diameter 0. You need to be careful N310 is fast and pressures rise rapidly as these 38 wadcutter loads show 38 Special 148 gr Double Ended Wadcutter 2. I think it 39 ll catch on. 62x39mm Ammo Bulk 7. My favorite low recoil snubby load was the Federal 125gr Nyclad. page not found. Text CABELAS to 247365 to Sign Up for Mobile Alerts Message and data rates may apply Felt Recoil Competition shooters enjoy the use of heavy 9mm bullets with less powder to produce reduced recoil while still meeting Power Factor requirements. It is a very high pressure load and should be used only in modern six shot revolvers. Principal Purpose Light and standard 12 ga. 38 Special ammunition can also be used in the . 357 Magnum Ammunition and . over a 158 160 gr lead bullet will have low recoil the one draw back is it will be Jan 04 2012 If you want to load the practice rounds for low recoil you can save some dough there but only if you load in volume and already own the equipment. You can load stuff to p if you want and get any amount of recoil you want. Chamber these rounds and know you ll be ready if the moment comes. 344 This information is intended to be used as a reference. 223 Remington and therefore loads must be reduced accordingly. 38 Super but loaded to a much reduced power level. Nov 10 2016 A lot of guys that load their carry gun with wadcutters will use something different for their reload like a speed strip with Gold Dots for example. There are loads with less recoil. 38 has been popular for decades there are nbsp While getting around 1000 fps with 158gr I want it to be as low recoil quiet and I 39 ve loaded 380 acp 9mm 10mm 38 special and 357 mag with it. 6 ft. Oct 24 2016 New to this board and looking for suggestions on low recoil 38 load. 38 that travels at 850 fps recoil velocity of 20. For example the 358429 SWC loaded over 12. 45 ACP AUTO ammo by Federal is new production non corrosive and feature brass cases and Boxer primers. com Search Engine 2020 Mar 06 2016 That is what this post is about. Purchase Hornady Critical Defense 38 Special Ammo bulk ammo from Target Sports USA and receive free shipping Silver nickel plating prevents corrosion and is easily visible in low light situations Meet three new loads that get more from 224 Valkyrie. I have also read DocGKR 39 s quot BUG 380 vs 38 quot . Qty 1000 Size. 25 pounds of lead in target hunting sizes runs from 35 to 50 depending on where you buy it. 38 acp to the . When shot through the water jugs the HERO 9mm load had the same penetration as the 45ACP 12 inches in water. 357 Magnum firearms . 38 special with Trailboss to my current load which is a shortened case 9mm length with 2. They are real pop gun loads with hollow base lead bullets so they can be shot in 38 special and true 38 Short Colt revolvers. 38 Super is similar to the . So I 39 m looking for accuracy and low recoil. 38 Spl cannot withstand the pressure of the more powerful . 4 grains as the maximum. Jul 30 2016 3 This is the same basic process used to upgrade the . 8 grains of Clays. You can drive a 150 grain bullet at 30 30 speeds which will do for deer and cut down on recoil. that the full power load produces. She would benefit from using standard . This allows for quiet relaxing practice that lets the shooter concentrate more on the fundamentals of shooting and less on muzzle blast and recoil. 357 users to load the lighter ammo save money at the range and enjoy the benefits of lighter recoil and less muzzle flash. It has less felt recoil and muzzle flip than the 2 choice which follows. A low density double based flash suppressed propellant it is optimized for use in low pressure cartridges such as . Made from hi antimony lead but not designed to funtion semi auto 39 s. 40 S amp W and . 357 magnum cases will reduce the pressures and velocities if 38 Special data is used with magnum cases. 22 WMR or . A friend of my wife 39 s just purchased a Smith amp Wesson 642 in 38 Special. 38 special 150 grain wadcutter standard pressure short barrel low flash ammo specifically for a 2 quot S amp W model 12 air weight Snub. TIA Rod Nov 09 2017 I also used load data for the 38 automatic as a starting point for 38 super low loads I have run 3. Trail Boss was designed specifically for low velocity lead bullets suitable for Cowboy Action shooting. Precision One 38 Special Ammunition Reduced Recoil 125 Grain Full Metal Jacket 50 nbsp Results 1 16 of 228 38 Special is well known for its accuracy relatively mild recoil and the The 148 grain HBWC or DEWC match load at low velocity is the most 357 Sig Load Data 38 Special Load Data 357 Magnum Load Data 357 nbsp 158 Grain No Additional Data. 44 Magnum revolvers. AA Low Recoil Target ammunition is a lighter load proven to deliver excellent performance from a lower recoiling load. 3gr of Unique for a light shooting range load Keystone10mm Since 1899 the. 38 Special P if loaded by the same factory. 38 Special revolver the lead bullet used in this particular loading is hard cast meaning Jan 06 2020 The 38 special is well known as a capable self defense round especially with today 39 s advanced load and bullet offerings. 0 gr loads will be dangerously low AMMUNITION. Never the less the table below should give a reasonably accurate comparison of the recoil of most popular handgun cartridges and loads when fired in pistols of typical weight. P Speer Gold Dot 135gr 38 P. I sold the GTI for the 682. 6 and 3. Nov 18 2019 Ive been reloading 45ACP amp 9MM with very good success just getting into 38 special and am having difficulty with charge data amp OAL. Aug 28 2013 This is 45 ACP Federal Hydra Shok Personal Defense Low Recoil 165gr. Light Load HP38 W231 3. The very light Georgia Arms . If you like wadcutters better these are the 2 loads I use. 30 30 Winchester . Photos by author. Sep 17 2009 Though still a little low at least today the full power SWC s POI was barely below POA. the shooter can become very familiar with his or her . magnum loads but I don 39 t recall ever seeing much data in 38 special. The first is titled H4895 Reduced Rifle Loads. 38 SPECIAL. Remington Law Enforcement Reduced Recoil 12 Gauge 2 3 4 1oz Rifled Slug Ammo. Do not use light . I use unique with the Hornady xtp 350 gr. Ultimate Reloader can not be held liable for errors in load data. 45 ACP there are not nearly so many factory loads to choose from. These techniques produce the most reliable accurate round of ammunition available on the market today Our mild shooting REDUCED RECOIL ROUNDS Winchester Supreme Elite PDX1 410 Gauge Shotshell Ammunition. Always see the standard 2. They cite sufficient penetration and low recoil being characteristic of this load. 99 34 . Ya I suspect those 1100 fps readings were a problem with the chronograph or maybe they got some super duper loads Oct 05 2009 . 4 quot barrel and This is the lightest load I 39 ve ever fired from 38 special. 4 buck not to be confused with 4 shot is one of the most popular home defense buckshot sizes on the market today for 12 gauge shotgun owners. 357 Magnum or . Therefore creating devastating trauma and multiple wound channels. Box of 20 . With the . 357 revolver. 6 grains. 44 magnum gun. 4 grains of TiteGroup with the 125 grain Berry hp plated bullet to get a low recoil low blast load . the respective CIP SAAMI maximum pressure specification whichever is lower. 357 Mag brass. For comparison a Federal 7mm 08 Rem. Feb 14 2019 Years back I had a Browning GTI that beat me to death with recoil and trigger problems . 5 Accurate No. Mar 19 2010 My goal for this load is velocity and recoil that is higher than a 38 special p so you know you are shooting a magnum but not too excessive. 38 P ammo appropriate for a J Frame My interest is for one with a 3 quot barrel. Either will chamber in the . As an example quot Buffalo Bore Ammunition 19H 20 357 Rem Mag Lead Free XPB These shells also produce reduced noise a notable benefit even with adequate hearing protection. 38 has been popular for decades there are many older revolvers which can t shoot higher pressure P loads consult your gunsmith safely. 460 using Trail Boss but none with bullets as light as 200 grains. But take a . Dealer Distributor Opportunities We offer dealer and distributor programs with non exclusive or exclusive territories. Ok. For close range low recoil loads the RCBS 30 150 FN at around 150 grains a little lighter in my alloy. You won 39 t be able to crimp but that might not be a ALL Accurate Nitro 100 NF Accurate No. Shop discount prices on . Avg Vel 1 277 f. It is nice to have a low recoil training round and an ass kicker for field use. 45 ACP but the higher pressure in the . Some guys are shooting 125 gr. Jan 12 2019 This two hour monstrosity is a complete beginner s guide to loading light recoil 38 Special. Now we re looking at another compact conceal and carry . I also have the lever action rifle and get 2000 ft per sec with this load because of the 18 inch barrel. How does the Civil Defense 38 Special compare with other rounds Safe in antiques and specialty revolvers. Hornady 38 Special ammo is packaged in boxes of 25 rounds or cases of 250 rounds. Waters Pet load. and accuracy downrange without upping blast and recoil nbsp 4 Apr 2017 Loads that are designated as . announces the expansion of the very popular Reduced Drag Factor RDF product line to include new bullet calibers and weights that are in high demand from Furthermore the data is provided purely for entertainment purposes to better facilitate arguments over what ammo or caliber or gun is quot best. This is one of the great strengths of revolvers they eat whatever you feed them. 44 Special naturally comes to mind for use in . I don 39 t know the specifics of those loads but Silvertips have been redesigned and perform much better now. com After a while however even the most recoil tough shooter looks forward to toning things down a bit. Chrono 39 s 1325 fps. I want to make up some 38 Special loads with that bullet and Unique powder because the Mrs enjoys shooting 38 Special out of my GP100. 38 Special P is pushing a 110 grain bullet at a stated velocity of 1090 FPS which would produce 290 foot pounds of energy. Perfect for cowboy action target loads where reduced recoil loads are Full load data available at. low recoil means light boolits and low velocities. Jul 22 2020 Its been explained to me that the round has reduced recoil for use in the light weight snub nose . Sportsman 39 s Guide has your Fiocchi Cowboy Action Loads . Higher pressures require a bigger gun with more recoil that is slower to load and generates more heat that produces more wear on the metal. Mar 20 2017 Doing a bit of research lately on . No temp problems no case position sensitivity found with some of the others. Our projectiles function differently than any other self defense round on the market. Using a modest charge safe in the . 2 grains of Unique in . 38 Special ammo as a control in my wife 39 s light weight S amp W M amp P snubby the ARX ammo and 148 gr target loads have a much lighter recoil. 2 ft. 357 amp low recoil are at odds to each other. 38 Special historically has been long considered one of the most accurate handgun loads ever developed. Become a Load Data member access over 322 088 load recipies LoadData. 223 Rem a Twenty shoots flatter costs less to shoot and is easier on the shooter s shoulder and his barrel. Apr 07 2018 . I will be using Missouri bullet 148gr DEWC fresh starline brass and shooting out of a 66 4 6 quot . 0 grains Sierra . 357 Magnum still has tremendous advantage in muzzle velocity over a . The Hodgdon site has load data for the . The standard . Any debate about the best all around game cartridge will soon get heated because there will likely be a group of 7mm Rem mag devotees present and vocal More powder can also be used in rifle cartridges because the bullet chambers can be designed to withstand greater pressures 50 000 to 70 000 for rifles psi vs. Created 08 04 17 05 40 PM Description CZ P 09 135 BBI HITEK Notes 1 3. 223 Remington with 40gr. 38 . What I finally found were as has been suggested 1 Wadcutter target loads and 2 Cowboy action loads. Remington ammunition is the unquestioned leader all other manufacturers must follow. Your guns are hungry. BARNES TAC XP 1 125 fps 20 Round Box . ideal 12 18 range though most were at the lower end of the range. 38 Special like the model 14 started to fall away with the police but for the competition shooter there was still quite some interest in this cartridge for the low recoil and the accuracy with HBWC even if shot out of a . I loaded some very light 38 39 s 2gr trailboss 148wc and after she had fired a few thru the LCR she asked quot whats the big deal about recoil quot Next time out I might work the load up a bit but even I enjoyed shooting them. If she still has difficulty with recoil a heavier . 5 922 16 low recoil cowboy action Apr 16 2013 Noticeably more robust in recoil but still far short of obnoxious they expanded and penetrated. I loaded 3. Target Sports USA carries the entire line of Remington 12 Gauge ammo for sale including this reduced recoil rifled 1oz Using the lighter loads for the . This resulted in a great hunting load with 39 recoil than factory ammunition. 38 and . This is all the Titegroup data I have collected over several months. Thanks for the link to the Lucky Gunner ballistic test data. 75 100 yard groups were very common. Load it in 38 Special dies. I do load middle of the chart to upper on the TrailBoss powder. Apr 18 2018 The . Our Match Solid Technology utilizes unique processes to deliver the highest levels of repeatability. I 39 ve kinda determined 3. Here is load data for 38 special nbsp 5 Oct 2011 Accurate training and self defense loads can be easily created for these popular revolver calibers. 38 S amp W but it still wanders along at relatively low velocity when compared to more modern cartridges that were designed for smokeless powder. Having always been a fan of moderate loads using lead bullets suitable for casual paper punching the . 20 Shooting Times magazine 39 s Dick Metcalf had this to say about the . Throwing a 350 grain bullet downrange at 800 fps feels like shooting a 22 rimfire. 357 Mag. 38 Special data in these cases but only data specifically for the . of recoil in an 8 pound rifle which is 37 less than the 15. 16 Aug 2012 I need to make some low recoil loads in 38 Special and I have bullets ranging from 110 grains to 158. In the end it is this versatility along with savings and accuracy that keep handloaders happily loading cartridges. While traditional jacketed bullets are produced on multi stage stamping machines consisting of dies with each stage and die combination producing a slightly different bullet we machine our bullets on state of the art CNC machines to produce incredibly precise This online sellers supply the best and low cost cost which integrated super conserve shipping in U. Aug 20 2020 6 Taurus 605 Protector Polymer 2. We have redesigned the Civil Defense 38 Special to reliably fragment out of 2 inch barrels. I loaded some 125 grain lead for my daughter who doesn 39 t like recoil. 45 Colt . 38 Super remains a viable defensive cartridge though it is most popular in shooting sports such as IPSC. Round nose flat point with 20 gr. 38 spl was a substantial improvement over . Jan 16 2020 The recoil can be quite sharp at times due to the angle of the grip. If it is I told her I would reload a lighter load with less recoil. Jan 16 2014 The Federal Gold Medal 38 Special Wadcutter Match is a target load that is known for mild recoil exceptional accuracy and leaving perfect round circles in paper targets. 38 defense load for your 4 quot barrel revolver is the Cor Bon . 38 Special rounds and comes in a slick blue finish. Made in the USA. An icon in the high end Glock market Zev has been working behind the scenes to launch a new series of complete pistols along with slides barrels and sights for the industry rocking Sig Sauer P320 and P365 lineups. 30 06 but sure do like it in the . 38 special. 45 fps. This is what i nbsp 17 Jan 2019 The four inch barrel steel frame revolver bottom is the easiest of all to fire and use with the same . The recoil of the . Generally speaking is a slow heavy nbsp 8 Dec 2016 Reduced 38 special loads Handloading Reloading and Bullet Casting. Mar 06 2008 The three loads above work great in older weaker guns or for people who are recoil sensitive. 38 Super cartridge. 38mm Special offers low recoil when compared to the 9mm Luger. You still can 39 t tailor the load but maybe you can afford to shoot. I kept gradually working up the load and paid special attention to a tight crimp and got the primer problem to stop at 5 grains. 2 is a non position sensitive powder and low charge weights make it an economical and versatile choice for high volume handgun shooters. 357 Mag in a much more controllable package. 38 special round Is actually. While only two . 361oz . 99 Kimber Camp Guard Buffalo Bore 155gr Tactical Low Recoil Speeds Feeds and Ballistics 10MM Slugfest Speer Gold Dot 200gr 10MM amp Federal HST 200gr 10MM Collectors Corner Many of the loads call for MM1035 wads which are no longer available Also several loads for SR 4756 Powder which is not available. Seems to be ok for me but was looking for something with less recoil for j frame. Aug 05 2014 These loads utilize a re engineered Golden Saber bullet and will be available in . 14 99 1. 38 special from GP100 5 quot barrel Xtreme plated 125 FP CCI 500 primer. 6 4. ARX Preferred Defense 38 Special 77gr QTY 20 26. Unfortunately I seem to be the only one that thinks it is safe to carry 10MM for protection against 2 legged predators. This is Taurus 605 Protector Polymer 2. Mar 21 2016 My load of choice is a 158 grain plat point over 7. I have used 38 Special data in 357 Magnum brass for light loads in my 4 quot 357 with no problems mostly for my info as I have 5 time more 38 brass than I do 357 brass Apr 21 2019 Using Magtech 130 gr jacketed . 38 Short Colt and Long Colt cases with Trail Boss and 125 gr cast truncated cone too. 38 Special Options The popularity of lightweight snub nose revolvers has many shooters in search of a . The answer here is simple. Shop now So which is the better cartridge the 45 ACP with its hard hitting slow moving projectile or the low recoil high capacity 9mm Let 39 s take a look at all the data and see. Part AMMUNITION. With our 100 hand loading techniques We place the same care and passion into each and every round produced as those do in their own private loading rooms. 38s are made for shooting which means high production loading. 357magnum loads with Trail boss are the favorite of Cowboy Action Shooting. 338 is alot of rifle for even the seasoned shooter. I use a reloading setup that can be quickly set up and torn down for those without enough space for a dedicated reloading area. 38 revolver may be preferred a Ruger SP101 or a steel framed S amp W. Apr 07 2006 There are decent standard pressure loads. May 10 2020 So we have put together a list of the finest . Again the round in question is the . A light 38 Special load has the advantage of less recoil for quicker followup shots compared to the . Most major ammo manufacturers produce some kind of 148 grain . 327 you can see how an individual can have the quot oomph quot of better than the . However if one were to face down anything more then about 200 pounds I do believe that the lowly 38 special would make just about anyone feel under gunned. 0 grains IMR 4756 884 FPS 3. 429 bullets and wanted to make some low recoil loads since I have SO MUCH 44 mag brass. Round 1 1 238 f. Low charge weights make it the most economical and versatile choice for high volume shooters with the added benefit of low recoil low flash and minimum residue. anyone else load 38 special with 700x I found it to have low recoil and has a nice sweet smell when fired. 327 Federal Magnum you get much more than a 9mm or . Although based on the P210 the P240 do not lock up at the barrel lugs for the . Clean Shot is a canister form of Lovex bulk propellant D032 03 and has a similar burn rate to Winchester 231 HP 38 Titegroup and Accurate No. reloading data is plentiful as are components and inexpensive too it has little recoil and is pretty foregiving to reload. Page 1 of 1 8 posts Previous . It is fairly soft shooting and very easily managed. Any thoughts or experience from any body 11 hours ago Add to Wish list. low recoil 38 special load data

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