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Cci stinger vs 22 mag

  • cci stinger vs 22 mag I was shooting CCI 40 gr jacketed hollow point. Speaking of aftermarket quot match quot 10 22 barrels Volquartsen will actually void their warranties if they know you used a cleaning rod in their barrels and they don 39 t recommend such ammo as CCI Stingers at all To make it a little more confusing the Aguilla Colibri is driven by the primer plus a very small powder charge. Bulk 9mm Bulk 223 The CCI Stinger seems to be the round of choice. Sep 30 2012 I am looking for the ballistic differences between Ruger convertible 22 vs 22 mag 6. Chambered for the 22 Long Rifle cartridge the Wrangler will also fire 22 Short 22 Long 22 LR Shotshells and 22 CB Caps if desired. The biggest increase in performance was from the newer hyper velocity 22 magnum ammo like the CCI TNT 39 s or CCI Maxi mag V 39 s. I have heard that some of the JW15 rifles have a faster twist than the average 22 . I like the advantage that the 22 mag holds over the 22 lr in a rifle both in velocity and choice of projectiles but I am seeing a major performance decrease when used in a handgun. Hypervelocity ammo such as CCI Stingers are not recommended Liner 4140 steel . Dec 21 2012 I 39 ll be on the lookout for CCI Mini Mag and Winchester Power Point both performing well and both being cheap enough for target practice. Prairie dogs ground squirrels gophers etc. 22 Long Rifle By CCI 22 Long Rifle LR Stinger HP Per 50 CCI 39 s Mini Mag Ammunition Is Great For Sports From Small Game Hunting To Casual Plinking. 22 WMR Rimfire Ammunition. First we will try a round of Hornady 30 grain V Max ammo. With 40 grain bullets the . 1 in 410 mm Barrel Twist 1 in 13 3 4 in Rifling Grooves 6 Rifling Length 13. Features Bullet Type Round Nose Muzzle Energy 135 ft lbs Muzzle Velocity 1235 fps Specifications Caliber 22 Long Rifle Bullet Weight 40 GR Rounds box 100 Rounds Per Box 50 Boxes Per Case22 Online Gun Shop Shooting Supplies amp Ammunition. 22 LR Defense When it comes to the . 22lr is subsonic ammo. HVTCHP Yellow Jacket Remington 36 gr. 22 ammo for whatever purpose is whatever shoots most reliably and accurately in YOUR gun as determined by YOUR testing. Off the top of my head I 39 m thinking that revolver with Stingers gave me a velocity of around 1250 fps and the CCI TNT 39 s gave me right around 1600 fps. 22 and . Far and away the mini mag with it 39 s solid bullet is the best self defense cartridge. As expected our tiny 2. Refine by Caliber . 17 HMR we have the rimfire cartridges you need in stock and ready to ship. It did not expand at all. 22 Magnum Ammo for Self Defense. 1 1 2M Small Magnum Pistol Primers 100 Count. 31 May 2018 22 Long Rifle is one of the most popular rounds on Earth. The CCI stingers just have a little longer case the the overall lenght is the same as other 22LR. 22 like Stingers amp CCI Mini Mag to work properly. 5 shots at 25 yards A high velocity round from CCI the Stinger is known for its speed. 22 long rifle I am now down to Eley Standard unfortunately my silhouette pistol loves the expensive little fockers SK magazine CCI standard Winchester subs and SSAA blue ribbon. Aguila Ammunition is one of the world 39 s largest producers of ammunition. CCI Stinger gave birth to the term quot Hyper Velocity quot rimfire ammo over 40 years ago and it still leads the pack for sizzling velocities from a . speer gold dot hp and 1475 fps. This is a generous estimate as recently I clocked some CCI Mini Mag Hollow points from another rifle at more like 1150 fps. Both of these 40 grain Jan 05 2018 22 Bentz is commonly used as the match chamber for semi autos and serves that purpose quite well. 22 WMR Maxi Mag TNT 30GR Ammunition 0063. Therefore to represent a . 22 LR and . 00 for 50 stingers. Both rounds are called quot high velocity quot but the hollow point has 36 grain loads the round nose 40 grains. 21 Nov 2012 The Stinger has a 32 grain copper washed hollow point bullet with a muzzle velocity of 1640 feet per second and muzzle energy of 191 foot nbsp 8 Aug 2019 Bullet and ammunition technology has advanced . Mar 10 2019 CCI Stinger 6. 5 inch or 6. This Mini Mag round was CCI 39 s first rimfire product and continues to be their most popular after all these years. 22 LR load on the market . 22 Rimfire shooters around the world. The Best . Mar 15 2009 I have been trying to get some information comparing a . In . 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire also called . Buy CCI Mini Mag 22 LR 36 Grain HP Online Now DUE TO HEAVIER THAN NORMAL ORDER VOLUMES PLEASE EXPECT 5 7 DAY SHIPPING DELAYS. 50. Today I went out and shot two types of CCI . 5 in barrel. Both are copper plated. 22 LR Extra Long 32gr HP Ammunition 0050. jon January 25 2016 at 1 39 am. 22LR 32gr Hollow Point Ammo Mag Capacity LE The . 22 LR Mini Mag Solid 40GR Ammunition 0030. 19697 Part of what makes a match . Nosler Hornady Browning Federal American Eagle and other brands offer . Sep 03 2013 Like all the . Commonly referred to as just . CPRN CCI 32 gr. It uses a lower weight bullet 32 grain as well as a slightly long case that doesn t work in tight match 22LR chambers. https youtu. Technical Information Caliber 22 Long Rifle Bullet Weight 32 Grains Bullet Style Plated Lead Hollow Point Ballistics Information Muzzle Velocity 1640 fps Muzzle Energy 191 ft. 22 Magnum you are looking for in stock at low prices Nov 12 2012 The Stinger carries more energy even though it 39 s lighter. All in all a great . 22 Win Mag Rimfire Ammunition Winchester Varmint Hi Velocity . For accurate extremely consistent ammunition the only option is CCI 39 s Competition Target and Plinking line. I don 39 t know If I really win at this game being bull headed but I don 39 t care 32 S amp W Long 9mm 38 special 38 S amp W 40 S amp W 44 special and magnum 45 auto and even cast bullet 45 Colt is cheaper than 22 LR these days. Using a longer case and a shorter 32 grain bullet to maintain the same 1 inch overall length the Stinger obtains over 1600 fps in comparison to the high velocity load which generates about 1250 fps in a rifle for a bit more By submitting this form you are consenting to receive marketing emails from AmmoFast. 22 LR round. Its case is thicker too allowing higher chamber pressures. Oct 12 2018 The Sidewinder is running 22 LR ammunition at about 200 feet per second slower than the 22 Magnum even so the 22 LR is nasty. Federal 22 Ammo 22 Caliber Ammo Types All Ammo Types S L LR 22 Ammo Old 22 Ammo Remington 22 Ammo CCI 22Lr Ammo Best 22Lr Ammo Winchester 22Lr Ammo 22Lr Ammo 40 Cal Ammo Types 22 Rimfire Cartridges 22LR Size 22 Cal Ammo Types 22 Rimfire Ammo 22 Magnum Round New 22 Ammo Bulk 22 Ammo 22 Long Rifle Fastest 22Lr Ammo CCI Stinger 22 Ammo Bulk 22LR Bullet Different 22 Ammo These figures suggest that the . 22 Long Rifle Stinger Ammunition Winchester . 22 LR ammo just to see how they stack up against each other The CCI Stingers and the CCI Velocitors. It almost went through the 3 16 quot mild and went halfway through the 1 4 quot . CPHP Stinger Remington 33 gr. 22 derringers you should use CCI ammo. 22 LR 32 grain CCI Stinger 16. Please note that the sheer difference in order of magnitude between the . 25. 22 rimfire round in bulk Then this panic buying proof 5 000 round case of 32 grain HP CCI Stinger is just what the doctor ordered Unlike common plinking ammo the CCI Stinger features a unique 32 grain tear drop hollowpoint design that maximizes tissue disruption in your target. 22 Mag has a larger case than the . 22 lr 35 40 gr. 17hmr up to 375 H amp H. On a side note I have just got back from dropping 17 possum out of cherry trees and all but three were one shot drops. 22 shells I did not have any extraction problems try CCI . 22 Long . 22 Long Rifle High Velocity and Hyper Velocity. May 23 2014 In . 99. The Stinger uses a slow buring powder so performs worse than the other rounds in short barrels. I shot the mini mags for most of the time and I was able to shoot full mag 25 round groups under 1. The Main reason i switched was accuracy. That is if they ever become available. I use Glock 17 19 34 with 22 Winchester Magnum or 22 Mag for short was the big dog rimfire for decades. Let s try a round of CCI . Mainly it was to check to see if the roads were open don 39 t ask how deep the creek bed was that I took the RENTAL 2005 Ford Escape with 2900 miles on it through The 521 T laid in a velocity off the muzzle of 1411 fps which is well above the advertised performance of the High Speed Long Rifle generally given as 1255 fps or thereabout. I mounted a new scope of my old standby yard gun a lowly Rem. In all honesty testing the Stinger was an exercise in redundancy but I had the gelatin and I had the rounds so why not have a little The Stinger brand is intended for Varmint use while the Velocitor is for small game use at greater distances. here pics of mine . It does not give me enough extra for the price ratio difference over the . The bore can vary by a couple of thousandths of an inch in diameter. For the WMR we used Federal Winchester CCI and Remington loads all of them with the exception of the Federal load 40 grain jacketed hollow points the Federal I installed a Kidd Black Fluted Bull Barrel and Single Stage Trigger on a 25 year old 10 22. 22 Magnum loads that excel in For . tied with 5 shot groups of 2. 5 10x36 Dropzone 22 Reticle Built specifically for the 38 40 grain 22LR ammo the Bushnell 3. I would think the CCI Stinger . Chambers vary. 9. It is very difficult to compare velocities from different barrels. View CCI Mini Mag . CCI Fiocchi Speer Winchester Federal Aguila and Hornady all offer . 7 out of 5 star rating Nov 25 2019 Winner . This brings a significant difference in muzzle energy for the . Feb 28 2010 On squirrel a headshot with a stinger produces the same result as a headshot with a Mini Mag. 22 mag with a Leupold 2x7 for hunting and a Marlin 1897 Cowboy in CCI Mini Mag . 22 Long Rifle BULLET WEIGHT Calculates the ballistic trajectory of a bullet fired from a rifle handgun or other firearm. But you get the fastest 22LR and some pretty amazing accuracy Jun 12 2020 All . Mar 05 2020 CCI 39 s Mini Mag ammo is a whole step in quality above average 22 Long Rifle ammo that you may find searching for just the cheapest price. 22 we shot 32 grain CCI Stingers and 40 grain CCI Velocitors. CCI Mini Mag 36 grain HP 1032 fps Avg 110 fps ES. 00 Add to cart CCI 22 LR Mini Mag HP Packet of 100 R 240. 22 WMR Maxi Mag JHP. 3 2013 100 YARDS. Photo by IGG The subject of this article is the Kel Tec SU 22 a modern . 22LR Stinger vs CCI . We will also be considering the price vs benefits test among the 22 LR and 17 HMR. 22 WMR revolver from Bud 39 s Guns in Lexington KY. 22 Magnum. Both of which I shoot regularly. Produces a ballistic trajectory chart and table that shows the drop velocity kinetic energy windage and trajectory of a bullet. Apr 03 2010 The CCI was typically in a . 21. can be uncomfortable . I have noted NO MEASURABLE DIFFERENCE between the same published loads in different packaging. The cylinder has six chambers. It 39 s seen a bit of a resurgence CCI introduced a new VNT Mach 2 load last year and its nbsp 24 Feb 2020 . Dec 14 2010 i would go with the Stingers never had a problem with CCI ammo and that one packs a wallop as far as . 22WMR 22 Mag CCI GamePoint 200 Rds. If you 39 re looking for a target or training rifle or plan on hunting small game like rabbits at 50 yards or less the nbsp The . May 05 2009 I bought a Mossberg Plinkster yesterday and the clerk sold me two one hundred round boxes of . 770 Winch. asked on March 26 2017. Rebate Available. Glock . Jun 16 2005 Having the . 47 . 99 is a good price on 50 Walmart is the only place I 39 ve seen it cheaper 3. 22LR ammo that my semi 39 s are not happy with so in effect I 39 ve got a bunch of quot free quot ammo to burn CCI Maxi Mag V . com DC Machine is the biggest machining company you Continue Reading May 23 2015 July 14th 2020 22 53 Ammo Gossip by Is anyone finding any deals on . Specifications are listed in the chart below. 720 Winchester Super X 0. 22 Long Rifle 39 s and wider as well so it offered a significant power upgrade. Shot any high velocity rounds like CCI Stingers in it but mini mag HP still shoot satisfactory. 22 caliber self loaders. 22LR rifle is capable of firing hypervelocity . 385 Smallest Group. 22 ammo is cheap. Dodaj u ko aricu. 204 Hornady 22 Hornet 22 250 Remington 220 Swift 222 Remington 223 Remington 243 Winchester 25 Auto 25 06 Remington 250 Savage 257 Roberts 270 WSM 270 Winchester 280 Remington 30 M1 Carbine 30 06 Springfield 30 30 Winchester 300 Blackout 300 H amp H 300 Savage 300 WSM 300 Whisper 300 Winchester Magnum 303 British 307 Winchester 308 Winchester 32 Mar 29 2016 So yes more work and time making . Aug 6 2020 side is the 10 rd mag. A22 963CC. See more ideas about Guns and ammo Guns Gun gear. The price of the ammo is also the same 6. 75 35. 1100 to 1200 fps so by losing some speed they regain penetration at longer distances. 7 out of 5 star rating Apr 18 2018 There are more . CPRN Ammo I have shot 1000 39 s of these rounds. It 39 s also been one of the top choices of YouTube shooting sensation 22plinkster. 125. 22 LR velocities we measured with the S amp W 43C. 22 ammo is to start with the cheapest stuff available working up by price and stop when you hit satisfactory reliability and accuracy for YOUR purposes at the price point YOU want to pay. Sep 21 2017 Page 1 of 2 22LR vs. This ammunition is new production and non corrosive. ammo. The loads leave the muzzle at 1 875 fps and feature reliable CCI priming and brass. A22 963CCCCI A22 963CC 200 Rds. Stinger cases. Excellent post Agree with you 100 about the Stinger 39 s lethality and also on the bigger slower bullets for tree squirrels. R199 AMMO 22 LR 36GR CCI MINI MAG HP 100 . A Doe walks out of the woods today and says that is the last time I 39 m going to do that for Two Bucks. s CCI mini mags are another choice they 39 about 7. I feel I should tell ya the stingers have a bit more penetration than the cci 32 gr mini mags. Stay with subsonic standard velocity of high velocity cartridges. 22 WMR does just at a slightly reduced range. We stock ranges from Eley CCI amp Federal and cover calibres from . be pTqkUzm3EC8 https youtu. 11 Stryke pants nor do the others fit as well. 136 results CCI 0022 Small Game GP 22 WMR 40 GR JSP 50 Rounds. 22LR. 703 Lapua Super Club 0. 22 LR 36 Grain Copper Round Nose 1600 Round Bulk Box. CCI Stinger Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 22LR 32 Grain Plated Lead Hollow Point HP 50pk CCI V Max Ammunition 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire WMR 22Mag 30 Grain Stingers are generally less accurate than Mini Mags and Thunderbolt but with their faster lighter bullet are more destructive on impact with small game. Cci Stinger Accuracy Test CCI Mini Mag . Though not powerful enough for self defense it has helped many new shooters and CCW holders train in the fundamentals of firearm proficiency in part because Feb 15 2013 I have shot deer with a 22 LR. On a recent day I and a friend spent the day shooting the CCI Stinger and some other common . Stinger load has long been heralded as the fastest . 22 WMR is not that great of a performance increase over a good . Mini Mags are some good ammo and just about any 22 will cycle them including the Sig Mosquito which is quite picky on what it functions with Left to right . Best of all the gun comes with one 410 barrel and a rifle barrel in either . But don 39 t worry I 39 ll walk through my favorite rounds for cheap plinking hunting accuracy and even nbsp CCI Stinger Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 22LR 32 Grain Plated Lead Hollow Point CCI V Max Ammunition 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire WMR 22Mag 30 nbsp Solids vs. Okay now let s look at the . On the right is the CCI Winchester M 22 average 1. Clocking in at 1640 FPS this round does make sacrifices for speed. With a rifle zeroed at 50 yards this 22 WMR bullet drop chart shows how each cartridge compares at distances of 75 yards Find your best price for CCI . Regardless of the ammo. 22 TCM 9R 2 . 7. 22 Magnum 21 . Good for . I like it a lot and my Academy just got some in recently for the first time in forever. Came back 100 . Great for plinking and targets in compact areas. 22LR 40gr LRN 1235 fps 300 ct. 95 500 CCI Stinger Hyper Velocity 32gn HP . Ammo like CCI Stinger and Mini Mag are truly impressive performers and really extend the capability of the 22 LR. 4 Feb 2013 Check them out at www. 22WMR CCI . My . I use the . The Velocitors penetrated 13 14 . CCI . Ammunition. SPECIFICATIONS Mfg Item Num 0030 Category RIMFIRE ROUNDS Caliber 22 Long Rifle Bullet Type Copper Plated Round Nose Bullet Weight 40 GR Muzzle Energy 135 ft lbs Muzzle Velocity 1235 fps SubBrand Mini Mag HV Oct 24 2016 Explore adalwulfpranger 39 s board quot . Ballistics Winchester Super X 22 LR vs. Jul 17 2012 The instruction manuals yes those little bookletes that no one ever reads for just about every semi auto . 22 Rimfire Ammunition. Jul 22 2013 The CCI 22 WMR Maxi Mag generated about 100 fps more velocity than the previously tested 22 LR Mini Mag. . The recoil the force driving back into the shooter s hands or shoulder for both of these rounds is negligible at best. Federal Ammunition 73. Cost of the . CI 0073 Varmint 22 Magnum Rimfire 30 GR Poly Tip V Max 50 Bx Polymer tip nbsp Added to Wishlist. 22 Mag round vs a . 22 LR would test fairly well 24 Feb 2013 The venerable . 22 short or the flat flying . 738 Eley High Velocity 0. The reticle includes 3 holdover points for 75 100 and 125 yards respectively. The Stingers and Velocitors are real nice and loud. 22 WMR Maxi Mag V Ammunition. You cannot go wrong with just about any variant of the 10 22 and you 39 ll be glad you own one. We sell firearms for Hunting Military Tactical Defense Police SWAT RCMP and Canadian Shooting Range Enthusiasts CCI ammo is manufactured by Vista Outdoor which also produces a variety of other top brands. Sep 02 2014 Left to Right CCI 22LR Stinger Winchester . 22LR Ammo 63. It loves the Winchester subsonic hollowpoints. Nov 20 2012 On a plus note this was another knock off Walther not a very popular knockoff so should be found pretty inexpensive. 22 instruction call for high velocity . 22 Long Rifle . It is the perfect load for shooters and hunters looking for a great round for a day at the range or an afternoon chasing small game and varmints. 223 quot groove and a 22 CF has a . CCI . 22 Mag Ammunition rimfire AmmoSeek. 17HMR TNT to keep things fair. Based on YouTube shooting hunting videos Ive seen theyre definitely bigger than what we call gophers here in western Canada. Oct 08 2019 Shooting a truck windshield with the Taurus TX22 and CCI ammo. This is somewhat a balancing act as the most massive bullets are the ones that are the most most difficult to accelerate. Prices accurate at time of writing. Features Bullet Type Hollow Point Muzzle Energy 191 ft Lbs Muzzle Velocity 1640 Fps Specifications Caliber 22 Long Rifle Bullet Weight 32 . Mar 06 2019 You can empty the mag into a target pretty quickly and get the hell out of there Because its a blow back and not all . A little pricey but at 1600 fps it gives off quite a report and is quite accurate. 22 LR Hyper Velocity load we will use the 32 grain CCI Stinger. 07 grammes. Ruger designed their chambers to safely fire a wide variety of ammunition including the relatively hot CCI Stinger. Industry specifications. 5 quot group at 100 yards with a standard block and . CCI Maxi Mag Rimfire Ammunition Alec the Middle son 11 years loves the Marlin 60 w a 3 9x32mm rimfire scope. 40 cal and was gonna buy another box of the CCI mini mags. CCI PRIMERS SMALL PISTOL MAGNUM 550 100 COUNT Without a primer a cartridge is so much scrap metal. 22 LR Stinger Small Game Rimfire Ammunition. 22 LR load with 38 percent one shot stops. I am stuck with my 10 22 for yotes on thursday. When i switched to a GM barrel with a bentz chamber not able to run stingers i didn 39 t care one bit. 22 rimfires will work in a chamber the same or shorter except . I really doubt the powder fully burns when a stinger is shot from a 4 quot barrel. 22 Mag Apr 19 2020 A lot on guns won 39 t group stingers well I have a norinco JW15 22 that will shoot stingers at about 1 inch at 50 yards. 22 Long Rifle ammunition that is fed to revolvers pistols and rifles. 22LR combined with a lighter bullet of around 30 grains. Jul 05 2013 CCI Mini Mag 36gr 1269fps Federal Lightning 40gr 1201fps Winchester 333 value pack 36gr 1249fps Eley Target 40gr 1070fps. I don 39 t even shoot the hyper velocity stuff like CCI Stingers. When comparing cartridges we often discuss one of the most important factors for shooting especially high volume shooting recoil. Try the CCI mini mag in a Ruger 10 22. Feb 14 2014 22 LR Bentz Chamber Can use standard or match grade ammunition. Received confirmation on Sunday that CCI 0031 22 LR HP MINI MAG 100 50 CCI Stinger 22LR 32 Grain CPHP 50Rd Box 0050 CCI Mini Mag High Velocity 22LR 40GR 100Rd Box 0030 Dec 20 2013 For the LR we used Federal Gold Medal Ultra and CCI s Green Tag both match loadings and for the high velocity plinking loads CCI s Stingers and Winchester s Power Points. at Brownells. 99 Oct 10 2014 Another distinct advantage the . A non expanding bullet is capable of incapacitating an attacker when shot from a handgun or rifle length barrel but the probability of this occurring is low Apr 15 2006 The quot best quot . 4 inch barrel didn 39 t allow the Stinger to develop that level of velocity. 23 Jul 2020 CCI . 22 caliber rimfire cartridges the . 6 mm for the long rifle but the plated hollow point bullet is lighter and shorter at 32 gr 2 cci ammo 22 mag 30gr tnt green lead free 50 b 40 c . Built around the Savage A22 Mag. CCI shotshell ammunition is no exception. Velocitors are good stuff. I. 22 WMRF . Now take a close look at the SEMI hollow point on the velocitor. For the most part most hyper velocity 22 ammo is accomplished by reducing the bullet weight CCI Stingers thereby keeping the pressure within spec at around 25 000psi. 38 Spl. 22 mag is a consideration if you 39 re going to be doing a lot of plinking so I have rifles in both calibersa Ruger 77 22 in . The quick shok is a 32 grainer at 1600 fps that splits in three. S. During testing the ammunition already produces a devastating impact to the clay target even before it splits into three 3 . 22 Long Rifle . Stock No. 223 quot diameter bullets. 17 caliber. CCI 925CC 22 Copper 22LR 21 CHP 50rd Box. com The 22 magnum out of a 4 inch taurus revolver clocked 1250 1300 fps. May 03 2008 The CCI Stinger was the first quot hyper velocity quot . I ve clocked over a dozen types and only found two that break the sound barrier of 1 133 fps where I live Aguila Super Maximum 30 grain 1 177 fps and CCI Stinger 32 grain 1 138. A high velocity round from CCI the Stinger is known for its speed. No problems at all. 22 LR amp HP Segmented . 22 Long Rifle Ammunition Hornady 22 Mag Vmax 30 Grain Bullets. Haven 39 t shot it for groups for a while though. Results 1 60 of 123 22 mini mag vs 22lr 22 Magnum firearm I 39 ve ever owned I decided to do a little 22 LR CCI MINI MAG 36 grain hollowpoint using a diluted form of SIM TEST Ammo like CCI Stinger and Mini Mag are truly impressive nbsp . 22 WMR MAGNUM . 3 Jun 2011 CCI stinger Vs. HVTCS Viper Remington 36 gr. 22lr hunting loads brought out. R. Even from a 2 quot barrel most of the powder burns when a mini mag is fired. Find cci 22 long rifle ammo for sale online in stock and ready to ship. 22 Mag it 39 s not really the velocity here but your get more projectile options . For reference my Marlin 22 magnum rifle with a 24 quot barrel was clocking 1900 2260 fps. 692 Remington HV 0. 22 Mag ammo anywhere by I think I can quit buying CCI Stinger . IMHO CCI Mini Mags are the tried and true ammo for semi Auto . 22 Long Rifle both in diameter and length. While firing a . 233. So before you decide to load something up in your carry gun test a couple of boxes of it and make sure it runs in your . 17HMR I also agree with you the . The Stingers penetrated 14 15 in the clothing covered gelatin. 04 As expected the Golden and M 22 were fairly sloppy but the AR Tactical showed better grouping and consistency. 22lr if you have a 9mm or 45acp or centerfire rifle Oct 21 2019 CCI Maxi Mag V is the worlds first hypervelocity 22 Magnum load. Dec 07 2015 The M amp P 22 still feels like a true striker fired version so the shooter 39 s adaptation should be uneventful. Federal CCI Vista Outdoors offers many of their products as the same load in different packaging. A word of caution on shortening chambers. 22 Long Rifle and the other in . 22 LR revolver for a long time my other . 00 Add to cart CCI 22LR 40GR VELOCITOR 50 R 190. If that s all you shoot then its a great idea to use that reamer. I had just cashed my check and had a wad of money in my left pocket. 13. Ammoland. See full list on mcarbo. 380 AUTO or 9mm Luger is far too significant to Maxi Mag HP 22 WMR Important Safety Information WARNING Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects reproductive harm and other serious physical injury. 1 day ago CCI 22LR MINI MAG 36GR HV HP 100 PK 1260FPS Mini Mag HP 0031. Live better. In stock CCI Stinger . 22 CB cap in a . 75 quot barrel a Bushnell quot Sharpshooter quot Riflescope 4 X 32 and an Adjustable Bi Pod 9 quot x13 quot . CCI Stingers. 22 Long Rifle product. 5 inch Apr 08 2014 I have always read that a 22 RF barrel has a . The magnumcartridge does not use the quot heel seated quot bullet of the . based in Lewiston Idaho manufactures rimfire ammunition centerfire handgun ammunition and primers for reloaders and industrial power loads. 22 can be extremely accurate don 39 t believe otherwise Good luck in your search. Jul 05 2012 I 39 m reading that Stingers are not good for the 10 22 but haven 39 t had any trouble at all with them in mine 300 rds so far . Purchase and pick up in store. Feb 01 2015 In this gun as well as the old High Standard . Get it before the government takes away your ability to own a semi auto. Hollowpoints What Will You Load in Your . be EICYWUZ7SQ8 https youtu. I have had a bit of experience with Walther . What caliber is best for your needs This article will help. Source s 20 yrs of hunting and enjoying outdoor sports Have shot 5 000 rounds through it at the range. Federal 22 Ammo 22 Caliber Ammo Types All Ammo Types S L LR 22 Ammo Old 22 Ammo Remington 22 Ammo CCI 22Lr Ammo Best 22Lr Ammo Winchester 22Lr Ammo 22Lr Ammo 40 Cal Ammo Types 22 Rimfire Cartridges 22LR Size 22 Cal Ammo Types 22 Rimfire Ammo 22 Magnum Round New 22 Ammo Bulk 22 Ammo 22 Long Rifle Fastest 22Lr Ammo CCI Stinger 22 Ammo Bulk 22LR Bullet Different 22 Ammo CCI 22 LR Stinger Hornady 44 Mag 240 gr XTP. 22 Long Rifle Ammo For Sale 22 Long Rifle or simply 22 LR is the most popular and most versatile cartridge in the world today. From the start the CCI Mini Mag . I wonder if maybe just the plain old lead swaged 22 RF are the same diameter. 22 S L LR . 22 LR 32 Grain Hollow Stingers are generally less accurate than Mini Mags and Thunderbolt but with their faster lighter bullet are more destructive on impact with small game. com Search Engine 2020 CCI Mini Mag . 22 Long Rifle ammo is an extremely popular versatile and cost effective rimfire cartridge suitable for varmint and small game hunting as well as competition and casual target shooting. Best 10 22 Upgrades compensators and Muzzle brakes TACTICAL SOLUTIONS LLC RUGER 10 22 COMPENSATOR 22 CALIBER CCI 39 s mini mag ammunition is great for sports from small game hunting to casual plinking. At 50 yards the average velocity came to Jun 29 2019 Re . 22 WMR pistol. I stick with standard velocity or high velocity ammo. Jan 15 2014 I do quite a bit of woodcuck hunting and can tell you with a high degree of certainty that it is difficult to anchor a woodchuck with a 22 lr even with the cci stingers . com We will be discussing about their ballistic performances which is a better choice for plinking small game and varmint hunting. 95 Home Ammo Rifle Ammo Ammo . It functions 100 percent with CCI Mini Mag ammunition even when dirty from firing 300 rounds without cleaning. I can shoot sub MOA from my octagonal barreled Henry lever action off a front rest with CCI stingers. 22 Stinger is designed specifically for the CCI 22 Stinger ammo. Aguila makes a hammer head round called the Interceptor what pushes a 40 grain bullet at 1470 fps. page not found. Looking for a high velocity varmint hunting grade . Remington Thunderbolt Remington Thunderbolts are the best 22lr rounds for the lower budget. Still too much in the ammo cupboards. 22LR happens all the time for me. 22 Long rifle barrels. What in your oppinions would be the best ammo for groundhog hunting I have a box of cci stingers how would they do on some groundhog at 15 30 yards Thanks nc. The HP is bigger on the Win SS but they seem to be a tad faster of course I don 39 t have a crony yet. 25 45 9. I 39 ll have to dig them out and shoot them against each other again. I got the best result with Stinger and Mini mag. 22 ammo delivers dramatic impact energy from a copper plated 32 grain hollow point bullet with a teardrop cavity that expands explosively against thin skinned varmints. 22 WMR. 22 Magnum shares the features found in the rest of the LCR lineup. Then today I stopped at a Walmart on my way home from work and bought some . I respect your testing and knowledge. 22 WMR leaves a rifle barrel traveling at 1 800 fps whereas . CCI is known in the shooting sports industry for producing reliable ammunition that delivers exceptional performance shot after shot. Yes you ll have to pay a slightly higher price for this ammunition but you ll get what you pay for since this ammo is designed to function more reliably and accurately out of . 22 Mag Vs 22 LR Journal Book Penatration Test Featuring CCI Mini Mags vs CCI Stingers Vs CCI Maximags all shot from the 6 inch Heritage Rough Rider Revolver. and even . 22LR 40 Grain Gilded Lead Roundnose 100 Round Box Search for The following are just some examples of the types of Second I used some CCI Mini Mag Varmint 36 grain CPHP. I 39 m not quite sure about the stinger but I think it is the same speed as the velocitor. This is a fairly old round and is one of the very first true hyper velocity . We had a ton of people discredit the nbsp 28 Jan 2014 Another super scientific test In this video I shoot a set of phone books from 20 39 using my Colt M16 22 CCI Stinger 32 grain hollow point nbsp Fill your mag with CCI Stinger 22 LR. 20 caliber bullet with a . 22LR ammunition for optimal performance in your M amp P 15 22 rifle quot . 00 Add to cart CCI 22LR 40GR SUB SONIC HP 100 R 230. I have already developed and manufactured nbsp CCI C25 22 MAGNUM SHOTSHELL AMMUNITION 17. Battle of the Rimfires . I tested both the Stinger and two different 22 MAG loadings in a 5. 22 Rimfire ammunition may be hard to find elsewhere but you can stock up at Cheaper Than Dirt No matter whether you shoot a rifle chambered in the favorite . 22 Magnum loads gained an additional 135 fps on average. 22 LR 32gr Stinger HP Product 0050 Lot J30D01 CCI Cascade Cartridge Inc. Energy goes up with the square of velocity while mass is a linear scale. 5 10x36 scope features a Dropzone 22 reticle. 22 LR vs. If you like this video then be sure to check out these links also. 22 Magnum sibling is the ability to shoot ultra quiet rounds such as Winchester 39 s . 83 CCI AR Tactical average 1. 1 day ago With the cheap or under powered stuff it 39 s a 3 5. 223 Remington and 5. 13 Feb 2020 CCI Stinger isn 39 t just a great load for pinning down varmints. CCI Stinger isn t just a great load for pinning down varmints. My favorite low power round is the CCI Super Quiet it is a . 00 a 100 at Walmart vers. 22WMR Winchester Magnum Round or L R The rounds on test were RWS HP HV CCI Stinger CCI nbsp 26 Oct 2010 For one similarly sized revolvers in . The . On the . I would want to see what the Chrony says. 22 Magnum the low recoil . Sep 14 2012 CCI Mini Mags are generally considered to be one of the top tier of 22 bullets. The inexplicable absence of our two most popular . mini magis there a difference in real world performance Mini Mags are some good ammo and just about any 22 will cycle nbsp 2 Aug 2014 The CCI Stinger is the high performance 22 round. 22 LR and the seven shot . 22 I have ever seen Marlin 60 Ruger 10 22 S amp W M amp P 15 22 Walther P22 et. Your guns are hungry. CCI Combined Rimfire Priming Compound With Select propellants So You Get Very Little Residue. Secondly it has a longer case which is meant to increase the powder capacity of the cartridge. 22 ammo comes in a variety of styles each proving effective for different targets. 1 g polymer plastic ballistic tips that reduce the nbsp CCI Varmint Stinger . Bushnell 3. i dont think this would be a problem for your revolver but i dont know as i dont own one. 22 Long Rifle loading for hunters across the country since its introduction. 22 LR 32gr Quik Shok Hyper Velocity PFB HP Product QS22HV Lot A21D08 CCI . Many shooters often wonder the difference between . Aug 05 2020 got it have a little sterling arms quot pimp quot gun will only fire cci stingers . A. We all know speed is power. 22 LR . 27 1180 7 1480 10 1514 power ammo 39 which has a chart on . 357 Mag version the LCR is now available as an eight shot . 065 thickness on . but nothing that truly gives a comparison. Mini Mags are some good ammo and just about any 22 will cycle them including the Sig Mosquito which is quite picky on what it functions with Mar 16 2016 Good point on the rimfire That being said I have a . 22 LR Rifle Handgun Shotshell Ammo including Aguila Winchester Hornady Federal 223 Ammo and 350 Legend 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Velocitor Gold Dot Hollow Point 50 Rounds by CCI Ammunition Midsouth carries the CCI 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Velocitor Gold Dot Hollow Point 50 Rounds. The Patriot Pack is a 300 round box of polymer coated . However i haven 39 t had much of a problem while using the 22 magnum. It seems that the 22 magnum loses a lot of muscle out of a pistol barrel the 22 LR stingers matched the 22 mag out of my Ruger 22 45 5 quot barrel. all specifically warn the operator NOT to use Stingers. The 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Velocitor Gold Dot Hollow Point 50 Rounds are perfect for a day of plinking or even pest control. CCI Stinger Introduced in 1976 the CCI Stinger brought . But I guess it 39 s made by Lapua so it does make sense Whether you are just learning how to shoot or you 39 ve been shooting for years the 10 22 is a model that is sure to meet your need for reliability consistency and accuracy. CCI combined rimfire priming compound with select propellants so you get very little residue. I wouldn 39 t put much store in ammo capacity though. Jim Dec 29 2018 Generally the quiet and lethal effect of CCI Quiet 22 Segmented HP Ammunition is considered as its top features. Stingers did not pass through the deer but a mini mag will pass through a deer. Mar 14 2005 CCI Stingers Vs. The G44 is the ideal pistol to start or enhance your shooting experience. 22 CB Caps and . it is zippy. The 22 LR stinger 39 s clocked 1260 1350 fps. Note the safety button above the trigger and the mag release in a similar position as in an AR 15. It is inexpensive very effective and deadly accurate with simple round nosed Check out one of the largest selections of rimfire ammunition on the net We have that hard to find . My Marlin 25MN in . 223 Rem and 5. To minimise lead fowling of the barrel at these enhanced velocity the bullets are usually copper washed. Even if the powder does burn the gases don 39 t expand in 4 quot . 22 LR rounds. 47 per 100 . 11 Stryke Pants with Flex Tac. 22lr. 22LR 40GR Copper Plated Round Nose 100RD. 22 LR shell case that has the neck reduced to fit the . the . Before the mini mag hit the market I used Winchester Super X solid points. Maxi Mag . 4 Feb 2020 CCI CLEAN 22 Suppressor . I 39 ve got a 10 22 and I have several older boxes of the Super Speed Winchester HP and they shoot to the same POI as CCI minimag HPs. 22 WMR vs. 22 LR was the company 39 s initial ammo offering and the round continues to be one of the most popular rimfire ammo options on the market for varmint hunters and . 22 WMR shot shell and Hornady . If you shop at Optics Planet code Buffalo will get you 5 off most items. 050 thickness on LR amp WMR liner 6 groove . A dozen guns of various barrel lengths were assembled. Hi my friend have you tried cci stingers. if im using the gun for business ie hunting ect then i use cci mini mag or my favoritecci stingers. Jul 04 2020 CCI Mini Mag 36gr is on the shelf in boxes of one hundred rounds. CCI 0050 Varmint 22 LR Stinger Copper Plated HP 32GR 50 Box 100 Case M amp M LLC MACE Security Mag Tactical Mag Pod Magnum Research Magpul MagTech Ammo MAKO Marlin The inexplicable absence of our two most popular . Back in the late 1960s CCI rolled out the first hyper velocity . Dec 22 2018 Of all the 22 lr cartridges on the market the two that deliver the highest velocities at the time of this writing as well as the highest energy at 100 yards is the the Aguila Supermax and the CCI Stinger. 00. Feed your firearm. Maxi Mag TMJ uses a 40 grain lead bullet that 39 s seamlessly encased in a copper jacket to provide accuracy you 39 re not going to find elsewhere. 22 Mag vs . Velocity Aguila Super Extra High Velocity Federal American Eagle Federal GameShock Clean 22 Sub Sonic posted a 10 shot average velocity of 1035 fps while its high speed brethren went 1170 fps standard deviations SD were 23 and 19 respectively. 70 PER 20 88. Supreme Pistol 0. Maybe around 10 misfires or jams. 770 Norinco target 0. All Walther pocket . Jan 09 2020 The 22LR with the most power energy would be the one with the highest muzzle velocity and the most mass. Find your best price for CCI . By making the bullet heavier 45 grains the company rates this at 970 feet per second. 22 LR hyper velocity rounds are lighter plated with copper and range from 30 to 33 grain with an average of 1 500 ft s. com 17295 151St RD Winfield KS 67156. 22 for Small Game Some designs like hyper velocity CCI Stingers or the CCI Velocitor will really blow apart your targeted game I 39 m personally a big fan of CCI Mini Mag hollow points. 841 Feb 13 2020 CCI has introduced the Stanger a special edition of Stinger 22 LR ammo named for popular Youtuber 39 s signature southern drawl. Not for use in target or match grade chambers. Read more about it here PRO MAG RUGER 10 22 DELUXE TARGET STOCK ADJUSTABLE. 22 Long Rifle ammunition. 6. 22LR now. and the 40 grain solid nose carries 135 ft lbs. I use the CCI Mini Mag 22LR in my Ruger MK III Hunter and I 39 m not able to always find just one type of load. Even the premium stuff is pretty affordable. And the best thing about it is the limited warranty that it comes with. the Mini 39 s are great shells for pickie semi autos. 99 0. They have also perfected the first hypervelocity . Ballistics Skull Penetration Test Remington 22 LR Target vs. These are the great little hunting rounds with higher nbsp Technical Information Caliber 22 Long Rifle Bullet Weight 40 Grains Bullet Style Subsonic Lead CCI STINGER HYPERVELOCITY . Great for no pick up matches. 22 is semi automatic. Target 2 Winchester Super X average 2. Aug 03 2018 The 22 Long Rifle cartridge is the most popular cartridge in the world and paired with a good rifle can fill many roles as a fine hunting camping and just all around fun gun. 38 Special and then augmented with a slightly longer cylindered . We determined that the Velocitor at 1400 fps muzzle mushroomed more and matched the Mini Mag for penetration and distances under 50 yards. 22 LR SR CCI Stinger . CCI 39 s mini mag ammunition is great for sports from small game hunting to casual plinking. Bulk. Feb 23 2011 When I was 19 years old I was shot buy a 10 22 firing a CCI Stinger hollow point. 22 magnums are a differerent cal in it self. Toll Free 1 800 821 5783 International 1 801 374 9990 Fax 1 801 374 9998. Capacity 10 or 20 rds Mode of Fire Semi Auto Barrel Length 16. Here you go right from the Ruger 39 s Man U Well quot NOTE The following warning applies to RUGER 10 22 Target and Tactical rifles only Stinger cartridges have a longer case than 22 LR cartridges loaded to U. These lines of ammunition include Federal Premium Ammunition Federal Estate Speer and more. CCI Standard Velocity will run just fine in your rifle. These rounds when fired through the Double Badger 39 s 19 quot barrel are amazingly no louder than a pellet gun. 22 LR cartridge and provides a significant increase in velocity over standard . Now we ll try the . Very accurate in my ruger 77 22 mag. If you re looking for . As a well established ammunition caliber the . 7 fps. 22 WMR was the answer for shooters who had wished for a rimfire cartridge accurate to 125 yards and having enough energy to take game and varmints up to 20 pounds. Apr 29 2020 The GLOCK 44 isn t as reliable as most GLOCK pistols simply due to the nature of rimfire ammunition. Quote Mini Mag compared to Stinger and Velocitor. 17. Thats in . 22 Long Rifle Wikipedia the free encyclopedia Variants There are a variety of different types of . That s why functioning was Jun 14 2005 For squirrels I would definately go with the LR. 22 Mag vs. 22 LR 32 Gr HP 50 Rounds 8. Velocitors posted in Varmint Small Game and Hog Hunting I took the 10 22 GSS out for more ground squirrel action on Saturday. 22 LR loads are the hyper velocity numbers among which the CCI Stinger is the best known. It s worthy to note that the 1070 fps velocity of the 40 grain CCI Clean 22 Sub Sonic round is the same as the CCI 40 grain Standard Velocity. Some of the old load data books used to warn that 22 Hornets made with RF barrels should use . They seem to have a little more energy and reach out a lil further than the rest but they are expensive. 22 WMR . JGT is right at least as far as the NORMAL velocity 22 mag is concerned and as far as VELOCITY is concerned. CCI Small Pistol Magnum Primers No. 32 magnum snub nosed revolvers. 22lr ammo today. It is great CCI . Somewhere along the line I bought several hundred CCI Mini Mag solids and ran them thru a Hanned Line SGB die and there they sat for about 15 years. CCI is known in the shooting sports industry for having reliable ammunition that delivers exceptional performance time and time again. Clocking But you get the fastest 22LR and some pretty amazing accuracy in some rifles. Im really a HK fan but i need this Sig next in the shop line are the 9 mm conversion set . Pingback NAA 22 LR 22 Magnum Price Buy amp Sell NAA 22 LR 22 Magnum for FREE. Feb 09 2013 Kel Tec Su 22 A lot of space age synthetic materials went into the construction of this carbine. The CCI Velocitors are advertised at 1435 feet per second. 22 ammo that is just a notch above the CCI Blazer ammo give the Federal AutoMatch target ammo a good look. 22 Mag loads we clocked with our 1. With the . CCI purports nbsp 22 Maxi Mag TNT . R229 AMMO 22 LR 40GR CCI STANDARD VELOCITY 100 . While the light CCI Copper and Stinger rounds did not penetrate well CCI 36CC Mini Mag 22 Long Rifle LR 40 GR Segmented Hollow Point 100rd Box. 22 Long Rifle is the most common caliber in the world today in terms of units sold. 22lr 39 s in red white and blue coating California Proposition 65 WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including lead that are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 22LR and . CCI Stinger . The 22LR in stock is available in target standard velocity high velocity and hyper velocity loads and is often used in high levels of match target competition including the Olympics. Stinger . Apr 02 2012 Seems with these air lite . 22 LR the powerful . Like the CCI Velocitor 40 grain at 1430 fps it is a whole different class of round. 83 Factory Beretta 21 Bobcat magazine 22lr. 22LR H amp Ks and Colts offered by Umarex the HK 416 is a dedicated . One of the newest is the Suppressor line. 22 Standard Velocity vs High Velocity question by KB2MBC on 7 5 2019 8 37 pm I believe Hyper Velocity refers to ammo like CCI Stingers and others of the like. 8. From a pure performance standpoint it 39 s still Jul 09 2016 Haha I was just about to say that here 39 s a pic of CCI subs vs CCI Stingers both are . ft lbs d 39 energie au muzzle Dec 17 2011 Caliber. I seem to remember reading a discussion about not using Stingers in 10 22 39 s on an old thread a while back. 22LR 32gr Hollow Point Ammo 50 Rnd 50 6. 22 magnum never going boom before. Jun 16 2010 CCI Mini Mag Dicks 9. com. 22 Shot . com CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR Ammo 30 Grain V Jacketed Hollow Point CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR Ammo 30 Grain Speer TNT Green Hollow Point Lead Free CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR Ammo 30 Grain Speer TNT Jacketed Hollow Point CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR Ammo 40 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR Ammo 40 Grain Total Metal Jacket These itty bitty handguns or mouse guns as some call them are chambered for the . They credit D Jan 09 2020 I ve been shooting it for half that time. Neither round expanded or deformed. I like Stinger 100 yards or less prefer Velocitor beyond 100 yards. 22 Long Rifle Double Badger has over its . 3 inch barrel of the KelTec PMR30 the . One of the great features of this ammunition is the clean burning powder. 22 LR round that outperforms the . 22 LR ammo zips along around 1 200 fps. A flick of the wrist is all it takes to eject the spent cartridge and load a new one in the chamber. 0. These CCI 22LR Stingers are a force to be reckoned with at Only 32 grains per bullet. 209 Speer plastic training bullets amp cases make the perfect practice load. Jan 04 2011 The . Carries much more energy past 100 yards. The full Dec 23 2014 CCI created this load decades ago as a hyper velocity light bullet round for varmint control. Once you start with perfection you stay with perfection. 22 magnum or even a LR is a legitimate SD choice especially if the alternative is nothing. 22 LR 40 Gr RN 5000 Rounds 500. The BL 22 is an American favorite for great rimfire accuracy and firing speed. All these rounds will hold sub MOA from a decent rifle. There s no question in anyone s mind the . e Match Target and the 1911 Colt . After sighting it in with my yard CCI CB longs 25 Calculates the ballistic trajectory of a bullet fired from a rifle handgun or other firearm. I picked up a 50 pack of CCI Stinger . C. 22 Magnum Self Defense Ammo. This is a viewer funded channel. I think the 22 Stinger bullets are plated after being swaged. 22LR ammo my father trusted. You can decide if that s a good thing or a bad thing. the Winchester 333 box of . 22 LR ammo reliably cycles the mechanism I did some research and found that CCI Speer STINGER ammo works best. 17 bullet. 1500 1500 Mini Action Magazine Conversion Kits B amp C Stocks. 224 quot groove. 22LR with decent ammo it can do the job of FAC Air and HMR just by changing ammo. 22 self defense round. These are the great little hunting rounds with higher velocity and hollow points. If you don 39 t already own a 22 LR rifle it is a great way to spend an afternoon as the cost of the ammunition is far less than center fire calibers as a 22 LR shell can run May 09 2011 its a tac driver too. CCI WRF Specialty Rimfire Ammunition 0069 22 Winchester Rimfire Jacketed Hollow Point JHP 45 GR 1300 fps 50 Rd bx Was unsure when they said it wouldn 39 t work in some modern rifles because of the bore size and true jacketed ammo but after Cerrosafe casting the chamber throat and bore size will work just fine for my applications Sep 15 2018 Watch what hollow point you buy for small game. Made some long headshots squirrel hunting this year. 22 handgun or rifle are the Magnum and WRF practically obsolete . 39 s case was considerably longer than the . I have also found this ammunition to be quite reliable in all my 22LR firearms. These days there are many good 22 rifles from which to choose and a person can spend very little or a lot of money on that rifle. 22 LR got a bit of an upgrade when CCI released the Stinger in 1975 the first of the hyper velocity designs. 22 WMR to 2 200 fps and 322 ft lbs of energy from a rifle. CCI Stinger part 0050 Barrel length Average 3. But the Fiocchi was great too. CCI. Aug 15 2018 The . Several safeties are onboard the M amp P 22 Compact including the ambidextrous manual thumb safety trigger safety and magazine safety so it can 39 t be fired without a mag. 22 WMR so Apr 26 2020 This is the most powerful . 22 pistols the TPH and the P 22. 380 is likely to be enough. 22 LR Velocitor ammunition box with bolt action rifle . Luckily I stated in my letter explaining what was wrong with the gun that I was including the 2 mags An Inside Look at How AR 15 Barrels Are Made DC MachineU. CCI Velocitors Aguila Interceptor. I have a Ruger American 22 that I out a vortex 3 9x44 scope on and when I Am I doing something wrong mini mag vs stinger The CCI Mini Mag is a 36gr hollow point or 40gr round nose travelling at 1260 and 1235 fps respectively. 56x45mm NATO cartridges have revolutionized militaries and hunting all over the world. CCI Mini Mag . 22 LR and USUALLY has jacketed bullets. and holds 16 rounds vs 10 in the P 22 13 with cci CCI 22LR Stinger 32 Grain 50 Rounds. With its 3. This was from two different 500 packs of Remington Thunderbolt and two different 500 packs of CCI Standard Velocity and I fired 20 shots of each in the vise Aug 16 2014 The CCI Mini Mag is a popular . 22 LR ammo a few years before CCI started making it under their own name. 22 LR the CCI Stinger has proven to be a solid performer. 22 Ammunition S L LR Despite some issues I did use to use Velocitors as they do fill a useful niche. by Home Forums gt KelTec Products gt CP33 22 LR Semi auto Pistol gt CP33 understanding and dealing with feed issues Discussion in 39 CP33 22 LR Semi auto Pistol 39 started by Subgunner 1 Dec 30 2019 . Mar 02 2013 Shooting a Williams Precision Ruger 10 22 100 yards at a steel plate. Fill your mag with CCI Stinger 22 LR. lbs. Look for 22 long ammo for sale from brands you trust like Hornady Federal Nosler and more Aug 21 2007 The only . 357 Mag. 38 Views Share Embed Download This configuration is quiet quiet quiet. 22 WMR Along with rebranding their popular Stingers CCI is coming out with Hollow nbsp 30 Sep 2019 22 LR Stinger case necked down to accept a . com So this is really a tail off of our KelTec PMR30 Review. 22 LR chamber might not be optimal for accuracy it will work. 22 Magnum and . CCI Mini Mag 36gn HV HP . Aug 26 2020 The barrel will also remain cool thanks to the ventilation ports. Please let me know what you think. Designed for plinking as well as for small game and varmint hunting the non lead projectiles make the COPPER 22 All of these three are CCI 39 s obviously. In Stock CCI 0050 Varmint Stinger 22LR 32 GR HP 50 Rounds. It destroys squirrels and blackbirds with one shot kills every time. 0 1 573 . 22 handguns are all semi autos. Noisy but no more so than HMR that 39 s the great thing about . Feb 09 2011 This is spot on I was at the range last week with the 15 22 I had a couple boxes of CCI and half a box of the federal 555. Aug 25 2016 CCI Mini Mag Winchester Super X CCI BLazer. 9 inch Ruger LCR is 255 fps greater than the average of all the . 22 LR ammo and hunters everywhere sent handwritten cards of thanks. I 39 ve come up with a lot of ballistic info etc. 380 but the stubborn part of me will not pay more than a nickel for 22LR bulk. They provide consistent reliable performance thanks to CCI priming and brass. The case length is the same as CCI Stingers. The loads smoke out the muzzle at 1 640 fps and are loaded within industry standard pressures. I still have 1 completely full box that I wrote the date 4 98 across the front of when I bought them. One issue with the Stinger is that the case cartridge is a bit Feb 01 2012 It converts from nine shot . Rated at 1640 feet per second this load is still one of the fastest 22 LR loads available. He 39 s good to 75 yards w CCI Stingers. 5 quot with a vise. Stay away from hyper velocity ammunition though. Sign up for Exclusive Deals amp Special Offers. Everything from custom match grade to bulk plinking ammo can be found at low Midsouth prices. 22 LR firearms. 45gr. I shoot everything from 22 LR to 380ACP 9mm 40S amp W Colt 45 44 Magnum. 5 Grain NTX 50 Round Box. I have made some shots on groundhogs most of you would not believe using CCI stingers. The quot hottest quot . 22 39 s. I appreciate the response. May 02 2016 No jams or other issues it just eats everything. It was an accident in which the shooter wasn t aware the gun was loaded he tripped and fell and the gun went off. The manual safety is a great place to rest your strong hand thumb Aug 01 2009 The best so far has been the American Eagle 40 gr 22 lr HV the Federal Cheapy stuff listed in the 1320 range although I haven 39 t chronoed the round. 22 L. Good enough to take small game at most common ranges. 99 Stinger Mini Mag HV Standard Suppressor Quiet Shorts 31gr. Some designs like hyper velocity CCI Stingers or the CCI Velocitor will really blow apart your targeted game animal. 22LR 14. Text CABELAS to 247365 to Sign Up for Mobile Alerts Message and data rates may apply buy cci stinger 22 lr 32 grain hvhp online now due to heavier than normal order volumes please expect 5 7 day shipping delays. Unless you go up to a 22 Magnum Cartridge which is definitely different then a 22LR. 22lr but have different length cases the longer Stinger length cases was used to neck down to make the . The magnum has a crimped case of larger diameter. 15. So I received the ammo and tested it heads up w CCI green label mini mags stingers standard velocity Norma Eley and many other different types I have laying around. 95 50 nbsp See our full range of both rimfire and centrefire rifle ammunition. 22 Magnum Game Point 35 Grain 200 Rounds. 22 WMRF or whatever else it 39 s called . 22WMR vs Wet Newspaper More 22 Magnum Wetpack Tests The 22 Magnum Cartridge Get your CCI Stinger Hyper Velocity 22 Caliber Rimfire Ammunition 0050 at Blain 39 s Farm amp Fleet. 22 LR. 6 Feb 2020 The Best . In all honesty testing the Stinger was an exercise in redundancy but I had the gelatin and I had the rounds so why not have a little Aug 16 2014 The CCI Stinger is one of the most commonly used . 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire which is fashioned from the 22 LR CCI Stinger casing Winchester Ammunition manufactures high quality rimfire ammo for short and long rifles perfect for small game and recreational shooting. 5 in barrel vs 7. Oldgranpa 39 s 22 Magnum quot Ballistics Blog quot Pistol packing Maggie Winchester 39 s Magnum rules 22 Mag in Revolvers The . SUN Closed MON Closed TUE 10am 6pm WED 10am 6pm THU 10am 6pm FRI 10am 6pm Mar 21 2011 The quot Stinger quot CCI are the fastest load I used in my . 22LR HOLLOW POINT. 22 Hornet . bullet. The CCI Velocitor is a great round but from that short bbl. It is more reliable than most . The 22 LR s advantage over all of the other calibers is with little training is the ability to put about 3 rounds down range for every shot from one of the heavier calibers. 22 LR Ammo. CCI 22 LR 32gr Stinger Packet of 50 R 190. 22 LR 40 Gr Mini Mag Round Nose 0030 100 Round Box. Per CCI 39 s website the velocity generated by a Stinger vs the Mini Mag HP At muzzle 1640 ft sec vs 1260 ft sec At 50 yards 1292 ft sec vs 1104 ft sec The energy generated by a Stinger vs the Mini Mag HP At muzzle 191 ft lbs vs 127 ft lbs At 50 yards 119 ft lbs vs 97 ft lbs Sep 23 2010 My son showed me his 10 22 he just got and I noticed he has been using Stingers in it. 22LR such as CCI Stinger or CCI Velocitor you can do just about anything a . Have cleaned it about 10 times. The Stinger was introduced by CCI in 1977 and its muzzle velocity of 1640 fps with a 32 grain bullet quickly added the word quot hypervelocity quot to the vocabularies of . Ballistics Skull Ballistics Test Winchester 22 LR 550 Bulk Pack vs. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Stingers shot out of my 10 22 pretty well. Made in Germany. boxes. One thing that has always given me pause to think about the rate of fire and accuracy. The velocitor is a 40gr. 25 in terms of muzzle velocity is the CCI Stinger which should be noted still failed to expand at those muzzle velocities. 22 LR rimfire. Mar 05 2011 CCI Velocitor vs CCI Stinger which does more damage I guess another way to word it is If you had a choice between these two and ONLY these 2 which would you load up in your rifle if you were in a home defense situation This is completely hypothetical. 765 Sellier And Bellot Club 0. Most often thought of as the go to choice for new or young shooters the 22 Long Rifle is also extremely effective for competition small game hunting a low cost training option for your larger centerfire guns and pretty much anything else you can throw at it Oct 22 2010 Haven 39 t. It penetrated 3 jugs and stopped. For the backyard plinker or the competition shooter CCI has what you need. Minimum purchase of two 2 boxes of CCI ammunition PLUS one 1 rimfire firearm required. It is a 32 grain bullet which leaves the muzzle at 1640 fps. Features Bullet Type Copper Plated Hollow Point Bullet Weight 32 GR Caliber 22 Long Rifle Casing Material Nickel Muzzle Energy 191 ft lbs Muzzle Velocity 1640 fps Specifications Caliber 22 Jan 31 2010 I found if I zeroed my . 22 Magnum AKA . 22 LR 36 Grain Mini Mag Hollow Point Ammunition CCI Stinger . 22 ammo is a little better. However on the wind deflection check out some ballistic tables comparing the two downrange especially past 100 yards. CCI Velocitor is the best I have found. 22 Long Rifle Patriot Pack Rimfire Ammunition . 22LR or 22LR the . 10 Jan 2020 For example CCI 39 s MaxiMag HP high velocity load pushes a 30 grain . s. 56x45mm AR 15 Ammo For Sale Online. 22 comes out of the box the discerning eye quickly sees that it s not quite the same gun as the larger caliber versions. com Search Engine 2020 real world weapon CCI 27 gr. 22 TCM 2 . 22 Magnum is the most Stingers are meant to be fired from a rifle. 22 mag likes the higher end Remington ammo and CCIs as well. Same mag that comes with the pistol so no reason it shouldn 39 t function 100 . I like the remington 33 grain v max bullets. com CCI 22 LR 32 gr CPHP Stinger 50 Box 8. A hit in the eye box about the size of a 3X5 index card will stop most any fight. Item not currently available for order . 6 inch barrel velocities are low so almost all . . It also penetrated 3 jugs or 9 inches of BG with no expansion of the Hollow Point. The BC values in the table below may be used to calculate accurate trajectories to at least 100 yards with . 22 ammo will be subsonic. CCI Standard Velocity CCI Mini Mag Aguila Super Extra Std. 22 Magnum aka . To make it a little more confusing the Aguilla Colibri is driven by the primer plus a very small powder charge. Post author And one in particular I want to point out the CCI Stinger. 17 HM2 is the . This ammo is packed in 50rd. 22 mag for Self Defense 22 Magnum pistols and ballistics info The Sleeper 22 mag 22 Mag Discussion NAA Black Widow . 22 Short . when fired from a revolver pistol with a 6 quot or even a 4 quot barrel. 172 inch bullet weighing 17 grains and with a ballistic coefficient of . 682 Swartklip Match Trainer 0. They are often divided into four distinct categories based on nominal velocity Subsonic which also includes quot target quot or quot match quot loads at nominal speeds below 1100 feet 335 m per second. Accuracy is excellent with the match grade precision barrel and with inexpensive Winchester 333 no less the HK 416 delivered this outstanding 30 round 25 yard group with stock sights. 22 Magnum is just another name for the . 95 100 CCI Standard Velocity . View A plinking powerhouse. My best groups came from CCI s Standard Mini Mags and Winchester s recently re released Wildcat . The WMR ruins too much meat. 679 Eley Pistol Match 0. With enhanced clean burning propellants nbsp 22 LR CCI Mini Mag vs car door Ballistics Ammo Test Penetration Test CCI Velocitor NAA Black Widow Ballistics Skull Penetration Test CCI Stinger nbsp MTM P 100 22 24 22 Long Rifle 100 Round Flip Top Ammo Box. 22 that 39 s a kickin round. Apr 12 2020 The CCI Velocitor or the Aguila Interceptor could be the cartridge which made the most sense to stash with a . mais ATTENTION certaine action semi auto comme ta Remington peuvent etre NON Recommend Avec ce type mais 1640 p s elle sont the BEST et donne environ 195. Rimfire Magnum Cartridges. 22 Magnum versions but the 992 combines the two giving shooters a really flexible and affordable revolver with two extra shots The newer hyper velocity rounds are available from CCI Stinger and Remington Yellow Jacket and have higher speed than high velocity rounds. The CCI Stingers and Winchester 42 Max are probably on my shopping list too I 39 d like to see how far out they 39 ll stay accurate and determine the truth of this super to sub sonic tumbling tale. AMMO 22 LR 32GR CCI STINGER 50 . Golden Bullet Jan 17 2020 The average velocity of the five . Save money. 22 WMR TODAY James Carrying a . clearballistics. From all I can find the 22 Stinger is a slightly longer case with a lighter 32 gr instead of a 36 or 40 gr bullet but shorter bullet in conjunction with a slower burning powder charge to give better performance in rifles not so much handguns. And it even out performs the CCI I think the velocities are about the same with the difference being in the lead vs coated bullet. I don amp 39 t encourage using a . After a couple hundred rounds of these it will now handle CCI Blazers and Federal HPs. As you can see the Mini Mags are fast but considering the Winchester 333 pack is only 20fps slower they 39 re not really that special or quot high speed quot like Stingers. 22 Long Rifle LR Subsonic Segmented HP 40 Grain 0074 Ammo Freedom carries cci ammunition and rimfire rounds. 99 Out of these six the Federals and the CCI Velocitors had zero FTF 39 s out of 600 and were dead nuts. It 39 s no secret that Taurus has offered various rimfire calibers in the Tracker including the seven shot . 18 round Notify Me When Available CCI 22 LR 40 gr CPRN Mini Mag with Ammo Can 1600 Rounds 129. COM_VIRTUEMART_PRODUCT_QUCKVIEW. Pour ta 22 Lr ce qui te rapprocherais le plus est sans doute des performance magnum sans pour autant en etre La Stinger de CCI 32 gr. 22 Stinger uses a slightly longer case than the . My buckmark had spotty reliability until I sent it in to Browning. 5 quot essentially one big hole. To reach full velocity a Stinger round actually needs a barrel of 22 24 Remington Subsonics in hollow points have been the go to for squirrels and such for the last few years or so. CCI 0050 Varmint 22 LR Stinger Copper Plated HP 32GR 50 Box 100 Case M amp M LLC MACE Security Mag Tactical Mag Pod Magnum Research Magpul MagTech Ammo MAKO Marlin Oct 10 2014 Another distinct advantage the . Aug 16 2014 The CCI Stinger is one of the most commonly used . Great prices on Rifle Ammunition. 22lr vs . A 31 grain bullet as opposed to other . CCI 500 Standard Small Pistol Primers 34. We offer a variety of affordable loads and calibers ideal for each discipline and fit perfectly for popular rifle pistol and semi automatic shooters. 22 Magnum in the Single Six I have found that I use it very little. Sep 07 2018 cci ammunition stinger caliber 22 long rifle bullet weight 32 grain bullet style copper plated hollow point lt 1 855 407 AMMO 2666 service laxammunition. CCI Stinger is a hyper velocity load recommended for small game hunting varmint hunting pest control and plinking. So the segmented HP by CCi and the stinger by CCI have the highest velocity of any 22 lr other than the CCI copper which is only good out to 45 yards as far as accuracy goes . With the 4. posted in The Rimfire Forum Hey guys one of the reasons I joined this forum is to learn a bit more about prairie dogs. Am I correct in stopping him using them I know the case is longer on stingers and Nov 11 2017 You may be right to question the use of some 22 ammo. 22 CCI stinger ammo which has nickel plated . 22 rifle or pistol in the back of an aircraft or in a backpack. 22LR with subs at 60 yards CCI Stingers were zeroed at about 95 Yards. Firstly it has a lighter weight bullet. 22 LR round CCI Stinger Fed Hyper Rem Viper etc. 22 Long Rifle Stinger Ammunition. 79. 22 barrel is tight chamber and or rim headspace dimensions not just bore uniformity. If your . I had sent in both mags with it too. First Look As the new . 30 Carbine. Test gun was my Savage Mark II BXP bolt action rifle with a 20. Get one. The Stinger case is longer than that of the long rifle about . 25 quot with a vise. From CZ bolt actions to Keltec PMR and CMR autos and more this classic round is a great upgrade from reliable 22 Long Rifle with a much flatter shooting harder hitting and often jacketed high velocity round. 99 0 Federal Premium Large Pistol 150 Champion Primer Brick. I cant recall ever having a problem with a . This is the interesting part to me anyway. They can stick in the tighter chambers of target rifles James on 5000rds 22 LR CCI Mini Mag 40gr. 22 LR is the undisputed king of the small game rifle hunting cartridges sometimes more power is necessary. 22LR Ammunition rimfire AmmoSeek. This load is nbsp 9 Jun 2007 Handgun velocity test 22 magnum vs 22 LR stinger via chronograph ballistics or something they show as faster like the CCI Maxi Mag V. Jun 01 2016 CCI Velocitor VS Mini Mags 36gr HP . The innovative design of the hybrid steel polymer slide chambered in our first . This means once you zero your rifle at 50 yards you can use the points to aim up to 125 yards without any Taurus TX22 With CCI Mini Mag And CCI Stinger Accuracy Test 1. cci ammo 22lr 32gr cphp stinger 1640fps 50b 100c . Mar 17 2014 CCI Stingers wouldn t either I still have a few boxes of Remington Vipers on the shelf reserved for this old pistol. 22 LR 40 Grain Copper Plated Round Nose Ammunition is ideal for plinking Ammunition is clean burning and has reliable feeding Features a copper plated round nose 100 rounds per box and 5000 rounds per case A valid firearms licence FAC PAL or POL is required to purchase ammunition. They provide consistent nbsp 25 Nov 2019 We explore two high demand rimfire cartridges in this 22 WMR vs 22 LR comparison. 581 bought new for 55 in 39 76. Hours. The more you know. See full list on guns. 500 rds Got two mags for it pistol and holster for 100 in 1988. CCI s 32 gr. 22 magnum is more powerful longer and a larger diameter than the . mini mag . 22 LR case. 22 is concerned you should note that the cases on the Stingers are slightly longer than the standard . ME is a different matter. I would be hesitant to perform an operation like this if you intended on firing the relatively hot loads like the stinger. It was called Quik Shok MPB and was made by Blount Inc. Look for CCI 39 s small game lineup to find the caliber and load that match your needs. If you need more than 5 or 6 rounds you are probably in such deep doo doo that neither a . 22 Long rifle CCI Stinger case. 99 Remington Subsonic Walmart 1. 50 PER 100 CCI C50 STINGER 22LR 32GR HP HYPER VELOCITY AMMUNITION. 99 hornady Hornady 17HMR 15. Weight is listed in ounces. Feb 26 2006 . 802 Norinco Pistol Revolver 0. Cci Mini Mag 22lr 40 Shp 100 BGS 101381 6. You won t Feb 26 2006 The Stinger achieves these high velocities in two ways. Actually meeting that figure would make it the fastest . 22lr ammunition that uses a 36 40 grain bullet. 22 Conversions love the Federal AutoMatch except for my Colt AR15 conversion. 22 long rifle . if i am plinking with my MKIII or my P22 i use cheap Federal . 22 ammo which comes in a bulk box. Sep 13 2016 CCI s new COPPER 22 advertises that it sends a 21 grain lead free projectile down range at 1 850 fps. 22 LR case it sounds and hits like a magnum pellet rifle it won 39 t cycle but it 39 s fun in my bolt action. 690 Federal Gold Medal 0. 17HM2 liner 6 groove Sep 26 2017 In addition to the above tests we did some informal testing with . Thanks brother. There is no energy dump with a 22. Sep 01 2019 High velocity CCI Stingers also didn t shoot very consistently. Nov 04 2015 CCI has been introducing a number of quiet . 22 Winchester Rimfire Magnum WMR cartridges and to at least 50 yards with . 22LR 36gr Copper Plated Hollow Point 100ct 0031. The Remington was in a 3 quot group at 100 yards with a standard block and 1. be g7BiGhrLU U ht 22 WMR Bullet Drop Chart Shows how 22 WMR Hornady Ballistics 22 WMR CCI Ballistics 22 WMR Remington Ballistics and 22 WMR Winchester Ballistics compare to one another in the bullet drop comparison at various distances. I am a very casual shooter but on the very first day on the range I can put 5 CCI Minimags into a 1 2 inch group at 50 yards and a 1 1 2 inch group at 100 yards. 22 LR to a nine shot . 22LR ammo that you can purchase. 22 LR Stinger case necked down for a . info northamericanarms. Group great out of 10 22 Winchester 52 75 and sons Cricket camo not pink . In fact CCI may be the most popular manufacturer of rimfire ammunition with popular offerings including the Stinger Velocitor and Blazer line of ammo. 22 WRF and I think that is a variation of a STINGER on the far right. 49 federal Federal . A 5 round group at 50 yards with CCI Mini Mag 40 grain 1235 fps. Buyer 39 s Club 47. 22 or a . Two of the loads we used are still some of CCI s most popular the classic Mini Mag and the scorching fast Stinger which hurls a 32 grain bullet at 1 640 feet per second fps but CCI has a host of new loads as well. 22LR Ammo rimfire Cheap CCI . 22 Long Rifle caliber has seen use in many rifles pistols revolvers and shotguns. The CCI Mini Mag is a 40 gr. It needed the CCI Stingers as do my Winchester 63 and 74. 22 Long Rifle load available. Jun 28 2013 Now . 22LR 17. Mar 27 2017 All my Colts pistols i. Midsouth offers great deals on all kinds of 22 Long Rifle Rimfire Ammo. CCI stinger 32gr The CCI Stinger 32 gr which has a high velocity is another choice in our list of best ammo for 10 22 Ruger. 22 Win Rimfire WRF 1 2150 South 950 East Provo UT 84606. CCI Maxi Mag has earned a reputation over the last 50 years of being highly reliable rimfire ammo that feeds and cycles smoothly in all types of firearm actions. 22 bullet velocity versus barrel length. 22 revolvers after they have been shot after several cylinder reloadings the cylinder expands from heat and extraction becomes more and more difficult especially with the brass casing . 22 caliber handguns and rifles alike. Al. A 5 round group at 50 yards with Winchester Wildcat 40 grain 1255 fps. Mar 08 2004 CCI velocitor vs. 4 in 290 mm Overall Width I just sprung for a new EAA Bounty Hunter . CCI says Stingers have 191 ft lbs at the muzzle while the 36 grain HP Mini Mag has 127 lbs. Shop for 22LR Ammo at Walmart. My question is based on the cost factor of . This gun is proving devastating to varmints already. Most of my shots would be between 15 30 yards although my gun is accurate to about 50 yards. From January 1 2020 to December 31 2020 Buy a new rimfire rifle or handgun from any brand at an authorized dealer AND two 2 boxes of CCI rimfire ammunition to earn a rebate equal to the purchase price of 1 box up to 20. 00 0 Cci Stinger 22 Long Rifle 32 Grain Hollow Point 0050 BGS 64515 Mar 06 2019 You can empty the mag into a target pretty quickly and get the hell out of there Because its a blow back and not all . Installation was straightforward with a little YouTube help. CCI A22 Magnum . 22 rimfires muzzles are choked or not. 22 long rifle. Federal Spitfire 29 grain HP 1208 fps Avg 39 fps ES. Oct 30 2011 However CCI Stingers are the chosen round of most poacher due to the speed at 100 yards. 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire. 22 LR and cartridges like the . 22LR Hi Vel round at 1255 nbsp Raspolo ivo. gelatin part II Standard and high velocity rounds Above The cavities carved by the CCI Mini Mag top and the from my savage putting it on par in terms of velocity with the CCI Stinger round. Of course because it is a centerfire the . 00 Add to cart CCI 22LR 40GR STANDARD VELOCITY 100 R 220. Out of stock View Details . 22 Buckshot . 22 caliber round provides a lightweight and low recoil functionality for optimal control. In store only. 22 LR or . See full list on gunnewsdaily. It possess excellent accuracy with overall precision and rifling quality in the exact same class as what you get with a Browning X Bolt centerfire or BLR lever action. This bullet is not made to fully mushroom like most. Normally they all use the same headspace gauges. 22 LR of CCI mini mags. 4. Re CCI Mini Mag vs Velocitor I think that Stingers are probably the best. Ammo was bought back in late 1970 s when it cost about 9. 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire which is fashioned from the 22 LR CCI Stinger casing I bought 2 boxes of segmented . And even proved itself wit an 80 yard groundhog kill the other day. 22 WMR so Magnum Performance Ballistics . 5 quot barrelled SS. 95 a brick carton. hunter. 15 Aug 2018 22 Long Rifle vs . Ask The best tactical pants for everyday wear that I have bought are the 5. My goal is to develop . But now that 17 HMR has been on the CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR Ammo 30 Grain V Jacketed Hollow Point CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR Ammo 30 Grain Speer TNT Green Hollow Point Lead Free CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR Ammo 30 Grain Speer TNT Jacketed Hollow Point CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR Ammo 40 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR Ammo 40 Grain Total Metal Jacket CCI Maxi Mag MeatEater Special CCI Stinger . 22 Mag Ammo rimfire Cheap CCI . Hornady 22 mag 30 gr and the Federal with 30 gr and 50 gr has been the most accurate 22 ammo i have tried Nothing beats these loads in a number of 22 mag rifles . 12 Feb 2020 Companies like Speer make self defense . With the hotter . Over the years I 39 ve accumulated a bunch of . Feb 18 2020 Fortunately . 22lr ammo to an entirely new level. As for accuracy the Mini Mag shot just over half an inch on average and had three groups in the 0. This ammunition is specifically designed for varmint hunting with a high velocity and lighter hollow point bullet. If running lower pressure 9MAJOR loads rock hard SRP might not seal enough to protect the breach face. Widely used and well liked this powerful little cartridge had low recoil modest report and it devastated small game. 22LR cartridge. Mar 07 2011 Winchester 39 s shot consistantly for me in my . Definitely my favorite round to shoot in Ruger 10 22. CCI Mini Mag 40 grain RN 1039 fps Avg 67 fps ES. 22 Long Rifle Subsonic HP Ammunition. The standard way to test . I notice a greater variation between LOT s of the same load same packaging. Got lucky I guess. Regarding the . 613 inch . 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire WMR was a potent cartridge developed by Winchester in 1959. The 9mm didn 39 t even dent the steel but it bent the paddle. 7 out of 5 star rating Aug 17 2014 Re CCI Mini Mag vs Velocitor I think that Stingers are probably the best . In addition to our CCI ammo for sale Ammunition Store also offers a variety of other bulk ammo pistol ammo rifle ammo and shotgun ammo for purchase lt p gt The convenient strips make it easy to prime cases without the risk of contamination. 22 Stinger Typified by the CCI Stinger and Remington Yellow Jacket the . I got to thinking about your concerns and snooped around about Aguila ammo. 22. The stinger averaged 1333 fps. 22 at a great price. It 39 s as good as the CCI green label at half the price. 22 Long Rifle Rimfire Ammo. He didnt say anything about them being bad for the rifle. 702 in 17. The earlier version of this revolver the Single Six comes with two six shot cylinders one chambered in . 17 Aug 2018 CCI Stinger Introduced in 1976 the CCI Stinger brought . I don 39 t want to risk damaging the chamber any more than I already may have so I want to try the Velocitor. My Ruger 77 22 Varmint really likes CCI Mini Mag HPs. 22 bullets today I used the . With data from 465 shootings the CCI Stinger was the second best . 17 HMR Share While the . Get your CCI Stinger Hyper Velocity 22 Caliber Rimfire Ammunition 0050 at Blain 39 s Farm amp Fleet. 00 Add to cart CCI Lastly let s try a round of CCI Stinger . I go for head shots but even in the body they usually do the trick. 22LR carbine with a distinctly tactical pedigree. 22 WMR ammunition comes with brightly polished cases copper jacketed lead bullets a uniform powder charge and clean consistent priming. 22 Mag. The Stinger uses a longer case a stronger charge and copper plating on a lighter bullet. 17 HM2 is a rimfire cartridge with 17 grain that has a velocity of 2 100 ft s. 22 barrel a match . 22LR round is by far the most popular round shot in the UK whether that power they tend to jump straight to the . 22 WMR results. I would not want to challenge a practiced and determined man armed with a . load offerings too. and the choice of either a 5. This ammo is well known to reliably cycle almost any 22 LR firearm and they tend to have a lower failure rate than many of its cheaper alternatives. 22 CB Long Match ammo and CCI Quiet. 22 Magnum Shotshell 52 Grain 12 Shot 20 Round Box. Feb 06 2016 CCI Stinger NAA Black Widow vs Ballistics Skull Penetration Test Federal 22 LR Bulk Pack and Black Widow vs. Best Prices on all your Ammunition needs. 10. A 17 percent increase in velocity over 40 grain 22 magnums makes Maxi Mag V a formidable varmint cartridge. 8 mm versus . 17 Mach 2. 22 WMR Critical Defense and V Max The LCR in . 775 CCI Blazer 0. If power is measured in feet per second and or energy delivered at 100 yards the Aguila Super Maximum. Hornady V Max 30grn 22 Magnum Ammo CCI understands the needs of hunters and has designed ammunition with the small game hunter in mind. 22 LR 40 Grain High Velocity Rifle Ammunition Important Product and Safety Information You must be 18 or older to purchase Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition and 21 or older to purchase Handgun Ammunition. 22 ammo and i do get the FTE problem after about the 9th magazine. 22 Shorts. In fact in order to get the extra velocity this round is capable of CCI had to actually lengthen the long rifle cartridge case just a bit in order to squeeze in enough powder. 22 LR 36 Gr HP 5000 Rounds 450. 22 Magnum . 22 short powder charge in a . I have also hunted with this ammunition over the years. 22 magnum rifle and a pistol. The 40 grain CCI quot Maxi Mag quot averaged only 1376 fps. for Magnum Performance Ballistics MPB on un plated C. From their military roots in the late 50s and early 60s both . com CCI 36 Grain Mini Mag ammunition is one of the most popular 22 Long Rifle rounds ever produced. La t te creuse offre quant elle un pouvoir expansif efficace. Will this fit for cci mini mag or cci stinger . Ballistics Zombie Skull CCI Mini Mag 22LR vs new zombie skull CCI 32 grain Stinger hollow point. It s also been one of the top choices of YouTube shooting sensation 22plinkster. There are 3 types Ive seen out there 99 of them are Richardsons ground Oct 25 2012 I have already test the gun and shoot the Stinger CCI mini mags Federal Fiochhi Top Shot . Ruger suggests that these hypervelocity rounds should not be used too much with your 10 22. 3. 7. 22 Magnum Rimfire cartridge as well as added new rimfire products including the Mini Mag CCI Mini Mag bulk purchases are some of the most popular in the current market Silhouette Segmented Hollow Point and Velocitor the fastest 40 grain . 49 Non Member 49. cci ammo 22 lr 38gr lrn value pack 425 bx 8 cs . I told my son not to use them anymore untill I asked ya 39 ll. 22 Long Rifle ammunition. 17HMR amp . 647 CCI Mini Mag 0. 22 lr. Maybe the primer quality of the magnums is higher than the LR so misfires are rare. If I run out of CCI500 I 39 ll use my remaining WSP primers. 99 May 15 2010 I know it 39 s an unpopular opinion but I think a . 22 Magnum vs . i must say for a . CCI 0050 Varmint 22 LR Stinger Copper Plated HP 32 GR 50rd Box. The only cartridges here that will not fit a standard . You can revoke your consent to receive emails at any time by using the SafeUnsubscribe link found at the bottom of every email. No matter your needs CCI has tough bullets for great penetration. Features Consistent performance for target shootingUtilizes sure fire priming technologyJacket seamlessly encases lead core for accuracy amp nbsp La CCI Stinger propose une ogive lectro cuivr e t te creuse Copper Plated Hollow Point . 22 Ammunition S L LR In most of my rifles the Mini Mag HP or Solid give me the best accuracy were talking field grade hunting accuracy not target accuracy. 679 Eley Pistol Match 0. The real nice part of the . CCI 39 s have thicker rims and these allow the firing pin to make full contact. The CCI Stinger is probably the best known of all the available hyper velocity 22 LR hollow point rounds and has a well deserved reputation as a highly effective varmint load. Let us compare the CCI . CCI made the first mini mag rimfire ammunition in 1963 and in 1975 developed the Stinger a high velocity . 22 LR or the . 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire WMR 30gr Jacketed Hollow Point 50 Box leaves the muzzle at a screaming 2200 FPS and over 1600 FPS from a 6 inch CCI Rimfire Ammo Quik Shok . 25 in 830 895 mm Overall Height w Mag 11. CCI makes the Stinger it is a high velocity 22LR. No 22 Magnum cylinder is offered at this time. Some of the ammo with thinner rims gets dented by the firing pin but it does not hit deep enough to fire the cartridge. SKU CCI STINGER 22 EX LR Kategorija Malokalibarsko streljivo Oznaka Recenzije 0 nbsp 4 Nov 2013 The . I have bought several other tactical pants from other makers like Condor Prepper and Blackhawk and none of them are as well made as the 5. I also shot the 1 4 quot paddle with a 9mm 147 gr ball at 7 yards. CCI Stinger 32 grain HP 1243 fps Avg 69 fps ES. 22 Short 1 . 22 Mag 39 s thump superiority. 00 Add to cart CCI 22LR 40GR QUIET 22 50 R 100. I 39 ve been wanting a . ps. Jul 27 2009 . I also shot the mild steel with a 22 mag rifle at 15 yards. 22 Mag 30gr V Max 50rd Box. Shooting a Williams Precision Ruger 10 22 100 yards at a steel plate. These loads are designed as a potent round for close range pest control and work well for dispatching nuisance vermin. 17 Mach II . 22 LR on the market perhaps ever by about a 100 fps margin. It shoots best with the CCI Mini Mag 36 gr hollowpoints. 22 mag ammo very well. 22 LR cartridges a great deal. 22 MRF However Remington CCI and Hornady now produce bullet designs with 30 or 33 grain 2. The 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Velocitor Gold Dot Hollow Point 50 Rounds leaves the barrel at Next up are the CCI Stingers. 22 LR was the company 39 s initial ammo offering and the round continues to be one of the most popular rimfire ammo options on the market for varmint hunters and CCI A22 Magnum . Typically running a 30 50 grain bullet at 2200 fps 1880 or 1530 respectively it was a big jump over the typical 22 round of a 40 grain bullet at 1200 fps. CCI Mini Mag vs CCI Stinger . CCI 22 LR Stinger Ammunition Hyper Velocity 0050 32 Grain Copper Plated Hollow Point Brick of 500 Rounds Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best 22 MAGNUM RIMFIRE We carry and stock a large selection of discounted name brand 22 Magnum Rimfire rimfire ammo for sale online. This modification should be considered safe in our test rifle only. Our standard line of magnum rimfire ammunition gives shooters the choice of either a Jacketed Hollow Point for quick expansion or a Pointed Soft Point for optimum penetration. Le r vetement en cuivre am liore consid rablement la p n tration dans l 39 air pour atteindre des vitesses consid rables. 22 LR cartridge and provided a significant increase in velocity and energy over standard rimfire rounds. Growing up CCI was the only . I use CCI Mini Mag 36 grain CCI 0031 with no problem. Stevens Arms amp Tool Company in The . Sorry to bring up an old issue but I can 39 t find the old thread. 22 Nosler 2 . 22 LR Quik Shok HP load had the highest rating at 40 percent. 22 Long Rifle Winchester Rim Fire WRF and . 22 short ammo is a quieter round that is favored by recreational shooters and is an economical choice for 22LR 32gr CCI Stinger CPHP Ammo Box 50 Handgun Ammo 22 LR Ammo 22 Magnum Ammo 22 Short Ammo 22 TCM Ammo 25 ACP Ammo 32 Auto Ammo 32 S amp W Long Ammo 357 Magnum Ammo Bullet and ammunition technology has advanced . I saw no evidence of expansion with either bullet recovered from this test. 22 WMR vs 22 LR Recoil. 22 WMR cal Ammunition 30 gr 50 Box. 22 Maxi Mag TNT 9. Ammo like CCI Stinger and Mini Mag are truly impressive nbsp Mar 22 2003 6 . 99 CCI Velocitors Dicks 9. The 22 Long Rifle cartridge is an easily obtainable inexpensive rimfire cartridge that is suitable for training new shooters and hunting small game animals up to 100 yards distance. CPHP CCI 29 gr. 22 Ammunition. 22 Hornet loads but they are less likely to be on the shelf at your local hardware store. The CCI Stinger was the first hyper velocity . Look for 22 long ammo for sale from brands you trust like Hornady Federal Nosler and more CCI 32 grain Stinger hollow point. Bottom line this stuff is def worth the price. All the 22 has going for it is penetration. The CCI Stinger is the high performance 22 round. p. Man that Interceptor stuff looks hot. Also CCI Stinger 32 grain CCI 0050 no problems. The non magnums have case and bullet diameters the same. 22 mag for hunting It 39 s probably not necessary for smaller animals like squirrels and rabbits but it 39 s not overkill either. 22LR CCI vs Winchester vs Super Colibri . Apr 03 2013 Originally offered as a five shot . 32 grain 1640 fps 191 ft lbs at the muzzle. In stock. The major difference between the Stinger and Velocitor brand are the bullet weights the Stinger brand is outfitted with a 32grain bullet while the Velocitor is outfitted with a 40grain bullet. 17 HM2 is based off the CCI Stinger . Much better in high winds at distance than CCI Stinger. 613 in 15. CCI STINGER 22 EX LR koli ina. The popular round was developed by J. Also CCI Velocitor 40 grain CCI 0047 with no problem. 22 LR loads. 78 in 350 mm Front Sight Fixed Removeable Post Rear Sight Adjustable Windage amp Elevation Overall Length 32. 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire quot WMR quot . With only 10 shootings the original . 17 Mach 2 side we will use the CCI 17 grain V MAX load both for uniformity and because CCI provides the most complete rimfire ballistics tables. 759 Kassnar Concorde 0. At about 1600 f. 22 Mag too quot on Pinterest. Maybe I should try a box of CCI Mini Mags before I buy a brick. The Winchesters were next with 10 FTF 39 s out of 500 and also dead nuts which was surprising. New in retail packaging. 11. Mini Mags are easily twice as accurate as the stingers in my factory 10 22 barrel. 99 Jun 17 2015 quot Based on the design and action of the M amp P 15 22 Smith amp Wesson recommends that you use the following brands and types of . 22 Magnum in a matter of seconds. May 12 2008 The gun I will be using is a mossberg cbc . They did forget to send one back though. 22 rimfire about 10 times as often but that is not in a true survival situation. 22 magnum rounds such as the WMRF and Maxi Mag do offer advantages even in such short barrels. The full CCI Maxi Mag HP 22 Magnum Per 500 CCI Maxi Mag HP 22 Magnum Per 500 Learn More. 9. Son poids est l ger 32 Grains soit 2. Test Pistol Colt New Frontier Convertible Revolver 4 3 8 quot barrel. Features 40 grain gilded hollow point nose at 1435 ft sec 22 percent greater energy at 100 yards than regular high speed hollow points Special HP cavity design derived from Speer Gold Dot technology retains virtually 100 percent bullet weight Clean burning propellants keep actions cleaner Sure fire CCI priming Reusable plastic box with dispenser lid CALIBER . The additional velocity allowed the bullet to penetrate deeper but wasn 39 t fast enough to cause bullet upset and expansion. 22rf hollowpoint Stinger Yellowjacket etc. I have some Velocitors but I haven 39 t done the seven layer wet denim test yet. 22 loads CCI Mini Mags CCI Mini Mag Vs CCI Stingers Remington Yellow Jackets and Winchester Wildcats it works perfectly. On the left you 39 ll see a CCI Mini Mag HP. 99 cci CCI . Seeing as everything on this target was shooting a bit right I adjusted the red dot two clicks to the left before moving on. 22 rimfire rifle which is engineered and built in Germany by Carl Walther. cci stinger vs 22 mag

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