How to install a pulley with a keyway

how to install a pulley with a keyway May need to redrill one hole in stock pulley. Insert the pliers red arrow into the two openings in the pulley and hold the pulley in place. Install new supplied crankshaft bolt with factory washer and tighten to 60 ft lb. I basically got the pulley installed for an additional 165 plus parts. Installation. 6 TUCP Dimensions 7. Then set the device into A keyway is a small slot approximatly 1 4 quot in width and 1 1 2 quot long. I can use either a drill press or a lathe but my questions are 1 if if use the drill what prevents the flute from catching the keyway and chipping and 2 if I use the lathe won 39 t the keyway cause the carbide insert on the boring bit to break May 19 2014 I would put two set screws in the pulley one on the keyway amp one at 90 deg from the keyway. 49 Daystar Universal Firewall Boot Single Steel V Belt Pulley For 1 2 quot Belts Universal Steel V Belt Pulleys for your outdoor power equipment maintenance or repair project. NOTE . Once I 39 ve cleaned up the bore I put the new bushings and key inside the pulley and set it on the motor shaft to see how it fits. Posted on Sep 19 2009 Product Description Type Power Steering Pump Pulley Material Aluminum Belt Type V Belt Surface Finish Polished Outside Diameter 5 3 4 39 39 1 Groove V Belt Bolt On Keyway Professional Installation is Highly Recommended No Instruction Include . Can a motor be quot re shafted quot or perhaps a new keyway cut The shaft is 5 8 quot . This happened as I pressed the shaft out of the pulley and bushings. Remove the top cover on the saw to expose the spark plug4. to 2XV86AV In Canada get the Power Steering kit here https amzn. This kit mounts the Power Steering Pump to the block on the driver 39 s side and the Alternator in the Middle of the passenger 39 s side. Install camshaft alignment tool to rear of LH bank camshafts 8 . The pulley will start over the lowered area and as you tap the pulley on the key will be nbsp Hex Shaft Pulley Installation Instructions. It 39 s a perfect fit. Locate the size you need to the left to order the correct Universal Steel V Belt Pulleys for your equipment. Figure 1 depicts the view of the belts underneath the air intake. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Remove the accessory drive belts from the lower drive pulley. Make sure key does not sit too high in crank. Put it on that should slide on a little bit and then you turn it a little bit to get the keyway to line up. Position the blade on the blade adapter. Jun 20 2009 The only problem is I can 39 t get the pulley on far enough to get the bolt into the good threads. Tap into place using a rubber or sand filled mallet. The keyway would be a little labor intensive too most broaching equipment is set up for a straight bore so he would probably have to make a tapered bush to guide the broach. Remove the 3 bolts. If pulley does not slide on shaft easily remove and check for burs or corrosion. Step 9 Replace the front timing cover seal. Tighten the bolt to 47 lb ft then an additional 60 using the pulley holding tool to hold it in place. Dorman Products 300 122 Power Steering Pump Pulley. These codes did not exist till after I changed the timing belt. Tighten the pulley bolt to 80 ft. Tighten until the engine turns than loosen the bolt to install the pulley and than you can reinstall the bolt and torque it to specs. Loosen all of the necessary adjustment or pivot bolts to slacken the belts and then remove the belts. Install crankshaft pulley. The power steering pulley is recommended for replacement whenever you service the power steering pump. Apr 19 2008 10. Install camshaft turning tools to front of LH bank camshafts 7 . Number of grooves 1 Cast iron construction Fixed bore Most vee pulleys are made from aluminium or steel and secured to the shaft of the motor via a key and keyway. Available in plain billet only. THE CLUTCH IS NEW . Important If the key is not straight when the pulley is being install it will not slide over on alternator shaft. Torque the pulley and crankshaft bolts to spec. Install lower cover. 5 in 170 mm or when the wall thickness of the mating hub is an issue. Preparation here can save time and prevent the pulley from going on crooked. Timing Belt Pulley Pitch Diameter and Outside Diameter Charts P 301 Steel Pulley 2 1 4 quot X 3 8 quot X 1 8 quot Part 13 750. Mar 09 2007 I presume that the pulley is put on with a key way so as to keep the timing mark correct. When you 39 re done with the crankshaft seal finish installing the timing belt. The pulley is a single 1 groove pulley and fits all Chevy GM key way units through 1972. The pulley is not press fit it just slides onto the nbsp 11 Jul 2018 The motor shaft has a keyway slot and the pulley seems to a held in Perhaps I will need to drill the pulley and shaft to install a grub screw bushed product bore key and keyway are free of burrs Put the other pulley into the belt loop and slip it onto the other shaft bushing loosely installed . Number of grooves 2 Cast iron construction Fixed bore Jan 09 2012 Tutorial Video for Installation of a CFR Performance Chevy Small Block Complete Finish Pulley Bracket amp Pump Set. You are here because of crankshaft snout keyway damage. The straight portion of the shaft keyway is filled nbsp 20 Jul 2011 Same with pressing on a pulley I always put a dab of grease on the keyway to hold the key on the shaft while I start the pulley. DESCRIPTION Fits all gm chevy oldsmobile buick pontiac cadillac pre 1984 power steering pumps using the keyway style nut on the front Fits short and long water pump styles Diameter is 5 3 4 quot and the shaft is 5 8 quot standard Material Aluminum Package Including all items shown in the picture. It is essential that it is a parallel key and side fitting only and has TOP CLEARANCE. I 39 m building a Thickness Sander and I spent a great deal of time making a drum for it out of MDF. Efficient and lightweight. This is a 1 groove V Belt power Chrysler power steering pump pulley. The correct way to do this is to tighten the bolt to 14 lb ft first. Aug 29 2016 Step 7 Install the new harmonic balancer. The key slides into the keyway of the motor shaft and pulley keyway and the shoul der set screw locks the pulley into place. Then make certain there is no play or wobbling when the flywheel is placed on the crankshaft. 2 Wing Pulley Selection Chart 4. But it 39 s best to inspect the functionality of the tensioner as well since the unit needs to be removed to replace the pulley. Check WW Grainger for pulley cost. The tapered sections must be clean and smooth with no play between the two. Mar 24 2009 2. See quot Notes Regarding the Fit of the Damper on the Crankshaft quot on back page. 4 TUHD Dimensions 7. The crankshaft pulley does not spin when the car is on which none of the belts are moving due to that issue. Brand New Black Anodized Serpentine Conversion Kit with Pulleys and Brackets for Big Block Chevy 39 s. If ignored the nose of the crankshaft can break off. Make sure the engine is at TDC before the pulley is removed. May 03 2017 Lock flywheel with large screwdriver. Get inside your car and turn the heater and fan on full blast. 99 24 . Install the mounting bolt with lock Sep 21 2017 The main function of the flywheel on a Briggs amp Stratton engine as on any small gasoline engine is to maintain crankshaft momentum between piston strokes but it also performs other functions. I clean out the keyway with a screwdriver blade and then run a file in it. Is there a keyway on the pulley or is the play in the shaft Roy for Model Number WCSR4170G1WW. 1 1 8 quot quot bore with 1 4 quot keyway. Like this The fella reached into his hardened bar stock and custom made a new key. Next push the new pulley onto the crank lining up the keyway with the tab on the crank. See below Above you can see the pulley from the front. Jun 25 2013 Install the Power Steering Keyway Pulley 623 A or Press Fit Pulley 624 A . Be careful to avoid disturbing the key or knocking it out of the keyway. If vehicle needs to be raised off the ground for installation the installer must use Slowly turn pulley to align keyway with key on crank and continue to slide nbsp Conveyor pulleys produced by JSC PTM have a reliable design ensuring their uninterrupted operation Barrels with keyway shaft barrels on conveyors with a more powerful drive Simplicity of dismantle and installation of a shaft at repair nbsp 23 Apr 2019 Thread Tough pulley removal need suggestions An see the shaft and the key keyway. The keyway is a longitudinal slot in both the shaft and mating part. I looked into Feb 13 2014 Simply follow the directions that come with the tool to install the damper or see the instructionshere. while removing to keep it from falling. I have the two bolts removed that hold the pulley and hub together but am unable to remove the hub to replace the pump. Help my key way shattered in the pulley and the crankshaft plus all the splines ground off both of them its on a 98 civic lx I am a Macgyver of improvisation a Wizard and machinist by trade what can be done other than a complete engine pull and tear down to replace the crankshaft and pulley Nov 11 2005 The crank pulley wasnt re installed correctly and worked its way loose enough to damage the key and likely its keyway too. Also referred to as a housed bearing unit meaning they are self contained greased sealed and ready for installation on the equipment. Always refer to the tool manufacturer 39 s recommended steps. Tacx The upper pulley is indicated with upper Sram The upper pulley is indicated with a u . carefully slide HB on crankshaft lining up the crankshaft key with HB keyway. 75 39 39 Bore . Your pulley only has two puller bolt holes so ensure the puller you get will work. 32AT10 aluminum pulley 19 teeth 32AT10 aluminum pulley 19 teeth Qty 2 Steel Ball Bearings Qty 2 Steel Ball Bearings Zinc plated fastening hardware Zinc plated fastening hardware Bore Dia. 6. Align the crankshaft pulley set key with the pulley key groove. Pulley is secured with a mounting nut. Tighten the nut with an impact wrench until nut is tight about 70 ft lbs . One aluminum single groove key way power P 301 Steel Pulley 2 1 4 quot X 3 8 quot X 1 8 quot Part 13 750. Don 39 t install the accessory belt pulley boss into the big pulley. A Team Performance Power Steering Pump Pulley Steel Key Way Single Groove Saginaw Pump 5 80 Keyway Bore Compatible with 1955 72 GM Chevy Chevrolet Chrome 4. Install Alt Re locator 20140 A to the top tang of 32AT10 aluminum pulley 19 teeth 32AT10 aluminum pulley 19 teeth Qty 2 Steel Ball Bearings Qty 2 Steel Ball Bearings Zinc plated fastening hardware Zinc plated fastening hardware Bore Dia. This will expand the hub of the damper to make installation easier. Move tensioner away from belt. Remember to consider that the belt will add a small amount to the clearance. NOTE Inspect rubber seal on lower cover and replace as necessary. F. Usually has a male outlet fitting. Removing the crank pulley does not change the engine timing only removing the gear cog on the crank does. V Belt Dodge Chrysler power steering pump pulley designed to fit a Big Block Chrysler Engines with keyway shaft 1970 440 Cuda and others Not for use with CVF Racing Bracket part number 440 PSBRKT. 3 16 quot keyway is standard on less than 1 quot down to some dim I don 39 t recall right now where it steps down to a 1 8 quot key. install all new timing components get the ebay kits they 39 re all brand new pulleys and tensioner for a reasonable price. The most common reason for replacing the blade adapter is if it is worn or damaged. Note Professional Installation is Highly Recommended. Unlike rubber based dampers Fluidampr automatically adapts to any engine modifications and constantly self tunes in real time to protect across the entire RPM range. Custom pulleys may be required on some 1969 earlier engines. a second keyway is a plus in a smallblock crank but in my opinion not needed Non directional inboard or outboard 3 1 4 quot pulley diameter A or B belt Each clutch includes an instruction sheet explaining proper installation methods and maintenance Includes set screws Reviews The crankshaft pulley is also the harmonic balancer which has a rubber ring between the steel halves. swap before. KEYS TO SUCCESS If you decide to replace your vehicle s idler pulley on your own be sure to park your vehicle on a flat surface. Order Power Steering Pump Pulley for your vehicle and pick it up in store make your purchase find a store near you and get directions. The crankshaft pulley has a large milled indentation in the face of the hub near the center bore. Be sure the new belt is inside the front belt Aug 27 2012 Now for the installing with this KD Tool puller 2291. This is a Driver engine clutch takes a 1 3 16 wide belt. Use locktite or equivalent on the bolt and torque to Keyway Single 3 16 quot Length 3. Be sure the key in the blade adapter engine pulley and crankshaft keyway are aligned and that the new belt is inside the tab of the belt retainer. 4. . a. This pulley is a direct bolt on to all small block and big block V8 models that have a key way power steering pump. DON 39 T TIGHTEN THE BOLT ALL THE WAY. How To Adjust Idle Speed How Do You Adjust The Idle Speed On A 1990 300zx Right Now It Is Idling At 2000 Rpms And Need To Get It Lower. Place the pulley onto the input shaft and install the pulley installation tool correctly on the input shaft and outside edge of the pulley. The blade adapter attaches the mower blade to the motor shaft. using rubber mallet or a peice of wood lightly tap HB onto crankshaft. New woodruff key on worn crank. Designed to be used with stock power steering brackets Use SCR3PS with CVF Racing part number 360 PSBRKT Dec 11 2011 I took the shaft to a machinist and we decided to mill a new flat keyway 180 degrees from the old woodruff keyway. This would be least cost repair. Shaft. Genuine Billet Specialties style quality fit and finish are engineered into these serpentine conversion kits. Install the balancer installation tool again a small amount of grease on the tool threads will help the process wind the installation tool into place. Improper installation can damage the bushing and or the sprocket sheave. 1 timing belt cover and new gasket. The key doesnt come out until you pull the crank pulley off. Aug 14 2013 Install the CRANK pulley and put the crank pulley bolt on make sure you have that keyway installed correctly. 8 1 8 in. The keyway in the hub is to be used to pin the crank in the case of high horsepower applications. On 2S ELC engines turn the crankshaft pulley and align the 0 mark on the lower No. I apologize in advance if this upsets your OCD. The tool that you will need to replace the blade adapter is a 5 8 socket hammer. If you 39 re real luck you may be able to replace the key way and pulley and save it. Be thankful you didn 39 t have a damaged crank keyway like I do. gt 1008 Taper Lock Bushing Steel 5 8 quot Bore with a 3 16 quot Keyway Calculators Trouble Shooting It is tapered and slides onto the tapered crank with a keyway. Reinstall the front belt keeper. The flywheel has a small Pulleys. Install is exactly the same procedure. The shaft had a lump from the set screws that held on the pulley and collar. Torque the Bobcat 31011B Spindle Pulley Part 13 2185. Step 10 Smear the crankshaft post and the timing cover oil seal lip with clean engine oil. Started the engine. It should have slots to mount both three puller bolts in a triangle shape and it should also have two slots that are parallel. I opened the pulley diameter which was originally 1 quot to 1. WARNING Be sure to line up the keyway and ensure the pulley is fully seated onto the crankshaft. WARNING Support damper while removing to keep it from falling. Place high temp RTV silicone into keyway on pulley assembly and slide onto crankshaft snout as shown. 1 Pulley Diameter Selection Chart 4. 5 Aluminum hubs for these assemblies have a 2. The keyways are used in all air cooled models. Pulley. You put a wrench on the pulley bolt and block the other end against the floor or the frame. 7 out of 5 stars 25. 106749 rotor shaft key 3 Harmonic balancer der how to remove and install. That is the timing light reports ignition timing is OK. installing the pulley Insert a one inch long 6mm locating bolt through the hole of the pulley which should be at the bottom when the pulley is in its TD position Replace if you find such damage. 5oz . Finger tighten bolt 11 . FREE Shipping. Available for either purchase or rental this tool properly installs and aligns our keyway bushings. Install crank pulley onto crankshaft. Make sure the key is seated fully in the key way. Engineered for optimum fit and function this pulley is easy to install with no special tools or nbsp For installation ensure that the crankshaft pulley bore and keyways are clean and free of any debris or corrosion. Lubricate the front seal and sealing surface of the damper with chassis grease. If needed gently tap the key with a ball peen hammer until it is properly seated. This Spectre Power Steering Pulley features an all steel construction and was designed for GM vehicles with a keyway style pump through 1984. Includes 1 x A Team Performance Power Steering Pump Pulley Steel Key Way Single Groove Saginaw Pump 5 80 Keyway Bore Compatible with 1955 72 GM Chevy Chevrolet Chrome See more product details Tap the brass punch with a ball peen hammer to drive the flywheel key from the crankshaft key way. Step 7. Use RTV in the crankshaft and damper keyway to keep oil from migrating through the key slot to the outside. Installing the Belts Running the belts is a little more involved with the new pulley because the clearance is so tight between the idler on the S C belt and the new pulley itself. We are determined to always give our customers the highest level of quality and value in the timing belt pulleys we manufacture. Check the crankshaft keyway. Use dimension E amp F to find proper pulley if you have a keyway power steering pump mounted to the engine with no pulley Serpentine Pulleys available on Serpentine Pulley pages CHEVY POWER STEERING PULLEYS Square keys are used for smaller shafts and rectangular faced keys are used for shaft diameters over 6. If the crankshaft spins while you re tightening it block its rotation with a pry bar between two flywheel bolts inserted in the back of the crank. Align the notch on the rear of the cam pulley with the pin on the cam shaft and slide the pulley onto the shaft. That key is shown at the right. If red indicates Loctite they put it everywhere. 13. Might as well replace the water pump while you re in here too I went to my local Nissan dealer and asked them for the parts needed to do this job and this is what they sold me. Use of excessive force to install 2. 250 seal diameter with a . Number of grooves 1 Cast iron construction Fixed bore 6. Keyway Yes Length 2. Set alternator on flat surface with drive end up nbsp 12 Feb 2018 I have a brand new power steering pump it has the threaded shaft with a keyway. If too tight carefully file to fit. 108 Nm . Install and hand tighten three 3 1 4 x 1 1 4 quot bolts. Install and hand tighten three 3 1 4 x 1 1 4 quot bolts. Step 8 Install the Accessory Drive Pulley. I also have a 3770509 GM pulley that i pulled of an older nbsp 16 Oct 2008 Apparently I 39 m missing something. Thxpaw OP. b. When ready to install I heat the pulley for about one minute with small propane torch. Marking the position of the center of the pulley keyway slot with a fine tip felt pen helped greatly in aligning the keyway with the woodruff key. Rear mounted accessory pulleys must be placed on the rear of the hub before installation. Square keys are used for smaller shafts and rectangular faced keys are used for shaft diameters over 6. To install NOTE An automatic transaxle damper must not be used on an manual equipped engine. The lock washer must be completely closed. I 39 ve moved up from a quarter HP to one half and the new motor has a standard 3 16 quot keyway. Ensure crankshaft keyway located centrally between lugs on engine front housing 10 . Install Crankshaft Pulley Place the Woodruff keys in the key slots in the front. It has the key in the same place. the hub where the blade is bolted onto is attached to the engine driveshaft via a keyway and a Attached is a photo with my notes on it. The balancer hub will slide on a small amount and hold onto the crankshaft snout. If propel ler shaft keyway has radiused corners. Once we pulled the drive pulley off the shaft we clearly saw the issue. When installing the pulley lube the crank and use a deadblow to start installing. Line up the groove on the inside of the harmonic balancer with the key way on the crankshaft Slide the balancer on as far as possible Use the longer bolt from the puller to install the pulley Tighten the 19mm center bolt to the pulley Secure the flywheel teeth with a long pry bar Tighten the 19mm center bolt to 37 foot pounds Add 90 Nov 03 2010 2 Take a look at an IDI crank pulley i. The parts manual says it is a tapered hub with a key way but am unable to remove it with a puller I 39 m just wondering if I am missing something or if I need to go to extremes to remove it. Some taper keys have nbsp Synchronous pulley flange. Use a ratchet or breaker bar to turn the crank bolt into the snout of the crankshaft. To Replace Blade. Sep 07 2015 Tensioner pulley. Prime Line 7 05407 Size 3 quot OD 3 4 quot ID 3 16 quot Keyway Install a Fluidampr viscous damper to reduce wear on the main bearings and timing gear achieve more accurate valvetrain operation and lower the risk of crank failure. This replacement helps restore power steering to proper functioning. Next slide the lower pulley over the crankshaft aligning the keyway on the pulley with the crankshaft lower cam sprocket key. Install the crankshaft mounted pulley as follows If removed install the flywheel lock J 36375 A to the inspection plug hole in the bottom of the flywheel housing. We offer replacement parts for a variety of applications such as lawn mowers To be sure we ship you the correct pulleys you should measure the bore of the arbor pulley before ordering. 19. Thankfully it is possible for DIYers to replace the idler pulley with the proper tools and guidance. Photo 8. We re using a Jesel pulley driver part number TOL 39310 for this job. Examine key should the key be damaged or loose in the keyway groove of the crankshaft install a new key. The factory pulley does not completely sit nbsp 8 Nov 2018 I don 39 t know it that was how it was originally when I first did the seal or if I 39 ve knocked the key forward when clumsily re installing the pulley. Use these steps to replace the flexible pump coupler on Craftsman MTD and Troybilt log splitters. Belts are readily available at most parts stores. The channel or keyway provides a place for a square piece of metal known as a key to lock a pulley or sprocket onto the round bar. 5 8 quot Key Way Fit. Some vehicles feature the alternator on top of the engine and hence relatively easy to remove. Aug 16 2020 This Spectre Power Steering Pulley features an all steel construction and was designed for GM vehicles with a keyway style pump through 1984. experts will have their own opinion. The best way is to use a taper lock type of system that uses a tapered sleeve that nbsp Put key into keyway on shaft taper with radiused or chamfered corners down in shaft keyway. Remove bolt and pulley form engine. T10016. If it fits way to loose the bore may be wallowed out and the pulley replaced I had to replace 4 or 5 pulleys in fairly short order. Ensure crankshaft sprocket keyway at 12 o clock position 12 . saginaw style pump. If you want you can place a little RTV around the outside metal ring on the seal before installing. installed pulley will void your supercharger warranty Review nbsp Watch the video explanation about Electric Motor Shaft Repair Pulley Repair Online article story Machining A Replacement Pulley With A Keyway. 18. When using the keyway do remember inserted it into the hub it also required to keep a certain tolerance between the keyway and the bore hub. Spins free and wobbles everywhere. 35 Nm NOTE We suggest installing a new belt when ever replaceing clutchs. Large socket. The power steering pump bracket fits for the Small Block Chevy engine with the long water pump. Thread the center screw of the tool until the tip of the tool rests between two teeth of the flywheel ring gear. Install the tensioner pusher Install the lower bolt loosely. e. Do not over tighten. I have an older 16hp ROPER garden tractor with a 16 hp engine. Leave the set screw loose at this point to allow adjustments to the belt . Once the stud is trimmed for sufficient clearance install the water pump pulley and bolts. Make sure to re tighten the bolt to the specifications in the manual. Put all the belts back on. If your balancer fails the first sign will be engine vibration. Meaning no center threaded hole in which to install the pulley from. Step by step instructions on how to replace a Idler Pulley for Whirlpool Made Dryers for KitchenAid KEYS750JQ1 Will not tumble AP6010582. 16 Apr 2019 The coupling and key have been removed and a half key installed into the keyway on the shaft. Feb 08 2014 The balancer is a two piece assembly with a pulley that bolts onto the hub. Lower Pulley Driver Slides over the crank snout and is used for installation of the lower crank pulley. Designed for use with Long water pump 39 69 39 86 style GM 10SI 12SI alternator passenger TB WOOD 39 S standard V belt pulley is designed for use with V belt section 3L 4L A and AX. I needed two hands to do that so wasn 39 t able to film it. Clutch part number 209739A This clutch can be used to replace other Comet Dusters 94C and other Salsbury 770 780 and Salsbury 500 model clutchs. If you need a v belt pulley spindle pulley engine pulley idler pulley variable speed pulley or any other type of lawn mower pulley Jack s is the place to get it 4. Dec 29 2010 When you try to press in your pulley back use the old one as it shouldn 39 t put that much stress on the crank threads unless your pulley is all the way out or almost there then you need a crank pulley installer the right one to use not the old bolt Third Replace the old one w a new TTY bolt as these bolts are meant to be used only ONCE. See Figure quot Flywheel Lock quot . When amplified a good bearing will hum quietly and a worn bearing will grind or scrape. Set screws often accompany parallel keys to lock the mating parts into place. You should be able to get it on pretty far and once the new bolt with thread in about 6 threads then use the bolt to snug it down. We lined up the keyway on the shaft to the hub and slid the hub Thanks that helps a lot First if you want to change anything like equipment or such its on the top bar UserCP. Since you say the pulley is bent maybe drill it just above the keyway and make clearance for a file. tack weld the pulley so it doesn 39 t come apart weld across the rubber dampening material that can separate. 9oz vs. the blower belt absorbs the harmonics so a crank hub works fine. Oct 11 2016 The bolt does NOT expand any metal to hold just pushes on the BIG washer which you don 39 t have and pushes the whole pulley up tight to the crank spacer or machined edge to make it tight. 500 quot Material Steel Mounting Hardware Included No Outside Diameter 6 5 8 quot Pulley Bolt Pattern 4 bolt standard Ford pulley pattern. Install and tighten crankshaft pulley bolt to specification. Sep 17 2011 Keyway uses a smaller shaft amp has a nut. Ensure tensioner pulley locking tab located correctly in cylinder head. Jul 19 2012 1 Remove the bolt holding the pulley on the end of the crank 2 Remove the pulley from the end of the crank To remove the bolt try this technique Install the gen alt and fan belt if it is not already on the engine. while you have it apart check the quill for runout. Loosen the tensioner bolt until it puts tension under the belt. I put a little grease in the keyway to hold the key in place. Bobcat 31011B Size 5 3 4 quot OD 1 quot ID 1 5 8 quot Height 1 4 quot Keyway It appears that I 39 ll have to replace the pulley 81. Crank pulley keyway broke Answered by a verified Subaru Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. to install the new pulley get a longer bolt 3 4 inch longer with washers and use it to fully seat the pulley. If your woodruff keyway is damaged in the crankshaft you need an excellent machinist to remake this dont let him weld on the shaft ask for him to make a proper and larger woodruff key I clean out the keyway with a screwdriver blade and then run a file in it. Should I just get a new pump and pulley and replace the pump since it has some 170 000 miles on it 500 bucks from Toyota is not really too appealing at this point so if its just the pulley I would lean towards doing just that. Install the harmonic balancer with the keyway on to the flat stock on the crank. Replace the adapter if damaged. Aug 08 2020 Hey everyone I 39 m in the middle of attempting to replace the very worn out bearings in the spindle motor of a 39 89 QT15. 2 Location of crankshaft pulley and bolt as installed in engine. This PA Note will explain the uses of keys and keyways in pulleys and bushings and present current industry standards for key and keyway component sizing. If the key appears to be damaged or loose in the keyway install a new key. 2 See if a a motor or machine shop can mill a keyway in the shaft. 00 . Maker sure the new key way fits tight with no wobble. This manual details the proper steps for installing the Magnetic Pulley. The crankshaft pulley assembly is secured to the spindle with two woodruff keys a crankshaft pulley bolt and hardened washer. Tap the brass punch with a ball peen hammer to drive the flywheel key from the crankshaft key way. curtis b A puller can be used but without the right puller you can bend the pulley and wind up having to replace it. Install the lower No. bore x 9 in. May 17 2016 Clean the inside of the pulley and the end of the crank with steel wool. The key is to align the pulley and crankshaft to TDC during pulley installation. Ensure crankshaft keyway pointing vertically Martin TB32H150 KF 1 Style 1 2 quot Pitch Heavy 1 1 2 quot Wide Belts 2517 Taper Bushing Timing Pulley TB Industrial amp Scientific. It will have some way of moving up and down and used to tension the drive belt. Posts 9. Jul 01 2008 yes I have a 1990 honda accord Ive done a timing belt change im haveing trouble with installing keyway ive tried installing all three gears first timing balancer crankshaftpulleys then keyway of coars read more TB WOOD 39 S standard V belt pulley is designed for use with V belt section 4L 5L A AX B and BX. lbs. Inspect the flywheel key. that would likely be the easiest solution. Put propeller nbsp Howe Performance Power Steering Pulley Hub Adapter For 5 8 quot Diameter Keyway Shaft for a sandrail rock Crawler KOH Ultra4 truck UTV side by side dune nbsp SUPERCHARGER PULLEY REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE. Rotate crankshaft pulley counterclockwise several times to seat belt. Replacing a pulley bearing on 90 percent of alternators is a fairly benign task the hardest part typically being the removal of the alternator. 1 timing belt cover. Use 22mm socket and align internal keyway with crank shaft before assembly. 7 The installation kit is for installing the new device. Place the lower timing belt cover into place securing it with the bolts. How to Install Electric Skateboard Motor Mount Belt amp Pulley Instructional Guide. Step5 Install variator lever on both sides Step 6 Install variator belt in the pulley of the variator pulley Step 7 Install variator pulley and tighten 4 mounting screws. I have recently put in a set of rings std. This top grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. 4 Fit the key into the new pulley and pulley boss to make sure you can see which way it goes. Prevent damage to your power steering pump back plate by properly installing the pulley. 35 quot 3 3 8 quot dampers use both 3 and 4 bolt fronts. It is designed to operate trouble free in your evaporative cooler. 2 lbs For GrimmSpeed s Lightweight Crank Pulley pulled out all of the stops. Any ideas on how to get the key out of the keyway I am going to install a pair of V slotted pulleys from Woodworker. If too tight grind some more glue out. Remove timing belt. Sep 24 2019 Blauparts warns that using a pulley that shows ANY signs of key damage is unacceptable If reinstallation is attempted with a damaged pulley key or crankshaft keyway the lower crankshaft timing belt pulley can easily fall out of time during main crankshaft bolt contraction ultimately leading to catastrophic Audi engine failure. 7 TUTA Interchange and The pulley installation isn t too difficult but it will take a couple of hours especially if you haven t performed the . We recommend warm idle speed for automatic cars set at 650 700 Aug 23 2001 Usually a worn keyway will result in a poor running engine as the crankshaft loses its position relative to the camshafts. Installation of Crankshaft Pulley. Jun 01 2015 Replace a worn treadmill drive motor with the manufacturer approved replacement part following the steps in this DIY repair guide. Replace the pulleys. Depending on how wallowed out the crankshaft keyway I would see how straight up and down the key is in the slot. It is difficult to diagnose because the relative positions of the timing mark on the pulley and crank position sensor on the back of the intake cam do not change. The motor shaft would only fit 1 quot down into the pulley so I had to extend the shaft to 3. I 39 m trying to figure out the best way to mount a pulley on the motor. Alt2 take apart quill assembly and use press. Jul 28 2017 SUGGESTED INSTALLATION OF KEYED PULLEY The keyed slot on this pulley has been machined to provide a tight fit of the woodruff key to prevent slippage and or dislodging of the key. Designed for use with 396 454 Big Block Chevy not 572 not tall deck heads Long water This blower pulley inhibits rust and corrosion. Ensure crankshaft timing pin correctly fitted 1 . Reinstall the 19mm bolt and washer. Place the pulley assembly onto the crankshaft and align the pulley keyway with the crankshaft key. How can I clean up the pulley bore and bushings Do 3 4 inch hones exist Sep 10 2014 I couldn t quite firgure out what you were saying about a mechanic having removed somethgin to replace a seal but if they had to remove the crank bolt they may have forgotten to tighten it when they started it up the first time and caused that damage as that looks like the pulley was not fully on when the damage to the keyway occurred. Height 1 in. It also has a keyway in the 5 8 quot shaft hole SO IT 39 S NOT RECOMMENDED TO REPLACE PRESS ON PULLEYS USED ON SOME OF THE LATER MODELS WITHOUT MACHINING 1st. Insert a large screwdriver into the slot on the gen alt pulley so it lodges up against the casting behind it. 24 mm Keyway Width 8 mm Travel 1 Rev 190 mm Frictional moment at 1 1000 belt tensioning . The GripTec pulley system converts the Vortech 39 s press fit pulley setup to a bolt on style by using this aluminum conversion hub. 99 pulley in the centre. The key way is destroyed from running loose. Tighten the damper retaining bolt to 108 N m 80 ft. Also make sure you put the key back in its slot in the crank before putting the pulley back on. Impact wrench Procedure. Ensure shaft key is still in keyway before installing clutch assembly. Tighten hex bolts evenly. Install balancer puller and hold the crank while you remove the pulley 5. Guide the Align the mark on the pulley near keyway with the pointer mark on the oil pump. Next step is to remove the pulley from the motor shaft and I 39 m struggling. First apply a thin coat of anti seize to the crank snout and the inside bore of the damper. Ensure groove in rear of camshafts positioned as shown 3 . 5 Install clutch plate on compressor shaft. The proper solution is a power steering cooler but when I had the thing in pieces it was a no brainer to install the pulley. Correct me if I 39 m wrong but I 39 ll bet that the pulley was made by either Chicago Die Cast or Congress Drives is ZAMAC not iron and does not have enough quot meat quot in the hub to Do not re use the crank pulley bolt that came out. For technical drawings and 3 D models click on a part number. The upper pulley is indicated as the Guide pulley or G pulley. . A guide to installation of Taper Lock Bush. Around 1974 GM switched to a larger shaft press on pulley with Allen hex in the end. Sep 23 2016 Step 8 Install the new pulley onto the input shaft. Align the woodruff key slot in the new balancer with the woodruff key and carefully slide the balancer onto the crankshaft making sure the keyway remains in its proper position. If it doesn t you probably need to replace the pulley. Step 4 Modify the water pump ear some alternators . 3 Schematic of The crankshaft failure initiated at the keyway while Cite middot Download full nbsp Introduction. Warm the new pulley with the propane torch. This is typically done when the pulley is put on the shaft first with the widest part of the hole facing the end of the shaft. To do it right there is a tool to install through the block to line the crankshaft and another to align the cams then the bolt to hold the pulley at 1 and a holder for torquing the crank bolt. 5 TUTA Dimensions 7. Have the keyway lined up perfectly thou on Friday I sold a460 560 front pulley to a shop because the key way was not lined up and broke out a chunk. Should I oil the crank seal before installing the lower pulley The seals used in our belt drives are Teflon coated and should be installed dry for proper break in. No more trying to make chrome aftermarket pulleys look at home under the hood of your restoration project Chevy V8 2 Groove power steering pump pulley For use with quot Keyway quot type pumps only Step 2 remove old idler pulley Step 3 install new idler pulley BOLT 7023584 5 8 quot Receiver Lock for Toyota Keys 31. How To 4. Washer. Feb 27 2016 I now have a pulley with a scored bore. About 1 week after changing out the timing belt water pump and all the various Key Way Power Steering Pump Pulley HZ 8948 PBK by CFR Performance . Pulley Installation. 1 Chevron Pulley Specs 7. Does anybody know how I would replace the key I 39 ve looked at the manual I have and it doesn 39 t show a thing. Includes 24mm pass through socket T50 Torx 33 point socket for decoupler pulley 0. Step 9 Tighten the pulley installation nut. It may also be attached to a crankshaft pulley to run the accessory belt drive. Ensure crankshaft timing pin inserted 6 . 1 Weight Rotating Weight 12. Line up the keyway and install the pulley. Step 5 Spread silicone sealant to the inside bore of the new pulley and in the keyway then apply grease to the outside sealing surface of the pulley. The crankshaft pulley bolt is also used to bar the engine over. Degrease these faces as well. Aug 30 2020 Porsche also makes an expensive tool for holding the balance shaft pulleys in place while removing or installing them but you can use a large set of 45 degree pliers. Securing a belt pulley to a drive shaft often seems like such a routine task that of the selection and installation factors required to achieve a good connection. 5 8 quot bore with 3 16 quot keyway. Clean and degrease the shaft. 60 in. Now begin the problems. Measuring 5 13 16 inches in diameter with a 5 8 inch shaft diameter this power steering pulley has a double belt groove. This part is sold individually. Insert keys in the shaft to match the keyways in. Then a device with the X on the end is pressed up against the end of the crank to keep it from turning on the centers while the keyway is cut. Step 5. Aug 04 2007 The pulley and chrankshaft timing gear are not on a keyway they are held in place by the crankshaft retaining bolt. Sprockets sheaves are commonly mounted to a shaft with a tapered bushing that fits a mating tapered bore in the sprocket sheave. Safety Rating SFI 18. Install GrimmSpeed pulley tool and fasten using the 3 supplied fasteners with a 10mm hex wrench. keyway before fitting the bush. The square of steel is the key it aligns with a groove keyway in the pulley and on the drive shaft and prevents the pulley from coming off. The keyway in the Fluidamper is 3 16 quot wide and 0. And of course the pulley hub is keyed to the crankshaft. 3. If the damper is supplied with 3 8 rear pulley bolts i. Timing pulleys l nbsp 1 Oct 2014 Unfortunately damaged products are returned to Remy as a result of improper pulley installation. Lay a plastic sheet or a drop cloth on the ground under the riding lawn mower. Instructions 1 Lubricate the pump shaft with an extreme pressure l Mar 28 2013 The keyway will lock the pulley in place so a bit of lube on the shaft isn 39 t a mistake. Wipe a little grease inside the new pulley or on the shaft of the supercharger. Section 1. Answer Hello Roy This is normally an indication of a failed bearing in the mode shifter assembly WH38X10017. If it is damaged or loose in the keyway groove of the crankshaft install a new key. Then take the long bolt out and torque the new one on. end of the crankshaft if they were removed. A keyway is a pair of matching channels one milled in the shaft the other in the pulley. May 09 2020 Before you start make sure the engine is off and the keys are not in the ignition just to make sure no one attempts to turn on the engine. Pulley bushing keyways require alignment of both shaft keyways for proper bushing to hub installation. 00 Can and also quot re shaft quot the motor if that is possible and that is my question to you. Jun 23 2009 Crank pulley harmonic balancer install General FSJ Tech Alt1. The main shaft that the drive pulley is mounted on was moving side to side about a 1 4 . 35 Nm May 11 2020 Align the balancer woodruff key slot with the keyway on the crankshaft and set into place. Do not force the belt ino the grooves by prying or cranking engine. In the early 80 39 s the outlet was changed to a Metric quot Saginaw quot fitting with an quot O quot ring seal. STEP 7 Use a puller to remove the pulley damper from the snout of the crankshaft. Here are the option I 39 m considering. Aug 13 2015 Remove tensioner pulley. 3. 12. This is where I wish they would have provided one just a little bit longer. Belt travel 11. Install snap ring. Fitting a nbsp 18 Jun 2019 Nominal key size b h Applied shaft diameter d Key size Keyway size. My car is throwing a P0420 code Catalyst System Low Efficeniency and a P0340 code Camshaft Position Sensor Malfunction even after I changed the Camshaft Position Sensor. if to tight remove it make sure it 39 s clean and try again. Minimal V pulley size is achieved by thickness of belt used. You may need to replace bearings Finding stock brackets and v belt pulleys in serviceable condition has become very difficult over the years. Mar 14 2017 As others have said you could get someone to weld it for you . The install uses the Fast Forward Performance pulley but the same applies to pulleys from other manufacturers. PDW said 03 28 2013 05 20 PM nbsp Figure 1a DE Pulley Assembly. Place the balancer onto the crankshaft indexing keyway. STEP 7 Re install the 3 hex bolts using locktite and tighten to 10 12 ft lbs. Searched high and low and can not believe cant find anything. accessory drive belt and bolt to install the accessory drive belt 3 Install keyway into the machined keyway in the pin drill jig. Slacken tensioner bolt 10 . Mar 22 2010 It would also be a little tricky to determine the final position of the pulley. MTD 756 0638. B amp s 16hp engine 3 Answers . D. Replace the front timing cover oil seal. Only the pulley end of the shaft is different amp the outlet fittings can be swapped as needed. An integral part of the drive system for belt driven steering pumps our power steering pump pulleys restore proper power steering functioning. Aug 03 2015 Slacken tensioner pulley bolt 8 . Usually a key seat in found with a toothed sprocket for a roller chain drive. 5. You need the screw holes for attaching the tool that holds the pulley from turning. Be sure to reinstall the oil thrower correctly if it is removed from the crank. Drive the pulley on to the crank to a point where it seats stops on the crank. 11 Nov 2005 The crank pulley wasnt re installed correctly and worked its way loose enough to damage the key and likely its keyway too. Oct 15 2009 1. Some slight modification to the key or the pulley slot may be needed to aide installation as per the following Smooth edges and ends of woodruff key and slot of pulley. The square key fits in both the keyway and a square slot machined into the sprocket or gear. Jesel stocks undersized and oversized belts for all applications. Roller chains are best for high horsepower applications. Slacken crankshaft pulley bolt 8 . With key in shaft keyway slide the loosely assembled unit onto shaft and position for good belt alignment. com. During assembly a key is inserted into machined keyways in the bushing and nbsp 28 Mar 2013 The keyway will lock the pulley in place so a bit of lube on the shaft isn 39 t a mistake. I unfortunately also have the power steering pump with a solid shaft. That 39 s why we 39 re working to bring you brand new reproductions in a paintable satin black finish. If you 39 re not so lucky the crank is damaged and you 39 re looking for an engine. Apr 22 2018 Once repairs have been made and the pulley needs to be re installed 39 it 39 s best to first warm the pulley to about 120 degrees F. Pulley Bolt Style Ford pulleys come in two bolt styles either 3 bolt or 4 bolt fronts. Tool No. 12. You could drill a series of holes in a line and split the pulley to remove it. Follow the steps below to correctly install the nbsp If you need a pulley keyway we have them at everyday low prices. 1 quot and is 3 lbs lighter 1 lb 12. Be sure the key adapter and crankshaft keyway are aligned and that the drive belt is inside the tab of the belt retainer. MIKI PULLEY STARFLEX achieves no backlash by preliminary compression of the element so it may not be able to maintain nobacklash as the plastic ages. To install the key first verify that it slides smoothly along the damper slot. Place the push mower belt in the engine pulley. Install key in keyway of supplied crankshaft pulley and gently tap into position. 1 Use a fixed bore pulley. There is a way to do it. Step 9 Install and hand tighten three 3 1 4 x 1 1 4 quot bolts. e any USA market diesel up to 1996 1. 8 For this step align the balancer woodruff with the use of the keyway on the crankshaft. If you get lucky it might run. Ok the deck your working on is a RCK44LT First get some PB Blaster stuff works like a charm soak the spindles were they go threw the pulley and let them soak for a day or so get 2 or more blocks of 4x4 wood or such to support the deck right under the pulley make sure the blocks Figure 5. clean off crankshaft bolt and washer install on crankshaft finger tight. Black. New Comet Duster 94c. This will keep the pulley dampener from falling to the ground when it clears the end of the crankshaft. Other options will work but if the pulley is already made for a key that is how it was nbsp require alignment of both shaft keyways for proper bushing to hub installation. Stens Double Spindle Pulley. Matt Thankfully it is possible for DIYers to replace the idler pulley with the proper tools and guidance. Covered it with thread lock put the car in 5th put the pulley in place and re tightened the bolt. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home and shipping is free on all online orders of 35. Apr 10 2014 The reluctor ring is on the pulley and it has to be perfect for the crank sensor to read 1 for firing sequence. Separating the two made it easier to install the Optispark distributor on the assembly line and out in the field. 11. Drill a dimple in the shaft and just use the set screw. Position the pulley with the taper bush in the correct place on the shaft. The fit is tight one way and loose if you turn it 1 4 turn. General Information. Oct 28 2016 A keyed pulley is the most positive. Crankshaft Pulley Spindle. Incidently after installing the timing belt I bolted up the mount bracket and motor mount and started the engine up. Install the water pump pulley in place of the OEM V belt pulley. DIY Allied. Lubricate center hole of pulley or flywheel with oil or grease to help reduce friction. 3 out of 5 stars 69 24. Jack s has replacement small engine pulleys of all types for many of the major brands. anyone have any tricks to installing the factory crank pulley on a 5. A couple of things to watch out for STENS Pulley Clutch is a great OEM replacement option to keep your outdoor power equipment running at the top of its game. 4 CW Wrap Factor 5. If it fits way to loose the bore may be wallowed out and the pulley replaced To install Make sure the crankshaft pulley keyway and groove is aligned with the oil pump timing mark and the camshaft pulley timing mark is in the 9 o 39 clock position. Install the debris shield. Its tapered or ramped on 1 side but not sure which way it goes back on. 2 Slide a new flywheel key into the flywheel key way by hand or with long needle nosed pliers. Then turn the bolt an additional 90 degrees. If you are using new vanes they will not have a curved end follow the instructions provided with the Rebuild Kit. 6. It prevents the pulley from rotating on the shaft. 1 Lagging Capability 6. Install the timing belt around the crankshaft timing pulley followed by the tensioner pulley water pump pulley and the camshaft timing pulley. After the threaded adjustable portion of the pulley has been adjusted to the proper setting align the keyway and slide the second key into the keyway. The SUMMIT Damper can be installed just like any other Damper using a Damper installation tool. See Figure quot Crankshaft Pulley and Hub Assembly Installation with Spindle quot . By fitting Jun 22 2017 Lubricate the crankshaft snout with anti seize compound. It should be a snug fit. Then install a 45 Dayco 5060450 belt on the power steering side second. Install the pulley key into the keyway on the blade shaft. This eliminates hub failure at the keyway on engines driving dry sump pumps and pulleys. Use Loclite 242 or equivalent on threads. Theres nothing holding the key in place but friction IIRC. Most vee pulleys are nbsp 27 Jan 2008 Any ideas on how to get the key out of the keyway I am going to install a pair of V slotted pulleys from Woodworker. Would it be better to simply replace the motor with a rebuilt motor Fits Exmark 52 in. Fig. I found one setscrew where the keyway is but haven 39 t identified any others. Slide the belt off the engine pulley and pull it through the opening in the deck housing. Apply a bead of silicone to the keyway here to seal. Increase the amperage and reduce voltage drop and headlight dimming when idling. Then before driving the mainshaft. Remove existing belt and craftshaft pulley. If I go to all of the trouble of getting both pulleys removed will they interchange Same shaft size Someone will say why not just use the smaller V belt Because it slips on the larger V belt pulley. The lower pulley is bolted to the front of the harmonic balancer. Install and hand tighten three 3 1 4 x 1 1 4 quot bolts. Belts were off and the bolt holding on the crank pulley was just loose but still through the pulley and into the crank shaft. Install the drive belt and tension it. So I am in the same position as everyone else trying to decide what the best way is for removal and install of the crank pulley bolt. 1 timing belt cover and new gasket with the four bolts. fixit May 20 2004 Tighten the crankshaft bolt and it should press the damper on past the timing cover seal oh by the way hope you replaced the seal on the timing cover with a new one if your timing cover wasn 39 t new . Make sure nose of crankshaft is clean of corrosion or contaminates before installing new pulley. If the crankshafts keyway shows signs of damage and will no longer engage properly with the key on the pulley short of complete replacement it may be possible to locate a qualified welder and have the end welded up and ground to shape. Install new seal. The pulley will come off about halfway and stop. Secure the pulley installation bolt in a 1. After a few ideas it clicked in his head about the keyway. keyways. Reinstall the balancer onto the crankshaft being sure to line up the keyway. 99 19. Use the loctite as last resort. 3 Use a pulley that uses a tapered bushing to mount to the shaft. Is there a better nbsp Securing a belt pulley to a drive shaft often seems like such a routine task that easily overlook some of the selection and installation factors required to achieve During assembly a key is inserted into machined keyways in the bushing and nbsp Do not use hammers or pry bars to install or remove Fluidampr this will void your warranty. Now put the key into the keyway slot. A 34 inch diameter shaft with a press on pulley used from 1975 and on. Finger tighten nut 9 . Vance Planer Matcher. Includes 13oz super lightweight crank pulley key way amp securing bolt Brand ES 2536. Install these pulleys on powered belt conveyors to drive the belt redirect the belt back to the drive pulley or help maintain the belt 39 s tracking so it follows the desired path during conveying. Apr 27 2020 Follow the instructions from the manufacturer to correctly install the balancer hub and damper assembly that is supplied with the kit. Once everything is back together you can start the vehicle. Checking Pulley Temperature Step 4 Make sure the shaft the pulley will be installed on is clean from rust and nicks this will make the installation processes more difficult. Most automotive Alternator pulleys use a 15 16 nbsp In mechanical engineering a key is a machine element used to connect a rotating machine Commonly keyed components include gears pulleys couplings and washer A Woodruff key installed. Clean driveshaft surface push the pulley which has been mounted a drogue to a predetermined position of the axis and then view the V belt pulley if it is aligned. This pulley transfers the energy produced by the crankshaft to the engine 39 s accessories such as the power steering pump alternator and air conditioning compressor via a number of belts. and 72 in. There have been many instances of these non keyway press fit parts coming off. The factory pulley will not sit completely in the underdrive at this point. This pulley is 19 smaller than stock 4. Its a torque to yield. The Taper lock bush often known as taper bush is a locking system generally used in powerful drives for placing pulleys couplings and sprockets to shafts. ONCE THE PULLEY IS ON FAR ENOUGH FOR THE FACTORY BOLT TO REACH REMOVE THE LONGER BOLT AND INSTALL THE FACTORY BOLT. b c Use no lubricants or anti seize compound on nbsp The keyway provides a tooth for the pulley or the fan hub and prevents them from spinning on the shaft. You can buy standard tension pulleys sets off of the internet. If the slot in the crank is damaged you are looking at another engine. Remove Crankshaft pulley bolt 8 . Craftsman Belt Drive Contractor Table Saw 2 1 2 quot Pulley with Keys for 5 8 quot Arbor or Pulley Shaft. Idler Pulley Shield for Scag Part 10 12812. Rotate the cam pulley until the smallest of the three holes on the face of the gear aligns with the notch at the top of the rear timing belt cover. Apply a small amount of RTV to the crankshaft keyway and neck. Apr 17 2009 removed crankpulley to replace timing belt when I slid off crank pulley the key fell out of crankshaft. How to Replace Idler Pulley for Whirlpool Made Dryers for KitchenAid KEYS750JQ1 Will not tumble AP6010582. O. Comet 3 quot OD centrifugal pulley clutch. to 2K1nwtH in todays repair v Tony a 1 4 quot keyway is standard on 1 quot diameters. Nov 01 2007 In the first instance one month ago I replaced the pulley with the elongated hole along with the key. 8. 20 Jan 2014 angle from the rear up to the front of the keyway. Hi. A small dab of silicone goes on the keyway slot to help prevent oil leaks. Lazer Z 102 000 370 000 . Fit new tensioner pulley. After I had installed the outer timing cover I was installing the crankshaft pulley and didn 39 t have the key lined up. Install the pulley onto the blade shaft. Step 13 Replace the lawn mower belt. This kit is produced by Billet Specialties Inc Part BLKFM2221 . and changed to an electronic coil. Using a socket wrench according to DIN 911 6. Don 39 t know which way it goes back on crankshaft. To install and set up a new rear derailleur we are going to need a set of allen keys a phillips screw driver cable cutters chain break tool or chain pliers and a pair of pliers. 500 wall thickness and fits inside the Jessel lower pulley. Interchanges with Chrysler part number 82668 1189 Replace your slow turning alternator with an OVERDRIVE pulley. After that re install the crankshaft pulley. Next heat the device to 160 degrees Celsius to expand it. Remove the bar and chain from the saw. Align threaded hole in each pulley together. Position the pulley on the shaft and align the keyways. Step 6. This is my very first car a 2008 Chevy Aveo with about 100 000 miles on it. 99. see alternate cures All threads are RHT right hand threads lefty loosey righty tighty Some FWD engines turn backward and have LHT not this car. reseal the oil pump can 39 t get to it without removing the pulley. Joined Nov 2014. At this point the crank pulley does not need to be torqued but just enough to spin the motor. Install the bolt and step washer in the end of the supercharger input shaft. Cloyes 39 9 keyway crank sprockets give the installer the ability to correct or re position camshaft timing during engine assembly. A Woodruff key and keyway The keyway in the hub has a taper that matches that of the tapered key. Keyway Width 1 4 quot Made By An OEM Supplier Large Pulley OD 5 1 2 quot Small Pulley OD 3 1 2 quot 1 quot ID stepped down to 3 4 quot Mar 17 2016 To install the crankshaft pulley use the old bolt heat up the snout of the pulley with a heat gun on high for 10 15 minutes and slide the pulley onto the crankshaft as far as it will go then using the old bolt thread it in as far as it will go. Power Steering Pulley with Keyway 1966 74 Early Chevy GM Saginaw Power Steering Pumps 1 8 39 39 Keyway Single Groove V Belt Diameter 5. Loosen the pulley or collar on the EMT by removing the screwdriver wedge shift the collar or the pulley a bit to make the keyway cut the desired width and lock in place with the wedge end of the screwdriver. on my big block im running an 871 with a crank hub. 3 quot and could open it up about 1 8 quot more. a fluid damper is a no. Note Flanges for a cast pulley should be installed with screws. How to install front pulley balancer 1088649 Sun Mar 01 2015 03 09 AM. . I have tried pulling the key with pliers but I have burred the edges which may be the reason I can not get it out of the keyway and the pulley off the shaft. A. Install timing belt guide with cupped side away from crankshaft sprocket and flat side toward timing belt. Power steering pump pulley for use with short style 1955 1968 water pumps. Get the Power Steering Puller installer kit here https amzn. I always use red for these applications. 750 deep piece 11. I would set the key straight up and down and reset the pulley. 95 quot vs. Install shaft key in clutch plate allowing key to protrude about 1 8 quot from rear of clutch plate. the type of key is depend on user application and installation convenience. Your need a universal harmonic balancer puller. using a torque wrench. Push the tensioner pusher up against the tensioner pulley then install the upper bolt and torque it to 25 N. Place the pulley assembly onto the crankshaft. torque. a good billet balancer works fine as well. But it will mount to most Chevy GM engines with the correct mounting bracket. 76 quot diameter 0. 3 Wing Pulley Selection Chart 4. I also have scored brass bushings on the countershaft support bracket. Install the new belts on the pulleys. I have also had the valves ground. Specification ID 1 in. Removing the original ATl. Install crankshaft pulley and bolt. The loss of power is a gradual process so most owners don 39 t notice it until the car becomes very slow. Installing an Accessory Pulley Note Most LS dampers will include a front or rear pulley for OEM accessory drives. If ASP Bracket 020400 is not used install new belt. Feb 16 2019 Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I need some help. Clean shaft and fit hub to shaft as one unit nbsp 1 Nov 2008 the key I 39 m referring to is used to prevent slippage of a gear or pulley Installation is effortless and the customisation features make this the nbsp Keys and keyways prevent the shaft fron rotating on the bore and can assist in torque elements gear pulley and coupling must have a keyway and a keyseat. Insert the center bolt and tighten. Engineered for optimum fit and function this pulley is easy to install with no special tools or skills required. 19 Apr 2012 You can buy standard tension pulleys sets off of the internet. When I got back the Pajero it ideled like a tractor with lots of engine block movement and fluctuating revs. 0L SOHC OHV Underdog Underdrive Pulley Kit Install Tools Required 7mm socket 8mm socket 10mm socket 13mm socket 15mm socket 19mm socket 24 amp 8221 Breaker bar or Impact wrench amp 8221 socket wrench 3 8 amp 8221 socket wrench amp 8221 socket wrench Flathead screwdriver Adjustable strap wrench Harmonic Balancer Puller Tool or something similar Rent at PepBoys Autozone Fan Clutch Sep 22 2012 just giving info i know. As I did not replace the belt I left the little coolant hoses in place and just swung the belt out of the way. Buy Mophorn Torque Converter Comet Clutch Go Kart Clutch 40 Series 0. Then you use the starter motor to turn the engine DO NOT START IT JUST TURN IT for at most one or two revolutions of the crank. 7. For installation ensure that the crankshaft pulley bore and keyways are clean and free of any debris or corrosion. Keyway Grooved Fits A or B belts For 1 2 quot or 5 8 quot section belts 1 quot bore ball bearing style hub for smooth running For 3 thru 10 HP rating 1 4 quot keyway 4 quot OD pulley To install Make sure the crankshaft pulley keyway and groove is aligned with the oil pump timing mark and the camshaft pulley timing mark is in the 9 o 39 clock position. Failure to the damper hub can happen without the supporting key in the broached keyway slot. One pulley nut is 1 1 2 quot the other is 1 3 4 quot . 75 Inch Driven 1Inch Driver Clutch Pulley Set Kit Comet for 8 16 HP Engines 1 Inch Shaft with 1 4 Inch Flat Keyway Transmissions amp Parts Amazon. Conveyor belt pulleys are used to replace worn or damaged pulleys on a conveyor or to build a new conveyor system. The engine should be off and completely cold before you attempt to replace the idler pulley. Over the years many cars have had a pump change. Just in case it doesnt just pay attention to where it falls on the ground. Each time one of the 350 39 s spark plugs ignite the air fuel mixture within its cylinder the resulting explosion sends a tremendous vibration through the piston connecting rod and finally to the crankshaft. Install the pulley. Use a piece of wood on the crank pulley to gently tap it onto the crankshaft nose. While holding the pulley use a 17mm socket and remove the nut yellow arrow . It was formerly mounted on a different motor that has a flat spot on the shaft and was secured with just a couple of set screws. Examine key. You need it when you are putting a pulley on a shaft. Jul 29 2016 Note Remember to put on the engine mount bracket and metal guide before installing the bottom timing cover. STEP 8 Install woodruff key in the new pulley align the keyway of the factory pulley damper with the key on the new pulley and press the factory pulley damper onto the new pulley. They assured me that this is what their technicians replace when they do a 6th gen timing chain job 13028 ZK01C CHAIN CAMSHAFT Small camshaft chain Qty 2 A Pillow Block Bearing is a mounted anti friction bearing that is contained within a solid cast iron ductile iron or cast steel housing unit. Note. Designed for use with 396 454 Big Block Chevy not 572 not tall deck heads Long water 3. Reinstall the pulley bolt through the timing wheel and tighten to factory specifications. This might be the same for you but as I say your crank may have a different keyway cut in it. The accessory drive pulley completes the lower front of the engine. dont remember why but remember that much. Carefully tighten the 3 bolts in equal small increments to draw the pulleys together. Install the mainshaft from the Rower pul ley side until about 80 to seated loca tion. 5 Using the 3 provided holes in the jig drill into the end of the crankshaft . Make it smooth and as shiny as possible. Thank you Remove the crankshaft bolt from the crank. Insert timing pins 6 amp 7 . The keyway wear allowed the pulley to slip about 10 degrees which would be a 20 degree retard on the valve timing. How to replace a flywheel 1. Align crankshaft pulley key groove with key in crankshaft. The fix is pretty simple get a new key and a new crank pulley. It will thread in BACKWARDS into the crank. Using factory hardware install new water pump Taper Lock and QD Bushing Installation and Removal Taper Lock and QD bushing installation is critical to good belt drive performance. With the pulley all the way to one side it looked like the alignment was off far enough to allow the belt to come in contact with the edge of an idler pulley. If the keyway is loose there are oversized keyways available. Install the new pulley lock washer and nut by hand. 75 quot . Your still better to get the pulley to slide on the shaft first though. For either A or B section belt. DO NOT FORCE IT. Remove the spark plug5. Tighten the set screw to lock the pulley at this setting. Installation of Pulley . 4 A TUHD Bolt Dimensions 7. Use a Scotchbrite pad and penatrating oil to clean nose of crankshaft if needed. Then mount the lower pulley. This power steering pump pulley is easy to install. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Not for doing it but for using the 39 good 39 pots. b h c or r Standard size of b1 and b2 Tightening type Normal type nbsp Standard keyway dimensions and tolerances. Install the bolt and washer. A bit of fettling with a file to allow the crank pulley to fit on and it worked a treat. Place keys into the shaft keyways. Install a new key in the crankshaft keyway. Theres nothing nbsp 10 Dec 2017 You have to put in your own keyway groove and set screws. If you install a new tensioner pusher save the wire for future use. However you can make installation much easier by immersing the Damper in boiling water for 15 Feb 09 2000 Main crank pulley Alternator pulley Water pump pulley Bolts Tools. Aug 26 2020 Saginaw Power Steering Pump Keyway Pulley Bracket Kit. 1 A long rod should be welded to the nut and the pulley is then held stationary as the main pulley bolt is tightened. Rotate the pulley 45 and redrill the Pontiac pulley bolt holes to fit Fluidampr. The new bolts and washer can be To install NOTE An automatic transaxle damper must not be used on an manual equipped engine. Use the longer bolt supplied to pull the balancer onto the crankshaft. It is pre installed and meant to align with the keyway radius and shaft. If you are considering using one in no backlash mode over a long period of time we recommend setting the service factor based on load property to a high value. Pulley spacer Fluidampr 717656 may be required on some 1975 later engines. 6 Apply a hi temp silicon sealer to the pulley assembly keyway. Includes stainless steel hardware. Nut. To isolate pulley bearing noise use a mechanic 39 s stethoscope. Aug 25 2020 Includes 5 8 quot jackshaft full length 3 16 quot keyway 13 tooth and 18 tooth sprocket 2 bearing hangers 2 precision bearings with a snapring flange 2 3 16 x 3 4 keys 1 5 8 lock collar. Using factory nut install new alternator pulley with an impact gun. Keys and Keyways. I cracked the pulley and have mangled the key. Serpentine pulley size is measured from top of grooves and not outer rim. KEYWAYS ARE CUT IN FLUIDAMPR TO INDEX TIMING MARKS. May 01 2012 Then the pulley is best removed with two crowbar type bars with one one each side so you can get equal pry at same time. 4 Insert pin drill jig into the hub of the harmonic damper. You may also notice worn belt edges or squeaking. Replace rear cover and bearing cap. Nov 18 2018 I want to get a keyway broached into a cast iron pulley. The harmonic balancer is attached to the end of the crankshaft and absorbs and dampens engine vibration. Pull up to tighten and lock down front and rear support bracket bolts. Once all the critical measurements check out the damper is ready for installation. DO NOT run a double keyed damper on a crankshaft without the double keys. Mar 08 2010 I need to enlarge the bore on a solid steel 3 step pulley to 26mm from 22mm. Take note of how the seal sits in the recess to help with installation of the new one. Once that is installed turn the CRANK to TDC make sure you keep the cam gear at TDC pictured above . The puller shaft has the SAME THREADS as the damper bolt the hex head is machined down from this threaded shaft. 7 Install fan belt on to crank pulley and center top part over alternator shaft. On other models the alternator is on the bottom of the pulley system for the Using puller press pulley onto compressor. I filmed each step on a different pulley. I called Andy at PPP and we talked for awhile. While pulling the push mower belt from the transmission slide it over the transmission pulley. See a Mazda Shop Manual for comprehensive instructions on timing belt The keyway wear allowed the pulley to slip about 10 degrees which would be a 20 nbsp Place your pulley face down on a flat surface then put your ruler or caliper on top measure from outside Do not include any keyway in your measurement. So I took out the fans took out the belts removed the bolt and pulley. Install balancer belt drive pulley. 1 Weight Wipe a little grease inside the new pulley or on the shaft of the supercharger. California nbsp Removing factory air intake will allow easier installation of engine pulley. As the keyway wears further the timing becomes more retarded and the engine has less power. Shimano The lower pulley is called the tension pulley or T pulley and has a fixed rotational Aug 25 2020 Installation Instructions Remove the old clutch from the engine crankshaft. 860 quot Material Steel Mounting Hardware Included No Outside Diameter 7 1 4 quot Pulley Bolt Pattern 6 bolt holes evenly spaced. Sep 27 2019 You must also inspect the very front edge of the crankshaft keyway for damage. was changed in 1996 by a Suzuki TSB. 2 TUWS Dimensions 7. Install the new belt on the front gearcase pulley. its a press fit no key way style pulley. The stock crankshaft does not have a key but the sealant on the backside of the GM bolt provided will stop any oil from coming out of the front of the crankshaft snout. The double keyway option requires that the factory or aftermarket crankshaft be removed from the engine and a second keyway cut into the snout of the crankshaft. Now we can take a key and test fit the freshly broached pulley with a shaft. Slide the new pulley on making sure to capture the key in the keyway. 625 quot nbsp Saginaw Type 1 power steering pump that accepts a keyway pulley Comprehensive Installation Instructions Billet Specialties doesn 39 t include the belts with nbsp This Spectre Power Steering Pulley features an all steel construction and was designed for GM vehicles with a keyway style pump through 1984. See information about V grooved pulley alignment. Crankshaft pulley 9 . Alt4. Note The 3 8 Accu Link belt is a fractional horsepower belt. Replace the crankshaft pulley and bolt. Install new pulley with internal hex bolts supplied. Install the new push mower belt through the opening in the deck housing. Tech Tips on Installing a Harmonic Balancer on a 350 Chevy by John Stevens J. All brackets and pulleys are machined from 6061 T6 billet aluminum amp polished to a mirror finish. If any burs or corrosion exists remove as necessary. I also polish up the shaft. Observe position of pulley relative to camshaft keyway. Problem is that friction is sizable with the crank sprocket timing belt in place. This will stop oil seepage. Nov 14 2012 Cutting a keyway in the motor pulley of my Southbend drillpress using my 9 39 lathe and a boring bar. Install and I noticed some play in the pulley recently while replacing the the drive belt and the pulley seems to be tight. Get your self a piece of clean nylon cord about 12 long and stuff about 4 inches of it or so in to the cylinde To install the belts I find putting the SC belt on with the idler pulley removed and then installing the pulley is easiest for me. Step 8 Install hub of factory harmonic balancer pulley in counter bore of new pulley. Here is the key in the brand new pulley underdrive crankshaft balancer pulley. I cannot find the proper tool in town for holding the pulley so my three options I have are 1 when I get the new pulley delivered use it as a template to make a SST for holding the pulley. The keyed slot on this pulley has been machined to provide a tight fit of the woodruff key to prevent slippage nbsp 8 Mar 2014 Just what the title says installing the curved surface flat belt pulleys that were made for the J. While your crankshaft does not have a keyway the balancer hub will. 6 and 1. Install hub of factory harmonic balancer pulley in counter bore of new pulley. Thermodynamically designed clutch shoe increases the clutch 39 s capacity to absorb heat without damaging the clutch springs thereby providing a longer service life even in the most demanding applications. If you do not have a set of dial calipers you should take the arbor pulley to a machine shop to have it measured. Place shaft into pulley being careful not to damage the bore of the hubs. May 03 2017 Installation. Jun 30 2020 The motor shaft has a keyway and the pulley had a keyway. 3 bolt pulleys are found on dampers with a length of 3 quot 4 bolt pulleys are used on 4 quot dampers and 3. 3 4 in. You wouldn 39 t believe how much trouble I got in for doing this with some piston pins with my Mom. Turn tensioner pulley anti clockwise to release tension on belt. puller to remove the damper. GrimmSpeed designed the pulley with the optimum weight for performance while avoiding misfire CEL 39 s and engine hesitation. pulley imperialshaft. New key is held in with loctite as well. Step 8 Installing the ASP damper use the supplied bolt. To install pulley on drive end 1. It cools the engine and it energizes the ignition coil to fire the plug on each revolution. After talking to my installer we thought that maybe we somehow broke the crank seal but that just didn 39 t sit well with me. The pulley is positioned on the blower shaft. When installed these keys fill oval keyways completely reducing stress on the key Install them in keyways to transmit torque from shafts to gears and other nbsp The keyway location is not important. I made a custom woodruff key at work to fit the wider keyway with a small shoulder that the crank pulley pushed back into the keyway should it ever move. Stretch the belt toward the lower pulley and carefully work the belt onto the edge NOTE The keyway in the SLP pulley is designed for both stock and aftermarket crankshafts. SUGGESTED INSTALLATION OF KEYED PULLEY. It 39 s important to clean these chips before broaching another keyway. 10 quot deep if that helps you any. 6 When you install a pulley on a shaft with a machined keyway . Standard keyway with setscrew. The factory Jul 10 2013 A new tensioner pusher comes with its pin held compressed by a special wire. As you tighten the included screws the bushing grips the shaft and pulls it into the sprocket or pulley. diameter Bore opening has keyway Includes set screw Always use the pulley size recommended by cooler manufacturer The purpose of this pulley is to apply tension to the belt that drives the shaft unfortunately over time it may wear out or get damaged eventually requiring a replacement. New Guy. 6 Get ready to install the new belts. for easy installation the belt be secured with a double clip or equivalent clips after it is installed to each Easy step by step repair guide on how to replace an automotive serpentine belt tensioner configuration may vary but the steps will be similar. Same as E second groove . A 460 gas doesn 39 t have a rubber membrane to worry about you can heat them a little slide them in and use a piece of tubing or pipe to push or drive on far enough to get the nut started . Clean up the shavings and remove your covers from protected parts. This how to shows you how to install an aftermarket underdrive crankshaft pulley. A new one from 1AAuto it 39 s going to go in. Use seal puller to remove the timing cover seal see warnings . Nov 11 2005 The crank pulley wasnt re installed correctly and worked its way loose enough to damage the key and likely its keyway too. im sure experts will chime in. To assist in the assembly disassembly testing of units in the field a. Jun 23 2014 A 58 inch shaft with a keyway and nut to retain the pulley was used from its inception until 1974. If you experience backlash greater than 4 it may be necessary to use an undersized belt or oversized upper pulley. TB WOOD 39 S standard V belt pulley is designed for use with V belt section 3L 4L A and AX. If the rubber dry rots or becomes worn out the pulley will wobble make noise or seem loose. 3 lbs 8. It is a high quality item is made of durable metal and is sold individually keep in mind the hardware to secure it is sold separately. Ensure locking tool fitted to camshaft sprockets 4 . I have a toro super recycler model 20464 and need to replace the drive pulley on the bottem shaft I have the new cast pulley from toro do I tap it on with a socket in the center of the pulley until the key way seats all the way on the shaft. Reinstall the belt. Securing a Pulley to the Motor Drive Shaft. If installed correctly no need for the set screw. Get a Big washer Any good hardware should have something. Very unnerving and upsetting. Ensure crankshaft sprocket timing mark located one tooth to left of Using varying grits of emory on a lathe I remove all the dirt and rust and probably a small measurement of metal to where the pulley slides about 1 3rd of the way on the shaft. Note This video is intended to give you the general idea of the part replacement procedure. Seemed unlikely. 19. The old key was worn and allowed the slippage. 2. Aluminum power steering pump pulley. 10. Gently press pulley onto shaft. Those taper lock pulleys clamp on a shaft real tight I like them. Also I tested the electrical system properly with 2 hands before filming During the film I neglect to show testing each phase to ground. Secure with a Lock Nut. NOTE Timing belt and tensioner pulley MUST be replaced. The following cog pulley technical information will give the end user a better understanding of the specifications tolerances and computations of our timing belt pulleys. If no front pulley is used and or you choose not to use a front or rear mounted pulley you MUST still put the additional 3 bolts through the unit for a total of 9 bolts holding the assembly together and to the hub. For that matter show me the mark on lower timing cover which would indicate in concert with the crank pulley the location for TDC. Replace Exmark 103 2795. chickenhauler is nbsp These pulleys are affixed to the shaft by means of two setscrews located 120 in most instances keyway and key pulley installation can be accomplished in nbsp and the belt pulley are both installed with taper fit hubs and no keyways. 4lb 14. Re Unable to install keyway steering pulley on new pump You could try a drop of crazy glue on the bottom of the key and put it in the shaft so it 39 s level front to back and then put the pulley on. Jan 27 2017 necessary to remove adjustment rod install belt and re install adjustment rod and tighten. Even if you don 39 t purchase that alternator the description lists all of the many GM vehicles that this model was used on Saginaw Type 1 power steering pump that accepts a keyway pulley These Type 1 pumps were made to accept 2 different pulleys A keyway pulley with this version the pump shaft has a rectangle key that drives Oct 04 2012 With the key in position align the keyway on the vibration damper hub with the crankshaft key and tap the damper onto the crankshaft. Use these basic steps to replace the drive motor in ProForm Weslo Horizon Weider Lifestyler NordicTrack and Sole treadmills. . 70 quot version will not work Fluidampr DIY Video for X5 35D Skip to 5 35 for docoupler pulley install info Replace the vanes making sure the vane notches are facing the shaft and the curved quot worn in quot surfaces are facing the housing. If your woodruff keyway is damaged in the crankshaft you need an excellent machinist to remake this dont let him weld on the shaft ask for him to make a proper and larger woodruff key Sep 10 2019 Starting with driver pulley install timing belt in a counterclockwise sequence. Feb 12 2007 Fit the water pump pulley after you trim to be sure you have sufficient clearance. Continue filing. Step 7 Grease the bore of the new ASP damper not much is needed and a little on the front face where the bolt is going to ride. fluid or rust gets between the shaft and pulley and a slight amount of heat or puller is needed to remove the pulley do not overheat. Insert 3 5 16 or 3 8 pulley bolts through the front pulley through the damper body and through the 3 8 tapped holes in the hub. I noticed some play in the pulley recently while replacing the the drive belt and the pulley seems to be tight. STEP 8 Attach the pulley assembly to the crankshaft using the new bolt provided and the original crank bolt washer. Install the vibration damper retaining bolt and washer. Styles P1 P2 and Q1 also come with a key that fits a matching keyway on the sprocket or pulley for high torque applications. Just enough to break the bolt loose. Mar 26 2015 Step 6 Re install crank pulley. Since our crank snouts don 39 t have a keyway on it the hole needs to be filled in on the pulley. Install the cam pulley ITEM 6 . It should spin smoothly. They are available from McMaster Carr. 17. Back when I was running the F body the underdrive pulley was a suggested fix and I had good luck with it. Jul 23 2010 What you need to know BEFORE you install a bushed pulley is that one set of these holes is used as JACKS to jack the bushing back out of the pulley. It 39 s amazing how just a little rust will bind up the works. T. Clickspring Honda GCV 160 Pressure Washer Shaft Key Keyway Failure. 1 product rating Pulley Power Steering GM Double Belt Bolt On Chrome 4487 for Keyway Style Pump This will keep the pulley dampener from falling to the ground when it clears the end of the crankshaft. Nov 29 2009 If the pulley can move on the shaft I would use a small punch to move the key so it lays down flat or grind off the high end with a file or Dremel tool. It will work well on machines such as Bench Top Drill the tensioner pulley is the only pulley that isnt attached to any type of fixture it is a pulley that sits alone and all you need is a socket wrench to loosen it loosen it until you can move the belt and take off remeber what order the belt goes on to replace it draw a diagram if you have to . I 39 ve got a GM Saginaw style pump with a keyway style pulley. I had to turn down the motor shaft from 1 1 8 quot to 15 16 quot because the pulley shaft was 1 quot . The set screw should be over that keyway and will lock the key in place. Install the crank pulley and torque to 180 ft lbs. Our Blower Pulley inhibits rust and corrosion. This is due to the fact you ll need to remove the fan assembly to have enough room to work with a 3 jaw . Install a Fluidampr viscous damper to reduce wear on the main bearings and timing gear achieve more accurate valvetrain operation and lower the risk of crank failure. 7 hemi I can not find the factory 8512a install tool anywhere locally and can not locate any 14x1. To get a closer look at what 39 s inside a pro tool box check out our Pro Tool Box Check . Now install exhaust camshaft pulley and tighten the new bolt hand tight. No other way around it. Be sure to lift up the fan belt follower to avoid breaking it. Stealth Black Billet Aluminum Chrysler Mopar Power Steering Pulley V belt. If you do not damage can occur to your pulley or crankshaft. With the belt off try to spin the pulley with your hand a few times and observe its movement. The key a square piece of steel 1 4 in cross section they vary in size usually 1 1 4 long or so goes in the channels when they are lined up. The felt seal was replaced and the MGA timing cover was reused. Florida. Mar 01 2013 The pump coupler deteriorates over time causing vibration and noise when the hydraulic pump is running. So after attempting to torque the bolt to the 131 ft lbs. Often times I purchased shafts that already have the keyway machined in them. Step 6 Check the car. If a key is used place this first into the keyway of the shaft. Align pulley keyway with crankshaft key . Make sure there is a tolerance between the key and the bore keyway. Install No. First time user so will get to the point. The KEY in shaft and pulley is what keeps it spinning when turning. Once belts are installed install idler pulley cover 302 A and tighten with three 8 32 x 3 8 S022 Install the damper bolt and washer and torque to 70 to 90 ft lbs. Flat washer. Shaft and Hub Keyway and Key Sizes Keys connecting shafts to pulley hubs are commonly used to achieve reliable no slip power transmission in belt drive systems. Woodruff key. Use dimension E amp F to find proper pulley if you have a keyway power steering pump mounted to the engine with no pulley nbsp pulley mainshaft keyway notch aligned. Aug 19 2020 A keyway is a square channel machined into round a steel bar. It is manufactured using high quality materials to the same specifications as the original part. Position the timing wheel assembly into the crank pulley making sure the tab on the wheel mounting surface engages the keyway in the crank pulley and is seated fully flush to the pulley. Sep 10 2014 I couldn t quite firgure out what you were saying about a mechanic having removed somethgin to replace a seal but if they had to remove the crank bolt they may have forgotten to tighten it when they started it up the first time and caused that damage as that looks like the pulley was not fully on when the damage to the keyway occurred. Slowly turn pulley to align keyway with key on crank and continue to slide remove the varable speed pulley replace both belts re install varable speed pulley your done. Loosen and ten retighten adjusting nut. Jul 16 2012 I 39 m thinking when the keyway is cut the crankshaft is chucked up on centers and indexed to the correct position to cut the keyway. You could replace the pulley with a taper lock hub pulley they will normally tighten up on a undersized shaft. It usually stays in the cutout in the crankshaft. Ensure that both variator levers are properly seated in the housing. Position the blade adapter on the engine crankshaft. 00645 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The 17mm tool size crank bolt torque spec. Step 11 Immerse the damper in boiling water for 15 minutes. What to Do if It Fails Replace the crankshaft. Remove the clutch starter recoil cover from the saw. Use a ruler to measure a point approximately 7 8 quot from the outboard end of the crankshaft to the center of the keyway. You can now slide the pulley onto the shaft. Pfeifer Industries specializes in the manufacturer of both prototype custom and production run timing belt pulleys. Securing a Pulley to the Motor Drive Shaft Keys and Keyways Most vee pulleys are made from aluminium or steel and secured to the shaft of the motor via a key and keyway. Slight burrs may be removed with a file. STEP 8 Install woodruff key in the new pulley align the keyway of the factory pulley damper with the key on the. It can be a slow patient process but the EMT filing guide allows you to produce a good keyway. Repairing damaged crank keyway amp replacing the seal. use torch to heat pulley place ice on shaft. 3 TULD Dimensions 7. m 15 lb ft . Once the motor is installed onto the motor mounting plate you can install the first circlip this first circlip prevents the pulley from sliding towards the motor plate. Includes milling a key nbsp 23 Mar 2016 Machining A Replacement Pulley With A Keyway. Designed to bolt right on and align correctly the first time. For use with our 910 32908 power steering pump Use with 2 groove lower crank pulley when using P S bracket 916 67920 Pulley runs off outer groove of lower crank pulley 5 8 quot shaft hole w keyway groove key stock not included must use original Chamfered on the back side to allow Jul 28 2017 Position the blade adapter engine pulley on the engine crankshaft. This is an authentic OEM part for use with Husqvarna Lawn Mowers. Use part number BCR3PS with 440 PSBRKT. Slip the new damper on the crank and align the key to keyway. A long rod should be welded to the nut and the pulley is then held stationary as the main pulley bolt is tightened. In order to afford sufficient fore aft adjustment to align the alternator pulley with the new crankshaft and water pump pulleys you may need to shave a small amount off of the water pump s mounting ear. NOTE Mark direction of rotation on belt with chalk if belt is to be reused. This makes the installation process easy. I 39 ll take some fine grit sandpaper and clean off the crank and the inside of the pulley and see if I can push it on further. Failure to do so can result in the broach jamming in the bore. Optional 7. 5 all thread or nuts to make a tool to do it. In most vehicle applications the pulley can be disconnected from the tensioner and then replaced. Brush loose and scale rust from around the pulley hub pulley retaining bolt and pulley shaft with a wire brush. The trick here is to install the locktab washer and the crank dog nut tighten the nut securely and bend up one edge of the washer against one flat on the nut. If the belt do not fit easily into the crank pulley use an long object like a long 3 8 quot extension to push the belt into the crank pulley. At this step never hammer the harmonic balancer into the engine. Right on top. A keyway is a small slot approximatly 1 4 quot in width and 1 1 2 quot long. 3 quot X 3 4 quot Cast Iron Pulley Part 13 5879. Inspect the keyway and flywheel for damage. Slide PERRIN Lightened pulley onto crank. 9 NON TDI motors and please show me the notch or reference point for using the crank pulley to time the motor. Install the timing belt alignment washer onto the crankshaft. Ensure crankshaft sprocket keyway at 6 o clock position 2 . See the photo. Keyway 1 4 in. You could probably even get a local welding shop to do it for nothing or next to nothing if you told them the what you are trying to do and th INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS XT QD HE amp TAPERLOCK BUSHINGS To request additional information or for questions about the quality or installation of this product please call PCI Customer Service at 989 358 6149 NOTE Follow instructions carefully to ensure satisfactory performance of pulley amp bushings. If the flexible pump coupler breaks or the coupler is worn use the manufacturer approved replacement part to install a new one. In addition to a timing belt kit with all the seals water pump belt and a ton of PB blaster i had to get a new pulley boss key crank bolt new crank gearand JB Weld the crank gear and key on there just to get rid of most of the wobble. Position pulley on crankshaft and align key to keyway. To remove the alternator pulley use a 1 2 quot Drive impact wrench to loosen the nut. 1. get another drill. If the crank has a keyway then it is likely you will need a holder so that you can specifically match the pulley to the key way but I think Mazda did away with this back on the later Miatas and haven 39 t used a woodruff key since . The holes in the hub are offset so the balancer only fits on it one way but there s no keyway in the hub to index the hub on the crank. c. Ensure high pressure fuel pump sprocket timing mark aligned as Aug 03 2013 B. Home gt Products Online Catalog gt Bushings Taper Lock QD etc. Billet Aluminum Chrysler Power Steering Pulley V Belt. 3 4 Jackshaft Kits 40 Chain Unthreaded Hilliard Extreme Duty clutches are ideal for the everyday demands of go karts and youth model snowmobiles. The keyway location is not important. assuming you can get quill assy apart Alt3 2 cuts into pulley parallel to shaft 180 apart use chisel or screwdriver to split pulley. Know where the key is on the crankshaft. The pulley is then attached to the tensioner and acts as a guide for the tensioner to function. Loop one end of the belt around the upper pulley. Single Groove. You just need to replace it and your problem should be solved. supercharger versions they will pass through a hole Jul 12 2015 NOTE Install the motor onto the motor mounting plate before you install your pulley. Disconnect the spark plug lead and slowly pull the starter handle until the crankshaft keyway is facing upward. 27 Nov 2007 I personally would have a keyway put into the shaft. Campagnolo The upper wheel is indicated as upper. Clean up any damage and install the new key maybe with some Loctite 660 if you really mess up the keyway on the crank then re install the timing gear and timing belt and re time the engine then re install the crank pulley etc. When further examined the damper which the bolt is attached to is spinning but not the pulley it 39 s self. Also be sure to grease the tool threads and the thrust washer to prevent galling. OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer 39 s part numbers specified here. Using clutch plate remover installer press clutch plate onto compressor. I recommend Loc tite. 1 TUTT Dimensions 7. Saginaw quot Key Way quot Power Steering Pump. The problem is the keyway. 2. One month later I had the same problem and was told I had to replace the timing sprocket. Jul 28 2017 The key must be in good condition to work properly. NOTE Guide pulley G1 only fitted to BCA engine. CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum pulley makes no compromise. Marked with a timing mark and perfect cut keyway makes this install a breeze. Place the tip of the stethoscope on the non moving center bolt of the idler pulley shown in Figure 2 . The pulley does not even seem really attached to the shaft any longer. Tension the belts. Use Loctite 454 or similar. Fits most Small and Big Block Chrysler engines 318 340 amp 360 . Please note This pulley is designed to work with power steering pumps that have a threaded shaft and key way groove. Set your torque wrench to 94ft lbs. It is designed for trouble free operatation in your evaporative cooler. how to install a pulley with a keyway

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