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accura bullets load data Then loaded up some 165 Ranier FP plated bullets and put them all in a 2 quot squareand the same with some 155 Berry 39 s FP HB. Reloading Equipment. As for the powder go to Hodgdon 39 s web site and use their load data center info on charges bullet types good site. That 39 s from a longer barrel while out of a snubbie it generates more like mid 800s fps. com _____ PeepRib Peep Sights for CVA Optima Kodiak Wolf and Accura. 30 Caliber 7. We are still manufacturing bullets on a daily basis and our store is updated most afternoons but things sell out quick. SPT 48. These bullets look impresive they seem massive with the true . My load for my 39 lightweight muzzleloader 39 . I found a load that would put five rounds into an inch and a half at two hundred yards. RMR Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Dec 15 2016 I found the load data that Lee provides is good for at least 100yds. for 159 amp 161 gr cast boolits. 243 Win 6. Best site for precision rifle accuracy and accurate shooting. Another REALLY nice thing about it is that it cleans up with just Hoppe 39 s and you DO NOT use water clean up . 223 30 32 380 9mm 38 357 10mm 40 44 45 After loading the powder you must load and seat the bullet. 290 GR. That 39 s too much powder for a std. This is only a guide as individual barrels will vary. 4 gr. Try a starting load of 51. Veteran owned and operated. SWCBB and my S amp W 29 2 with Accura Outdoors Bullets This includes Hodgdon as well that publishes three pellet load data for quot IMR White Hots quot although they quot warn quot you that you can 39 t use it. Load Development Brian used Redding dies to assemble . 40 S amp W and . 356 quot 124 gr HBFPTP 1000 ct the bullet and improve accuracy. 2 Less smoke as associated with traditional wax lubed bullets. Now he said with puffed authority if you shoot a conical bullet you can load as much powder as you like. 7mm Remington Magnum Accuracy Loads With Berger Bullets The Traditions Buckstalker is an excellent black powder rifle for hunting medium to large game. Excellent product consistant accurate bullet quick shipping and the brass exchange program makes shooting your products a quot NO BRAINER quot I can 39 t wait till I use up my supplies of 380 amp 9MM bullets so I can change over to your supplies Don 39 t change a thing while I sing your praises to all my loading community While the black . If you have any questions about muzzleloader bullets feel free to call us at 1 855 236 5000. Whether you are looking for copper plated bulk reloading lead safe or sporting handgun bullets CAMPRO offers an impressive array of bullets to take your shooting up a notch. Aug 30 2020 5. Aug 28 2020 Recommended Loading Data Table Last Updated on Fri 28 Aug 2020 CVA Optima The proper charge for any muzzleloading firearm is an efficient load which provides consistent ignition and velocity while keeping breech pressures below the maximum safe levels. The new Accura MR is a muzzleloader that is long overdue. This degree of precision is attained because ACCURA V2 LR rifles are equipped with 30 quot premium custom quality Ber The thin copper plating greatly reduces bore friction for higher velocities while still allowing for optimal bullet expansion within the rifling grooves. Sep 15 2012 Both of the above loads shoot to same POI 100 yds. Jul 11 2018 Some manuals will list Rainier bullets or Speer gold dots. There 39 s no need to remove the breech plug for cleanup. 18 quot collapsed 61 quot extended The Accura MR mountain rifle Muzzleloader The ACCURA MR is CVA s newest addition to the ACCURA family of premium muzzleloading rifles. I would like to use Nosler slug. Speer Hot Cor Semi Spitzer Soft Point Bullets NEW 2nds. With tolerances such as these we expected this gun to be very accurate We tested the Accura with the 250 grain and 300 grain Powerbelt AeroLite bullets and the 260 grain and 300 grain Harvester Scorpion PT Gold bullets with black Crushed Rib Sabots. BULLETS 300AAC BRASS 500cnt. This is a limited recall and ONLY applies to this lot number of Accurate 2520. I didn 39 t chrony or shoot this load at 200 because I couldn 39 t take the recoil so I dropped back to 90 gr. IMG IMG Look forward to more reports of load development for the CVA depriming tool breech plug cleaner Load thru funnel and load data We test every CVA Hunter conversion for accuracy before shipping and guarantee 1 MOA or better accuracy at 100yd with loads used in testing. 8mm . go to John Taffin tests These are all published loads. ee Accuraoutdoors Personally I would run the Lyman load at 7. Ya just never know I guess. 146. I would not recommend going below the starting load published for jacketed bullets. And ironically the best mushrooming bullet of all of them were the bullets you are shooting the XTP 39 s. This Muzzleloader Ballistics chart should help you decide which muzzleloading bullet will shoot best in your muzzleloader. from All CVA ACCURA V2 LR models provide a level of accuracy performance that is unequaled by any break action muzzleloaders on the market today. The heavy bullets like the 69 grain bullets or heavier need a minimum of 1 8 twist to stabilize and preferably a 1 7 as you go even heavier towards 80 grain bullets. 8mm dataand it does . Jul 07 2017 Just receiver Loadbooks data but still not at a starting point. 3555 130gr FMJ 100 per bag Sep 17 2014 Our standard load is 120 gr Pyrodex pellets under this bullet touched off by a 209 shotgun primer. I started at 60gns. 500 amp quot 250gr Thor CCI 209Mag primers. I ll include the bullets pictured pic rail 3 BH tubes BH Breechplug and a container of BH. 50 caliber front loader. 498 0. 4 Dec 2017 110 grains of blackhorn and a 290 grain Barnes TMZ. This design makes your rifle easy to load prime and clean. 430 in length and if I press it to the recommended amount of COL . Step Two Converting Ballistic Data into Target Knob Settings. 0 grains ca 2525 Fps Maximum load 20. The Bullet Guiding Muzzle is deserving of a pinpoint accuracy while the trigger breeching lever and internal parts are the same as those in the Accura V2. If you have a load for a cast lead bullet that will transfer across the board as far as our bullets go. I 39 m also going to try the Powerbelt Platinum Accura Bullets LLC 2316 East Railroad Street Nampa ID 83687 208 466 9975 Visit Website Get Directions Similar Businesses. Given the various game department regulations across the country as well as hunter preference we felt that hunters needed to know if this rifle would shoot It was not as good with 300 grain bullets. Never exceed maximum loads because excessive chamber pressure will result. Not a ton of data there but each died with one shot and less than 30 yard recoveries. Black diamond we use the same bullets but using pyrodex it does not group as well with the triple 7. Use 150gr by volume of BH209 and a really heavy bullet will easily get you into dangerous territory. . 5744 is characterized by excellent ignition and consistency over a very wide performance range. O. 3 grain load to be the most stable and consistent in all rifles and safe under all conditions. In 38 I keep them to under 900 feet per second in 45 about the same but I have pushed the 9s faster to just about 1000 fps. Well the bullets themselves are quiet nice. We were able to fire successive rounds without swabbing the barrel and the bullets did not climb they remained on target. Legend. My V2 shoots better than 1 MOA. I was able to keep all the Accura FP bullets on a 9 quot paperplate in probably a 6 quot group. 56x45mm NATO ammo rifle AmmoSeek. 4. McGarity he had data to show that barrels treated with the black or deformation of the bullet as you load it into the barrel prior to using the ramrod. 91 H4350 is an extruded propellant in our Extreme series that has been one of our most popular powders with shooters for decades. com This is an excerpt from our longer video on reloading 357Sig where we focused on Accura nbsp 22 Sep 2017 Factory tour of Accura Outdoors with Shoot Straight TV. I shot the 44 Russian rounds featured on the Trail Boss video May 30 2017 This is an excerpt from our longer video on reloading 357Sig where we focused on Accura Outdoors brand bullets. Read your powder and muzzle loader instructions. Slightly oversized Harvester Crush Rib High Pressure sabot fitting those rifles with slightly larger bores i. I 39 d really recommend the Barnes bullets performance wise nbsp Would fluctuations in bullet weight or loose manufacturing tolerances cause the fluctuations I 39 m seeing in my data or is it likely something else such as irregular nbsp CVAs Accura MR Black Nitride Rifle NAMLH html m11043423 In our discussions with Mr. 97. 2010 Accura Optima 4. 1. Filed in May 23 2016 the ACCURA OUTDOORS covers component parts for guns not including component parts for muzzle loading firearms bullets ACCURA OUTDOORS Trademark Serial Number 87046803 Justia Trademarks Prvi Partizan Bullet 38cal . 38 Spl. AEROTIP ELR BULLETS . 9mm . The X Bullet platform allows for superior levels of penetration expansion and weight retention factors that add up to superior terminal ballistics. My mistake I typed 50gr but meant 40. The Weldcore is available to reloaders. Reloading Components Handgun and Rifle Reloading Bullets for Sale Online. Really like that blackhorn powder and the gun is a track driver. 22 Sep 2019 Yes I have shot quite a bit of PowerBond bullets in 9mm 40S amp W 45ACP and due to slightly thicker plating was able to use jacketed load data nbsp Sometimes this data was needed to determine if a particular load was even Accura Outdoors 9mm 124 grain HP Accura Outdoors 38 cal 125 grain HP nbsp Accura Bullets Reloading including Accura Premium Powerbond Bullets . Conn. The place to correctly measure seated bullet tilt run out is as close to the meplat as possible. Use a bullet starter to push the bullet into the rifling. load for TC 14 inch 223 I am new to this website but have been a BIG TC fan for years. Using powder with the pellet breech I could hear click boom not so with this bh209 breech. Hot barrel no stopping to The best source hunting reloading gunsmithing and any other shooting related ideas. Our test of modern muzzleloaders loads and propellants blows away some of the most commonly held beliefs about in lines and reveals what Personally I would run the Lyman load at 7. I am working with an SKS rifle and wanted a subsonic load with a 180 and 220 grain bullets. The AccuBond Long Range LR bullet line was developed in response to the escalating demand from long range hunters who were asking for a hunting bullet that could keep up with today s level of high grade optics and ultra high velocity cartridges in order to stretch practical shooting yardages past 1 000 yards yet still perform on big game animals. 5 Grendel 50 Bag Hornady Lock N Load Modified Case quot A quot Series Top Brass. Table 2 and Figure 2 shows the ballistics data for a 50 caliber muzzleloader bullet. com Has anyone shot the New CVA Accura V2 LR . Accuracy knockdown power and an extended hunting season are all benefits this firearm offers for the budget minded hunter especially in areas where high powered rifles are restricted. com has load data for . I 39 ve got the recipe for each powder but my concern is the COL. Feb 15 2012 They say to use data for jacketed loads however I have never seen or heard of such a bullet. 24. 458 in 325 grain bullets in crush rib sabots with 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 through my new CVA Accura MR. I had fun making this We tested the Accura with the 250 grain and 300 grain Powerbelt AeroLite bullets and the 260 grain and 300 grain Harvester Scorpion PT Gold bullets with their black Crushed Rib Sabots. Our ACCURA Mountain Rifle joins the ACCURA V2 models which are already among the most popular top of the line muzzleloaders on the market today. During that time Hodgdon has modernized H4350 by shortening the grains for improved metering and making it insensitive to hot and cold temperatures. When you figure out the size he sends the bullets first with an invoice. During this time many of you have noticed that many of our products are quot out of stock quot . Heavy bullet load for 45 ACP I found I could load 250 grain Lazercast 45 Colt bullets sized 452 with Alliant Unique at a charge of 4. I personally have always been able to find some load data. 50 BMG than the VhitiVouri 20N29. After a full jug of BH209 countless rounds of different bullets sabots and powder loads I ended up back where I started. This is a short unrifled section at the muzzle that allows easy insertion of the bullet into the bore. This chart will help you select the bullet weight which is most likely to result in the best accuracy. Case dimensions are also included. Do a google search. Rated 3. 2 10 2020 Previous load worked in my friend 39 s gun. 356 125gr RN BULLET NLG BB COATED 500b . Your exact trajectory will vary depending on temperature barometric pressure humidity etc. 50 caliber Accura V2 LR shoots with top end muzzleloading hunters are now demanding out of their rifle and load. Yes I am new to the muzzle loader world. 355 quot 147 gr FP 500 ct Accura Bullets LLC IP9147FP FP 9 mm 0. May 21 2010 WARNING. Over 60 profiles and grain weights of the shooting industry 39 s Superior Plated Bullets. Other times it was curiosity of how consistent one brand was compared to another brand. I know that the load data provided in the books will clock slower speeds over my chronograph when I shoot them through a less than 2 inch barrel but what I 39 m really looking for is Jun 07 2020 Accura Monopod for auction. Hopefully new muzzleloader shooters will now have a good starting point for working up loads. i called and asked for help finding load info and was told we don t do that. Reply New CVA Accura V2 NW 50cal Jan 7 2017 16 40 11 GMT 7 . What 39 s New for 2020 After receiving some minor upgrades last year the 2020 Acura NSX is essentially unchanged from the 2019 NSX. Inlines sidelocks or smokeless all questions are good ones Don 39 t be afraid to ask questions. 561 and the initial . 50 cal diameter. I 39 m certainly happy with this bullet and the service received has been super. All bullets are cast with 92 6 2 alloy then coated with HiTek coating that molecularly bonds to the bullet. Attachment IMG_20170730_225352. For my . Lock MZ System provides outstanding accuracy in a non sabot design that 39 s easy to load scrubs fouling from the breech and ensures consistent bullet seating. cartridges cycled properly and shots landed where expected. First and foremost though it gets there precisely shot after shot it 39 s the most accurate varmint bullet you can shoot. Please visit their website at the link above for great offers on reloading bullets. FTX loading is only 110 grains it has an advertised velocity just over 1000 fps. Some were a little better than others. whatdoyouguysthink May 21 2010 WARNING. From . L. 0grs AA 5 for 115gr Sierra JHP. I also reduced COL to 1. 300 Blackout we will have you covered. faster than out of the 24 inch Strike Redemption barrel. Holy crap you will lose 40fps at most vs a standard Accura and gain a tiny bit if you shoot a PR. The heavier longer match bullets cannot be loaded to magazine length but are an excellent choice for single shot shooting especially at longer ranges. 99. 45 ACP data is now available in the Load Data tab at the top of the page. It 39 s important to note that when using cast bullets you will need to use gas checks since the velocities reached with . Make sure you use rifle load data for a rifle and pistol load data for a revolver different safe pressures . Shot several different loads and bullets at 10 yards from a Glock 20SF 3 with Lone Wolf barrel. com They use a different bullet but you can still use the data because you always want to begin with a Start Charge and gradually work up from there as stated in the load manuals. Mr. If you can t find any data for plated some people say to split the difference between jacketed and lead in terms of max load velocity. Oct 30 2019 The best bullets to put through your frontloader Better range. C. 62 x 39 Russian 30 06 Springfield 300 H amp H Magnum 300 Phoenix 30 8 Remington Magnum I want to start reloading for my 270 wsm browning A bolt. Tired of the run of the mill bullet Academy Sports Outdoors has a large selection of reloading kits and reloading equipment to put the power back in your hands providing all of the tools needed to load your own firearm cartridges or shotgun shells by putting together each component yourself rather than relying on fully assembled ammo. This load was very accurate for me. The flash channel stays clean and ready for the next load. Selective laser sintering 2 in 1 week heat deflection temperature under a load of 8 Mpa data commercially not available nbsp Made in Idaho. Bulk Reloading Projectiles with quantity discounts. Jan 04 2013 I typically read reloading manuals powder manufacturer s published load data and also published load data from individuals online such as the load data published on www. We have found that our bullets can be loaded with any jacketed load data found in most re loading manuals and websites. Bulk Copper Plated Bullets. Can anyone make a suggestion. 458 quot bullet. www. 44 Special data if you 39 ve got access to . I knew I was going to have to slow the bullet down to get consistent flight out of a fast twist barrel. 1. 970 very little of the bullet will be seated into the case. Jun 01 2012 The Optima will safely handle loads up to 120 grains of loose powder as reported to me by another field tester however with loads beyond 95 grains the recoil becomes quite excessive and the accuracy begins to suffer. Load Data. A. I shot this in a Star Firestar and it appears to be a light shooting load cases eject half the distance they eject from standard hardball loads and the bullets hit at point of aim at twenty yards. I tried the tmz and ended up breaking the tip off my ramrod on the third shot due to the tight fit down the bore. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Ramshot Powders. 355 diameter Pistol Bullet for your Reloading recipe. 38 Super specifically 125 grain and 140 grain XTP bullets along with 0. p. Different caliber rounds are available to you some of them being . Apr 30 2009 You can look around as a guest go to load data go to metallic cartridges go to 7. 224 diameter 243 Bullets 25 Caliber 25 06 Bullets 257 Weatherby Bullets 270 Bullets 30 Carbine Bullets 300 Blackout Bullets 300 Savage Bullets 303 Caliber Bullets 303 British 30 30 Bullets 308 Bullets. . Take a closer look at the best collection of firearm ammunition and reloading supplies on the market. With an OAL of 1. Would fluctuations in bullet weight or loose manufacturing tolerances cause the fluctuations I 39 m seeing in my data or is it likely something else such as irregular powder charge etc A friend that shoots here has the Accura and although his barrel is just a little tight for the round he uses he can shoot without swabbing with no change in P. I might add I 39 m trying to work up a load of the barnes 290gr TMZ. 308 Winchester Bullet Abbreviations lt NEW gt User Loading Data. Sometimes it takes playing around until you work up the right load. muzzle loaders. Utilizing forefront ballistic technology Lehigh Defense has developed the next generation is expansion bullets exclusively for Knight Rifles. bullet reduced it by 10 as a first guess and that was my starting load for the 10mm loads with the extra heavy plated bullets. Only you will know if you like the load or not. 12. 380 ACP to . 50x. The thin copper plating greatly reduces bore friction for higher velocities while still allowing for optimal bullet expansion within the rifling grooves. The new wave of muzzleloading bullets will change the way you look at muzzleloading CVA recommends PowerBelt bullets but of course it would because the brand is also owned by BPI Outdoors. 469. 355 quot 147 gr 1000 9mm 147gr JHP Bullets This jacket is quot welded quot to the lead core hence the bullet 39 s name. 22. Each gun is different nbsp Bullet Load Info. I had no luck could not get consistant group. 7. 44magnum. That being said the accuracy of all the bullets we tested was more than adequate for hunting any North American game animals. 223 30 32 380 9mm 38 357 10mm 40 44 45 Jan 30 2012 Well said TC scout I currently use a CVA Accura V2 with 2 white hot pellets 245 gr power belt and a CCI 209M shoots 1. Recommended load is 275gr XLD at 2600 FPS. 62 39. There is slush in the data. Note the Taper Crimp die a step that is suggested for all ammo used in an AR 15 rifle. Rifle Hollowpoint 41 Caliber 45 Rifle 40 Cal 10 mm 475 Caliber 512 Caliber cast bullets casting cowboy action shooting 500 S amp W mold mould semiwadcutter keith round nose wadcutter The bullets are longer and the ogive reduces bullet diameter fairly rapidly in comparison to a good number of JHPs. I was shooting sub 1 inch groups at 100 yards. Dec 08 2011 I have the first version of the accura and absolutely love it. A method for measuring the maximum overall length of cartridge for your barrel. Other results 1 Accura recommends an OAL of 1. Full metal jacketed lead bullet or plated bullet load data can be used as long as the following standards are adhered to The data contains the correct grain weight of bullet. 357 XTP for the lower pressure . RMR Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Aug 01 2011 Recipe for success CVA Accura V2 and Powerbelt Aerolite bullets The new Accura V2 is equipped with a 416 stainless steel 27 fluted Bergara Barrel. Loads with formed cases are 39. 161 to 0. I 39 ve killed a bull elk and two mule deer bucks with the combo. mp4 Call us today 941 866 2217 I 616 N Tamiami Trail Nokomis FL 34275 Feb 24 2003 I was wondering if any of you hand loaders have any data for AA 9 and the following bullets. I shot powerbelts shockwaves and hornady xtp 39 s. lead bullets in 10mm as a starting point. SKU PR3112SSC. 26 Nosler factory load starts the 129 gr. Accura bullets are constructed of only the best certified lead and copper. 6 grain of IMR4227 produced 1800 fps using mixed Lake City brass and CCI 400 primers. Aug 22 2016 Six Age Old Muzzleloader Rules Put to the Test. Jan 04 2011 For example data for the 275 grain . 300 AAC Blackout . 9 grain load at cooler temperatures. My question to yall for him is what is a good load data for this setup I don 39 t shoot blackhorn or blackpowder. Thor bullets do require you to get the sample pack to get the bullet that fits your barrel the best. The article discusses the new sabotless bullets that load easily and produce excellent accuracy. Shoots a decent sized doe 50 yard broadside shot Bullet enters perfectly behind the shoulder and exits out of opposite shoulder and breaks bone exits cleanly. Out of stock At impact AccuTip 39 s gold polymer tip is driven rearward causing the thin jacket and soft lead core to fragment violently. 50 Caliber Break Action Muzzleloader is the improved version of CVA 39 s popular ACCURA model. Even with a 300gr bullet that load is well into the 30kpsi range. I purchased some cast bullets I wanted to try in my Ruger 450 Bushmaster. 8 8. Jul 13 2006 A hard copper plated bullet West Coasts are harder than Rainiers faces more friction going down the barrel than a lead bullet does. Snap on plastic base produces a perfect gas seal for consistent pressures and superb accuracy Copper jacketed bullets are easy to load and require minimal cleaning Blackhorn 209 load data on back of packaging Customers who bought this item also bought. I have never chrono 39 d the load to see what the actual velocity is but we have taken deer out over 100 yards with this load with no issues. The same load out of the 30 inch barreled Traditions . Not only better group less than 2 quot moa at 200 but less powder to do it. Nampa Idaho USA linktr. 338 2 Boxes of Accura . This calculator will produce a ballistic trajectory chart that shows the bullet drop bullet energy windage and velocity. 300 Whisper . You could always use . Designed and constructed specifically for the 8mm Remington Magnum this sleek 220 grain 2420 Spitzer Boat Tail bullet is an outstanding choice for the largest game on the North American continent and for African plains game Barnes 300 Blackout TAC TX bullets fired from 9 quot and 16 quot barrels into 10 bare ordnance ballistics gelatin. LOAD DATA FOR MUZZLELOADER RIFLES 1 Volumetric Units Measured with a standard black powder measure or Blackhorn 209 graduated charge tube. One item to be aware of is that Aug 04 2019 For me the bullet that has been the best but still not very consistent has been the 300 grain Thor. This was my 100yd sight in target with the Harvester bullets last fall. Jun 26 2012 New Blackhorn 209 Loads amp Ballistics Data This past winter and spring the NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING website compiled and published several pages of new Blackhorn 209 load data for a variety of . Don t over crimp the brass after seating. Weatherby s 250 grain Hornady Interlock load is suitable for game up to the size of Elk but on larger game is prone to bullet blow up when encountering heavy bone. The 110 Gr. 30 Carbine bullets in 300 BLK How to remove a stuck case Battle of the case trimmers WFT 2 vs Giraud vs Trim it 2 The best . Load data for our Superior Plated Bullets can be found in any manual or on any powder manufacturer s website. 45 Cal and what load Data can you provide I am going to try the New Power Belt ELR Bullet and start with Blackhorn at 100 then 120 and then 140 Primers on hand are Federal 209A CCI Mgnums have been ordered. 50 gr. Trust their recipe. Jul 27 2017 Caliber 7. Okay i 39 ve been getting the V2 sighted in at 150 yards for the past 2 days mainly just trying new ways of loading and so today i did a comparison of Hot Barrel VS Cooled down barrel 150 yards. The use of a Sinclair Single Shot Follower in your AR makes single round loading much easier. His information was worth exactly what he charged. 8mm dataand it does I ve done the hard part and worked up two loads for it and know these are 100 the best combinations for the gun. 5 1911 39 s with my new SAECO 200 Gr. MZL Raptor sabot bullet propelled by two . The best combo I 39 ve found in my CVA Accura V2 is 250 grain Hornady SSTs 45 cal bullet 50 cal sabot with 2 triple 7 magnum pellets 60 grains each . 38 Automatic. If you do not have old jeans on bring a rag. 0179 MB Data Comp Zlib Server Time 2020 08 15 06 58 30 UTC 12 Jul 2006 44 magnum plated bullet data Reloading Bench. AccurateShooter. 2700 provides excellent velocities and performance in the Winchester Super Short Magnum cartridges. Western Powders has released its new updated Load Manual covering Accurate and Ramshot powders. 7 grains of Unique Winchester and Federal primers and mixed brass. I settled out on 100 110 grains by volume Blackhorn 209. 357 magnum under homecast 150 gr. 9. 3 gr. 5 grains of 2400 and a 40 grain bullet stopped pairie dogs and coyotes in their tracks. accuraoutdoors. 357 quot down to. Some of the minimum charges in this version 3. 45 quot Crush Rib quot Sabot has been designed to be loaded with a . Detailed Information. The . However that was not a surprise as very few guns will shoot great with all bullet weights or powders. Hornady I use 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 and a 250 grain Barnes T EZ in my Accura V2. 357 Sig load recipe The best . The CVA ACCURA PR Muzzleloader combo comes with an solid aluminum PalmSaver Ramrod a Quake Claw Sling a DuraSight Dead On 1 piece scope mount the Konus Aug 17 2019 Testing out 15. Start load 17. On the up side firing the 300 BLK from a precision rifle is a pleasure. Accurate s Complete Load Guide is more of a reloading manual in PDF form than a load data tool but that s not necessarily a problem. This IS NOT equal to weight in grains. 5 Reloder 15 Rem9 1 2 and PMC brass. I 39 ve ran some tests using the Berry 180 grain bullets and CFE BLK Here. i called nozler and was told that weatherby refuses to give them load info also for the same Aug 28 2020 On deer sized animals a 250 grain bullet is very effective said Schearer. Accura Outdoors Copper Plated Bullets for Sale. 00 Sierra MatchKing . This process completely encapsulates the bullet. 6 gr. To view this Reloading Guide in a PDF format click the red button below. 355 quot 147 gr 500 Accura Premium Powerbond Bullets 9mm . a traditional European weight with a listed G1 ballistic coefficient of . It seems Acc. I have a 1st generation Accura and use 100 grns BH209 w a 300 grn Knight red hot bullet which is basically a Barnes MZ expander but loads nbsp . Ontelaunee June 2020 Point Series UML 2x4 Open Joe. 5 off the lands and once you have a decent group adjust the setting depth to tweek the load for accuracy. For best results you want to make sure that you heavily compress the charge each time. Add a scope for a bit more if you so desire. If you 39 ve never fired a muzzleloader or relatively new to Muzzleloading and are just interested in finding out more about them this is the place to ask. 17 Hornet Bullets 204 Ruger Bullets 22 Hornet Bullets 22 Savage High Power Bullets 222 Bullets 223 Bullets . 2. A look at the names of the most match accurate black powder rifle cartridges in history will give you a hint 45 70 45 90 45 110 etc The AccuBond Bullet AB Through an exclusive bonding process that eliminates voids in the bullet core AccuBond couples Nosler 39 s proven copper alloy jacket with its special lead alloy core. Choose the . Also using a winchester primer. 2 are just about the maximum in current data for Accurate powders in magnum calibers. 45 ACP and 115 grain 9mm loads. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Accurate 5 185 gr. The latter is a function of the short barrel and the fact that powder is still burning as the bullet exits the barrel. The bullet profile is longer but the weight remains the same and you can load these bullets using any published load data for a jacketed bullet as long as it is the same weight bullet. Hornady also has load data for the 110 grain . 5 Matts Bullets 38 Cal. The Barnes 250 grain Flat Base saboted bullets loaded extremely easy so easy as a matter of fact my impression was that I might have to go with a thicker sabot. 5 2400 1407 2100 1. IMG IMG IMR 8208 in the 20 EXTREME. So these bullets are a great choice for a meat and potatoes kind of hunter who doesn t want to spend a ton of time at the range doing load development but needs a good quality bullet for whitetail deer hunting at short to medium range. See a oot of data but with a 180 200 gr bullet what velocities do I want to look at and keep internal pressure in the safe zone. 250 grain works great in my Accura. Berry 39 s Superior Plated Handgun Bullets 9mm . Titan Reloading offers Accura Outdoors Copper Plated Bullets in Many Popular Calibers at affordable prices. Mt Accurate Data version 3. I 39 m going to set up my new Accura with 80 gr. Warning date It is not safe to rely on the system 39 s timezone settings. my goal ACCURA V2 . 10ML II Required Parts. I have tried the following resources. at first i tried the powerbelts at first cause they were reccomended to me. Later on that evening my dad is carrying my deer creek . Upon firing the skirt of the hollow base expands to engage the rifling and seal the bore. I would recommend the Barnes tez. AccuraOutdoors 208 466 9975 2316 E Railroad St. NOTE The 405 remingtons also group 1 1 2 inches 100yds with 100 gr BH209. Mar 25 2015 The bullets hold up excellently absolutely no breaks in the plating when fired at max loads and the best accuracy by far of any of the three. Do yourself a favor and buy the load data book from MAX muzzleloading. Press the bullet into this section with your thumb. 275. will seat the bullet deeper in the case raising pressures. This list contains my affiliate links. If you have questions feel free to call 208 596 8430 or email us at parkerbullets gmail. 300 Blackout Using 125 130 GR Hornady Bullets reloading data with 34 loads. Wrong Muzzleloaders are powder and charge specific regardless of the bullet type. 21. The true to caliber PowerBelts are incredibly easy to load and sometimes do prove the most accurate but I d encourage you to experiment with various bullets and powders from 90 to 150 grains until you find the optimum combination. 250 Gr. Easy to load fires well a little gooey to get in the bore but what the heck. XTP HP Speer Gold Dot 270 gr. For my 38 55 40 65 and 45 70 I use fast powders such as 5744 2400 and 4227. I have Crony so I can work up a load when I have a starting point. 50 per package. Ogive is the full tapered forward end of a bullet meaning from full body diameter to meplat not at any single point on that curve. 356 inch bullet the 125 grain HAP. 003 0 . I would like to seat the bullets flush but I know that will increase the pressure compared to longer COAL 39 s. But with a round ball you have to watch it. To maximize performance the ballistics experts at Western Powders Inc. There is no system to reserve Oct 25 2013 What I wasn 39 t finding was some data and information relating to loading these bullets for snub nose revolvers. I can honestly say I 39 ve never shot one that was bad. Surprisingly Powerbelts are easy to load even with a significantly fouled barrel and it 39 s not unusual to shoot 15 20 repeated shots without barrel cleaning using Pyrodex 777. 223 Remington loads. They shoot great u just have to take the time to try different bullet. 5 Creedmoor 300 AAC etc. The object was to have it launched between 1050 and 1100 FPS. There is a new paint color Indy Yellow that 39 ll scorch your Firing five consecutive five shot groups the most accurate combination proved to be Cutting Edge s 160 gr. 264 Ballistic Coefficients . FPS difference is about 18 20fps per inch using BH209. 0 grains of H 4350 in 1 2 grain increments. It reviews sabotless bullets in the market including the Max Bullet Buffalo Bullet and conical bullets used in traditional muzzleloaders with a rifling twist rate of 1 48 and compares them to the A friend of mine told me you sell nosler blemish bullets how much would it cost me for 1000 boxs of nosler blastic tip bullets 150 grain for reloading 30 06 ammo also 1000 rd boxs of accura bound bullets for reloading 30 06 ammo thank you apple03 localnet. 265 taper crimped to . BEST VIEWED WITH CHROME OR FIREFOX Nov 09 2017 I just started shooting Hornandy FTX . ALWAYS BEGIN LOADING AT THE RECOMMENDED MINIMUM START LOAD and develop loads in 2 increments towards the MAXIMUM load. USE OF THIS POWDER MAY RESULT IN HIGH PRESSURE LOADS AND Pre primed cases load with the ease of a centerfire. ACME Bullet Company introduces our quot Lipstick quot bullets. Patent Buddy is the world 39 s most extensive database and networking website for patent attorneys agents and inventors helping inventors like ACCURA BULLETS LLC showcase inventions and connect to patent attorneys patent agents law firms corporations universities and government agencies in the United States Jul 22 2020 50 Caliber Harvester Crush Rib High Pressure sabot accepting a 45 caliber . Matts Bullets 38 Cal. So we shot four regular muzzleloaders with readily available pelletized powders and bullets just like the vast majority of hunters who use this type of gear do and recorded the results. Quick view. EDIT Also if you didn t already know you will want to get the loose powder blackhorn breech plug. html break action that can also handle lower end smokeless loads as well. I 39 ve listed it here by make and model. L 39 s was tried 1. 323 inch diameter. We recommend a starting powder charge directly between the listed minimum and maximum load. TE DO NOT nbsp I bought the new 30 quot barrel Accura this year. DWARREN123 Feb 11 2013. Load Data Eggleston Munitions Match Grade Coated Bullets. 95 34 TC ShockWave Sabots 50 Cal. 485 1800 fps and below 157 shipping Excellent product consistant accurate bullet quick shipping and the brass exchange program makes shooting your products a quot NO BRAINER quot I can 39 t wait till I use up my supplies of 380 amp 9MM bullets so I can change over to your supplies Don 39 t change a thing while I sing your praises to all my loading community Aug 02 2011 In general all Powerbelt bullets are easy to load. Jan 12 2010 I load a similar round except the bullet is a Berry plated swc and length is 1. 355 diameter Pistol Bullet that 39 s right for YOU. 62mm . 860 quot this load shot into a 3 4 quot five shot group at 50 yards using a front sandbag on a plastic picnic table not the absolute best shooting conditions . Thanks in advance for any help. NOTES It important to note that SAFETY is our prime concern therefore we strongly recommend. 62mm for the Russian look for cast bullet loads then go to . 45 caliber 280 grain PowerBelt ELR bullet to velocities of 2200 fps. Here are the loading components that Jim and Mary Clary used to test the the new . The CVA Accura barrel was cleaned after every shot to ensure consistency with velocity readings. Hot barrel no stopping to Step Two Converting Ballistic Data into Target Knob Settings. This information is intended to be used as a reference. 50 Cal. 0 of Unique without a wad is great for a plucker load and cast bullet . but with that said I myself will be trying a different gun with a better barrell. This magnum extruded powder was designed expressly for the really large overbored cartridges such as the 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum 300 Remington Ultra Magnum 30 378 Weatherby Magnum etc. Westerns own load data stops at around a 444gr and 100gr by volume. Our process starts with a lead billet that is extruded into wire. I have a pleasant to shoot gun a bullet that is accurate and gets the job done every time. And super hot magnum primers ignite up to 200 grain loads with near smokeless efficiency. The Weldcore has an excellent reputation in Africa for use on CXP3 and CXP4 game and is the bullet loaded in modern Kynoch factory loads. 5 300 in an ultra light mark v. 45 Cal muzzle loader bullets come in a 20 pack box and are pre saboted. My usual sources for nbsp 23 Nov 2014 Just picked up a new Accura V2 Northwest and am trying to put together a line up of possible I only use 80 grains and get 1320 FPS with a 460 gr bullet. MAGNUS BULLET COMPANY Family owned since 1983. Order yours today with free shipping . Benchrest F Class Tactical Varmint High Power precision Shooting. We think you ll find our product to be of the highest quality and performance. unless otherwise listed. After dialing in a load and sabot combination I settled on harvester crush rib sabots and 70 grains by weight Blackhorn 209 100 grains by volume and was comfortable shooting accurately out to 200 yards. Dec 04 2012 X2 on the BH 209 love it My accura likes 110 grains by weight and will shoot the 300 gr hornady 39 s with harvester short black sabots or the Harvester 300 gr PT GOLD with the crushed rib sabots either bullet 3 rounds 1 inch group at 100 yds 2. The third bullet in the picture is from an very old Lyman 357 446 mould that drops a 162 grain SWC. Product Overview. 3 different C. 9 is in the same class as 2400 not exactly but very close and would be useful in loads where you would use 2400. 380 ACP nbsp 30 May 2017 Accura Outdoors http accuraoutdoors. GS Custom Bullets. 401 quot 180 gr HP 500 ct Nov 23 2015 Otherwise it s a cva accura with 245gr xtp sabots and 80 grains of blackhorn 209 50 cal . I was not very enthused that someone could produce a powder that would shoot better in the . Like its predecessor the ACCURA V2 features a premium custom quality Bergara Barrel to ensure a level of accuracy unequaled by any other break action muzzleloader on the market today. The Blackhorn 209 powder was the big game changer for me I can shoot quite a few more loads between cleaning and the accuracy improved immensely. Accura Outdoors Precision Bond copper plated bullets. PowerBond 45 Long Colt 250gr FP Plated Bullets 1000 Count. 300 Blackout . 30 quot tubes on modern inlines is the biggest load of bull ive seen in ages. The Com petition Bullet Seating Die is especially useful when experimenting with various bullets with different seating depths. I use powerbelts less plastic in the barrel full 50 caliber and easy to load. Link to AR500 Target Solutions Laser Cut AR500 Steel Gong 12 X 20 X 3 8 Silhouette Shooting Target. We have added additional staffing and are working extended hours to keep up with the demand. If groups are wider with the above loads reduce powder charge by 5 to 10 grains. 40 cal . Link to Champion AR500 3 8 Gong 4 Steel Target https amzn. There is a wide variety of powders to choose when loading for the AR. 357 Sig load recipe How to install Lee Precision Charging Die What I learned about the Lee FCD My Collection of Bullet Data for Reloading The 28 bullet feeder redux it s now Get free access to the complete judgment in Corwin v. it shoots ok with factory ammo but load info is hard to find. Accura Premium Powerbond Bullets 9mm . KonusPro 3 10x44 IR Scope and Case Outfit Oct 13 2016 October 13th 2016 Updated Load Manual for Accurate and Ramshot Powders. 00 9mm 147 Gr. 38 S amp W 9mm 380 Misc. The plastic gas check helps get the rifling started and the bullets are easily pressed into the bore. com has 223 243 308 6mm 7mm caliber accuracy reloading data. I really like it. 5 inch groups at 100 yards. But for now I 39 ve just come a long way around to RevHoover 39 s short point Tinker with loads amp components powder amp charge bullet sabot amp primer cap enough and just about ANY muzzleloader can eventually be coaxed into accurate performance. com 6mmBR. I did a few test 39 s shooting mzl bullets into 2x6 39 s and seeing which ones mushroomed the best. 357 inch bullets in the load data for the . with the big slugs. Thought I 39 d give 39 m a nbsp It has been modified to reflect the possible bullet sizing diameters and differing O. Also they caution about using data that gives at least 850 FPS with these plated WC 39 s. Match load 39 s trajectory quot bullet path quot first into Minutes of Angle elevation and then into target knob settings for knobs having either 1 4 Minute of Angle per click or 1 8 Minute of Angle per click. No matter how hot you load one up it 39 s dropping pretty good at around 200 yards. Two issues with this load is 1 it has a pretty good kick. Rifle Bullets. Ballistics data is the measured trajectory of a bullet or arrow at specific distances. Jan 31 2008 Thanks Mooseman Rich yeh I had the data for 1680. bullets and the equivalent of 2. 308 175 gr. 56 NATO calibers for sale with Priority Free Shipping. In our discussions with Mr. Like all Accura series rifles the Accura PR features genuine Bergara barrels recognized as being among the most accurate production rifle barrels in the world. Load data definitely watered down especially the magnums. This weakens the jacket a little allowing the bullet to bump. There are a LOT of good shooting loads for the Accura. 355 quot 147 gr HP 500 ct Accura Bullets LLC IP9147HP HP 9 mm 0. Box Office Mojo Find Movie Box Office Data ComiXology Thousands of Digital Your cart is empty. 7 inch barrels. faster than the 27 inch Knight barrel and 73 f. With options from . Nov 02 2009 Hello i just bought a cva accura this year with the bergera barrel. 21 Firehawk 7 X 64 Brenneke 7 X 57 Ackley 30 Caliber 7. Feb 27 2013 Loads consisted of 5. Welcome to The Blue Bullets We at The Blue Bullets make cost effective bullets for anyone who wants to enjoy the Shooting Sports. That thread can be found here Filling the rifle up with full power . 250 quot . Awesome accuracy. Sep 20 2011 If your going to shoot lead bullets not gas checked IMR 4227 has a low flame and is great with cast bullet . Winchester 209 primers and 100g of Blackhorn. Always make sure your bullet is firmly seated on the powder charge If the bullet is not firmly seated on the powder charge a hazardous air gap may develop. So if a rifle is at least 1 MOA it should be plenty accurate enough for 200 yards. We are currently experiencing an increased order volume for DG Bullets. 3. 2 maximum for jacketed 115 bullets though accura is technically plated . Accura Bullets Reloading including Accura Premium Powerbond Bullets . 37. 260 and 1. Whether you load for competition shooting tactical training or just for a Fun Day Gun Day out. 451 bullet. A lighter bullet might reach a 200 yard target a little faster but a heavier bullet will retain more energy. 50 it calls for 20gns to start. This unique powder can be used in a wide range of rifle calibers and magnum handguns. Dec 02 2019 The ballistic coefficient of this new bullet is approximated at 0. 25. After spending extensive time researching muzzleleoaders I ordered the new CVA ACCURA IN 50 CAL. The Accura Plains Rifle PR is a break action inline muzzleloader from Connecticut Valley Arms CVA and because it does not fire a metallic cartridge the purchase of this style of firearm Feb 15 2020 While still not as close to being well as I thought I would re this kidney stone adventure I shoved myself out to the local gun club to shoot today. timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set function. This info is displayed on bullet boxes and product webpages. 071 . All CVA Accura V2 rifles feature a state of the art Bergara Barrel that is produced in one of the world s most highly respected gun making areas Northern Spain. and . The gun doesn t move there is even less recoil than an AR because you don t have the mass of the bolt carrier reciprocating in the rifle. Feb 17 2008 The fireforming load in my Walther barrel was a 50BT 4113 with 38. 357 load data. This bullet is my choice for deer hunting. Set the setting depth at . It 39 s very accurate and effective so far. SPIT FIRE TMZ. I have ordered from this company twice and both times the bullets were received in 3 days. This three shot group was fired at 100 with our 7 X 57 test rifle. The Thor Bullet is proven to be extremely accurate at long ranges while providing lethal expansion on deer and elk sized game. 0 gr. 452 bullets when using their non ribbed sabots. 45 same load as above. I hope this article is helpful to those of you who are looking for the right bullet for your Accura. 45 cal . 20. 300 Blackout than its 130 grain cousin but there is another lesson If you 39 re loading this bullet for a faster shooting . McGarity he had data to show that barrels treated with the kind of took for granted its benefit no canting or deformation of the bullet as you load nbsp 458 in 325 grain bullets in crush rib sabots with 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 through my new CVA Accura MR. jpg. com Comparison shop for in stock ammunition guns mags and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place AmmoSeek. com Accura Outdoors is the home of the Precision bond copper plated bullet. Compare. Snap on plastic base produces a perfect gas seal for consistent pressures and superb accuracy Copper jacketed bullets are easy to load and require minimal cleaning Mar 21 2013 Bullet weight 60 grains. Valley Arms Inc. Never begin loading with the maximum powder charge shown in these reloading data tables regardless of your experience. I have a Thor bullet size kit but have not used it yet I want to use your S2275C Sierra Bullets 30cal . Plus you can save favorites add notes and more. I think i found a load for my Glock 17 with 1000 rounds through it 12 9 19 edit increased grains of Acc 5 to 6. 2400 can ring a chamber in a rifle with straight wall case so I don 39 t like to use it . and 120 Gr. These bullets are going to look sharp almost too good to use. 38 with possible unfortunate results. In essence NO EXCUSES are the nearest thing to bench rest muzzle loading bullets available. The quot gap quot or step in the pic is supposed to be 1 32 quot nom I believe according to 1911 experts like Kuhnhausen. Whether you 39 re making bulk ammo for plinking creating the perfect training round or simply building the best ammunition for your needs Midsouth has the right . Cast or jacketed data with the same grain weight and profile will work with our bullets. The Accura Bergara land to land dimension comes in at 0. 2. 30 Cal. The Hornady 230 grain XTP load provided groups a few hundredths of an inch larger. bottles with lot number 0913192116. s. 600 in. 12 May 2014 Hodgdon Powder Company provides reloading data that covers most bullets available today. 40 Caliber Bullets for auction. Apr 08 2019 1. anyway i cannot get this gun to shoot consistantly. Chitlin Sep 19 2014 Sep 19 2014 38 These . I have an accura v2 and am looking for some advice on a good load bullet choice . 99 19. The lead cores are then shuttled over to the plating bath where the Accura proprietary plating process gives The 110 grain Barnes TTSX bullet is a better choice for the . I haven 39 t shot it yet but Blackhorn loads 85 120 Grains Bullets Barnes Spitfire T EZ 250gr amp 290gr Barnes Spitfire nbsp 9 Jun 2019 Other then the recommended PB 45 bullet what else is out there that should https www. Discontinue firing at the first sign of excessive pressure or upon noticing a change in the report of the firearm. Ideally I 39 d like to be in the 200 220 grain range for my subsonic loads. The Bloodline 45 Cal 185 Grain Muzzleloader Bullets step beyond tradition. Full tilt bullet runout is one half of the Total Indicated Runout TIR . Nov 14 2010 With my CVA Optima pro in front of 100 grains of pyrodex pellets. Most of my current data was for 4 to 7. 30 Caliber BULLETS 500cnt Whether you are looking for copper plated bulk reloading lead safe or sporting handgun bullets CAMPRO offers an impressive array of bullets to take your shooting up a notch. Plus a wide variety of reloading amp shooting accessories and gun maintenance vises. I was a little bummed out just spent 17 dollars on 15 bullets. 355 UPC 852879006054 X Treme Bullets are proudly made out of the finest materials available in the United States in order to ensure performance delivered down range with each and every shot. Comfortable velocities include 3450fps with the 160 grain Barnes 3350fps with 180 grain bullets 3250fps with 200 grain bullets 3150fps with 210 grain bullets 3050fps with 225 grain bullets 2950fps with 250 grain bullets 2850fps with the 275 grain Swift 2700fps with the 285 grain A Max ELD and velocities of around 2600 to 2650fps with 300 grain bullets. Hornady Great Plains lead bullets were specially designed for hunting. Jan 07 2017 Load Data Request. 223 Rem 6mmBR . The only true way to determine quot best bullet weight quot is to shoot your gun with quality sights. 5 twist barrel to perform at their best a few people have had them work in 1 7 barrels . For example if you are reloading . An Article in the 39 Making Match Grade Ammo 39 Series is Available Figuring out what size bullet you should use is a question we hear a lot 45 Cal . I have the nbsp 18 Nov 2017 Any recommendations for a heavy grain bullet for basic plinking for a short barreled 300 I have developed a load for the Sierra 220 and am pleased with its results but I 39 m And use your smk sub data with them as a good starting point I am using the Accura 200 grain plated bullet and 12 grains of 1680. Aug 29 2010 This time I set the target out at 75 yards to see if I could punch the target with the Power Belt. X Treme manufactures the highest quality copper plated bullets and hard cast lead bullets at the most competitive prices. 496 between 2800 and 1800 fps . Their three diameter bearing surface makes them easy to load while ensuring a tight fit in the bore. However because there are so many bullet nbsp McGarity he had data to show Jan 11 2009 UC reported that CVA did testing on the accura and it took 600grs Triple 7 3f and Three 444gr bullets to make it go nbsp bullet and it worked very well too. 50 caliber muzzleloader bullet on the market which range from 0. Make sure that the barrel is clean and totally dry swab barrel with dry patches until there is no evidence of moisture . Unlike any other CVA rifle this . The 6. 31 here last night in the high desert. 45 cal powerbelt but I want this one to have more Ma Bell possibilities which it will Better BC bullet going significantly faster 4 quot more of barrel more powder larger compression ratio with . May 21 2018 Well its pretty obvious that a 150gr load with some bullets might just get you into some VERY high pressures. on CaseMine. Bloodline Bullet Ballistics Chart. Not sure what the difference is between the accura v2 and the longe range Aug 21 2012 Explore MAX Muzzleloader 39 s board quot Modern Muzzleloading quot followed by 282 people on Pinterest. My rifle shoots the 300g into less than an inch at 100 yards with open sights. Has anyone shot the New CVA Accura V2 LR . load 1 Looks like I 39 ll be hunting with load 2 this year. and after having tried the Barnes bullets I would never go back Jul 19 2011 The new Aerolite PowerBelt bullet has been specifically designed for 100 grain powder charges and close range shooting. Purchase this hard bound book and get reloading results. Last up is load data from Accurate Reloading Powders but there s really not much to say about it. Reload with the confidence knowing you are getting the highest quality and most consistent copper plated bullets on the market today. Sometimes this data was needed to determine if a particular load was even possible a la 110gr RN bullets for . For game weighing between 90 and 320kg 198 to 700lb the 250 grain Interlock produces fast kills out to ranges of around 160 yards and clean killing out to ranges of around 370 This chart will help you select the bullet weight which is most likely to result in the best accuracy. 8 gr. 13 in and put a heavier crimp. 308 175gr HPBT Match Box of 500 157. They went from West Coast to Accura to Xtreme in less than a year. Your CVA features a Bullet Guiding Muzzle . Alirghty friends that sums up the Recommended Loads An accurate rifle bullet powder combination will easily shoot 1 inch groups at 50 yards and 3 inch groups at 100. View ACCURA BULLETS LLC 39 s NAMPA ID patent portfolio profile on Patent Buddy. Interested in Muzzleloading Midsouth carries everything from the Muzzleloader Rifle or Pistol you want to the Black Powder sabots and bullets that go in it in stock and for sale from great brand like Lyman CVA Traditions T C Pyrodex Blackhorn 209 and many more If you have not as yet used Parker Bullets you can read a little bit more about us right here. This degree of precision is attained because ACCURA V2 LR rifles are equipped with 30 quot premium custom quality Ber Dec 02 2016 The editors of Outdoor Life feel your pain. 5 inch group at 200 Check out the firing pin head spacing video for blow back from the primer Oct 08 2019 I have a friend that called me asking about load data for blackhorn 209 in a cva accura 30 inch barrel with a blackhorn breech plug and plans on trying the Thor 50 Cal bore bullets 300 gr. 00 223. This load was very accurate for me nbsp 9 Jul 2018 Blackhorn 209 Charges out of a CVA Accura V2 LR. Sometimes with some guns if I want to shoot 84 120 I need to size my bullets then knurl them back up with 2 files then size back down to the bore size . i shot the platinum i think 270 grain with triple 7 magnum powder and 150 grains of powder. e. 470 NE factory loads. ABLR at 3400 f. I and continue to load. Regardless how you get there 1900 fps or so remains 1900 fps. Ed s favorite Accurate 31 087T bullet. Revised 3 2008 Indicates most accurate loads Bullet Weight 200 gr Case Trim Length 2. 006 . my goal is 2 inch groups at 100 and so far best i can get is 5 inchers from a perfect bench rest. 638. Easy to load and the bullet performs better than most. The lead wire is then swaged into a core. We at Rainier Ballistics recommend using Jacketed bullet load data when loading our bullets. For the breech plug call CVA at 770 449 4687 if there are none in stock western powders eBay Amazon midway should have them Apr 06 2010 I use Berry 39 s bullets myself. of any . This lot includes 82 Hornady Great Plains 425 gr bullets 50 Harvester sabots 20 400 gr Harvester bullets with sabots 30 Barnes Expander MZ 275 gr. This is probably not the optimum method of working up a load but it worked for me with 200 grain . 30 Caliber BULLETS 500cnt After loading the powder you must load and seat the bullet. 99 21. 452 240 gr XTP Mag Item 45220 100 Box . My first attempt at doing a ladder test video. 00 out of 5 37. Federal loads Woodleigh bullets in their Cape Shok . He wanted to shoot 150 gr pyrodex pellets. 12 21 2004 07 50 AM 3 Nov 23 2016 May I suggest you start with H 4350 with the Barnes 100 gr TTSX tipped bullet . The Bergara barrels are manufactured in Spain where some of the best custom gun manufactures have resided for hundreds of years. Hardcover Book. The twist rate needed to accommodate the heavy subsonic bullets makes finding accurate super sonic loads difficult. The thick plate allows the bullet to handle up to 1500 fps. My Optima pistol and Kodiac 45 both get 63 grain by weight charges with 225 or 240 grain bullet sabot combo and 200 grain bullet sabot respectively. that load has taken a pile of game. We used accura 124gr bullets hodgdon titegroup powder starline brass and cci primers. 255 1. Xtremebullets. BEST VIEWED WITH CHROME OR FIREFOX . 175 in. Replacement Barrel Click here 209 Ignition System Bolt head ASG144 breech plug ASG036_030 . Apr 21 2015 The big heavy bullets when loaded to subsonic velocities in 300 BLK rounds are not supposed to expand. 25 193 likes 67 talking about this. Xtreme made bullets Ammo Load made commercial reloading equipment so they as much published data on plated bullets as there is for cast lead or jacketed. The same comment made earlier for the Pro Hunter bullets concerning the 8mm bore sizes applies here. So I tried the 240gr xtp bullet 1 inch 3 shot group at 100 yards. I dont play much with sabots due to them not being legal in Colorado so my of my loads are with Conicals. Accura Outdoors is the home of the Precision bond copper plated bullet. s specific to Eggleston Munitions bullets. Jul 25 2012 The velocities with each test load were very consistent with variances averaging less than 30 fps. There is no need for adjustment when using Jacketed Apr 19 2020 1 000 Accura Outdoors 45 caliber 230 grain quot Platinum quot RN bullets. Watch for Zero new ammunition packaged in our new bright red box while reloads come in the familiar gold box our longstanding symbol of the quality and affordability you have come to know over the years. 42. 2 gr. 45 280 gr. For Sale JB A217 Proprietary Exotic Polymer Coated BULLETS Match Winning CRB Pistol PCC for Reloading FREE SHIPPING. 308 Win 6. While the loading data on this page is believed safe it is your responsibility to use correct powder and charge. Location Type This Muzzleloader Ballistics chart should help you decide which muzzleloading bullet will shoot best in your muzzleloader. The trigger pull on the Accura MR was 3 lbs out of the box very crisp without creep. Accura Premium Powerbond Bullets . 50 CAL. 500 S amp W Magnum indicates maximum loads with velocities significantly higher than Federal factory loads using the same bullet. Nov 29 2018 My Accura gets fed 77 grains by weight using a 300 grain bullet sabot combo. 357 Remington Maximum may cause problems. https www. also Mondern Cartridge reloading by M. 209 primer ignition rifle models. Reloading data is available as low as 99 per cartridge or purchase a subscription and receive new data before the next edition of the book is printed. Best Bullets for the CVA Accura V2 amp MR Muzzleloaders. 451 . Oct 07 2007 I 39 ve used the Raniers and I pretty much copied data for cast bullets as the copper coating goes directly over lead and isn 39 t very thick. These bullets over 17. The 2 grain Bullseye load with Accurate 31 087T works well in sturdy steel framed European holster guns such as the CZ27 CZ50 Walther PP Mauser HSc Beretta M1935 and Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless which were balanced for the original loads with heavier 73 74 gr. Its exclusive B. it s because they want to sell that high priced ammo. But the Lyman Cast Bullet Manual 4 th Edition has data with 9 shown for every cast bullet listed. 5 284 and 7mm cartridges with info on brass powders propellants bullets 7mm STW With Barnes X Bullets 275 Rigby 7mm STW Long Range Target Loads 284 Winchester 7mm Remington Magnum 7mm 08 Remington 280 Ackley 7. Rifle Hollowpoint 41 Caliber 45 Rifle 40 Cal 10 mm 475 Caliber 512 Caliber cast bullets casting cowboy action shooting 500 S amp W mold mould semiwadcutter keith round nose wadcutter Jan 30 2012 Well said TC scout I currently use a CVA Accura V2 with 2 white hot pellets 245 gr power belt and a CCI 209M shoots 1. 45 cal 20 quot youth Rossi break action is 70 gr loose Blackhorn 209 with 225 gr . 50 cal 27 quot SS Nitride with Realtree APG Thumbhole Stocks . Plated bullets. I am shooting 100gr of Blackhorn 209 290 grain Barnes TMZ boattail bullets and a Winchester 209 primer. IMR 4198 is good with gas checked or jackets bullet . Well machined and does a far better job burning powder. See more ideas about Modern Thompson center Black powder guns. My wife shoots a older optima now. Features. Some orders are still shipping same or next day however some orders may experience 1 2 week delays. factory ammo like all weatherby ammo is way overpriced. Powder Bul Weight C. Buy 9 MM hard cast bullets. the Lyman bullet is 2 gr heavier and a cast bullet. to 2KixqbB. 2 also shows 6. I prefer wool wads. X Treme Bullets. I 39 ve found some loads that work really well both in terms of reliable function and in Nov 23 2015 Otherwise it s a cva accura with 245gr xtp sabots and 80 grains of blackhorn 209 50 cal . Retumbo adds 40 100 fps more velocity to these cartridges when compared to other normal magnum powders. 38Spl 357 500 S amp W Cowboy Action Wadcutters 32 Caliber 44 Caliber 45 Handgun 38 Cal. Order yours today with free shipping. 99 21. Thanks to those that supplied information. bullets and sabots and 24 Pr read more Gun 961926190 My setup is a scoped CVA Accura MR shooting Blackhorn 209 powder and Barnes TMZ 290 bullets. 452 quot diameter bullet it still loads well with the . 44 Special cases. Size variations are minimal even jacketing. 45 Colt to reload. ACCURATE 2520 Western Powders is issuing a recall of Accurate 2520 1 lb. Plated data is somewhere between lead and jacketed. 8 out of 5 stars 92. the breechplug. Many gun marketers have been touting the capability of using 150 grain powder charges and enhancing velocities in excess of 2 200 feet per second. hodgdon. I was wondering what loads brass primers bullets do you guys use and any tips and recommendations. 8 out of 5 stars 48. 451 quot 230 gr FP 500 ct Accura Premium Powerbond Bullets 9mm . 22 250. it also shows how much driop to expect with different muzzleloader bullets and loads. For the load I dropped the powder charge from 120 grains down to 90 grains. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Accurate Powders. I saw a load listed for this muzzleloader using a 245gr Powerbelt and 100gr of 777. CVA ACCURA V2 . Oct 04 2019 Normally with Kyles Aeromax bullets I need to shoot max loads 85 to 95 grains by weight and with a wad . I ve done the hard part and worked up two loads for it and know these are 100 the best combinations for the gun. 0 grains ca 2900 Fps . 50 and get the 500S amp W. I ordered some for 9mm and . com Oct 19 2012 For 9mm . twist. First I want to say that there is no perfect formula for any muzzleloader. Topped it off with a Hawke Optics Panorama 3x9 scope. Berry 39 s max recommended velocity is not exceeded. Popular 380 9mm 40 S amp W 45ACP pistol and PCC firearms FREE SHIPPING Fire some Super Slick J Ames BULLETS through your barrels All CVA ACCURA V2 LR models provide a level of accuracy performance that is unequaled by any break action muzzleloaders on the market today. 3 Range The PARAMOUNT is CVA s newest addition to its muzzle loading rifle family. 00. 323 170 Gr. When I was hunting prairie dogs in Eastern New Mexico a few years ago. Smaller Bullet weights will provide flatter trajectory but may not be as accurate as the heavier longer bullets. 8 MM 175 GR. I 39 ve shot sst 39 s xtp 39 s powerbelts etc. Start at the bottom and work up. I had a hard time getting a consistent load using pyrodex rs until I got this plug. ON two instances I have seen deer shot with them and the bullet not mushroom at all. You 39 re right 50gr is way too much. In fact it loads easier than Harvester Muzzleloading 39 s competition . X Treme Bullets are proudly made out of the finest materials available in the United States in order to ensure performance delivered down range with each and every shot. 0 to 53. As velocities can have Reload with the confidence knowing you are getting the highest quality and most consistent copper plated bullets on the market today. Using bullets from Hornady. My Loading Data All User Loading Data Components . Powders include Accurate Alliant Vihtavuori Winchester Hodgdon IMR There have been a number of times I have found myself wondering what the details of a particular bullet is was when creating new loads. These are our cast bullets that are coated with HiTek coating. I case check every loaded round. It shoots ok with more powder but I get tighter groups with 80 grains and I don t intend to shoot farther than 100 yards if that far. You are required to use the date. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Hodgdon 296 240 gr. YOu can read the data here. CVA Accura load recommendations by Kimber45 Sun Jun 25 2017 4 47 pm So picked up a SWEEEET CVA Accura last year set it up and then had family illnesses that prevented hunting. 45 caliber bolt action gun was developed and designed to handle super magnum propellant charges and thus provides the higher velocities necessary for killing shots at 300 yards and beyond. That is I took the starting load for a 200 gr. 0 gr of H110 for the 357 and testing some plinking ammo from Accura for the 38 special with Titegroup. 5 Filed in May 23 2016 the ACCURA OUTDOORS covers component parts for guns not including component parts for muzzle loading firearms bullets ACCURA OUTDOORS Trademark Serial Number 87046803 Justia Trademarks If you 39 ve never fired a muzzleloader or relatively new to Muzzleloading and are just interested in finding out more about them this is the place to ask. They feature a small base diameter which makes them easy to start down the bore. No need they shot superbly well with 90 grains of Blackhorn 209 measured by T C U View volumetric black powder powder measure good for about 1850 fps out of the muzzle. Smotherman explains The lighter a bullet is the quicker it runs out of steam and the heavier a bullet is the longer it will carry its energy. Each individual must determine what is the best and safest load for their equipment. blackhorn 209 and 250 SST hornday both of these loads are deadly out to 200 yards if you can manage that distance. Triple Seven FireStar Pellets were designed to deliver better ignition reduced fouling easy loading and more uniform velocities. Railroad Street Nampa ID 83687 ACCURA 209 SS EDGE SCOPE CASE . 30 caliber 110 Sierra RN Pro Hunter Lil Gun 16 2150 1129 18. PowerBelt I have been able to read and understand the information on the use of my personal data explained in the privacy Jul 11 2016 Accura LR 100 yds w 300 gr Harvester PT Gold and Blackhorn If you are looking for a muzzleloader that has the capability to reach out to the maximum effective range of your powder bullet Oct 23 2015 2. Shopping Cart 0 item s 0. The XTP has a truncated cone shape and narrows down rapidly as well but the shoulder transition from bullet shank to its straight taper can get into the throat if loaded too long. 0 contains thousands of recipes for handgun and rifle cartridges plus shotshell and muzzle loading info . Jul 26 2017 The FTX bullet uses a polymer insert in the hollow point to initiate expansion and keep it open when it strikes barriers. Notice that the bullet starts below the target arches upward to 70 meters is level with the target at 131 meters 150 yards and then falls below the target after 131 meters. In fact the Sierra MatchKing and Hornady A Max bullets are not supposed to expand under ACME Bullet Company introduces our quot Lipstick quot bullets. 501 quot fit my Accura V2 well. 308 Winchester 168 gr. 50 VORTEK Ultra Light LDR gets the Harvester Muzzleloading 300 grain polymer tipped bullet on its way at 2 009 f. I think they make some BP projectiles too. But as a general rule of thumb with a 200 yard zero that load results in a bullet impact about 3 high at 100 yards about 5 low at 250 yards and around 14 15 low at 300 yards. The bullet is only . Get the latest business insights from Dun nbsp Epoxy resins Accura Blue Stone. Harder knockdown power. Three 3 FireStar Pellets produce nbsp Still the huge piles of somewhat organized data sheets cartridge descriptions articles and Bullet Company 39 s reloading manual that he was authoring I immedi ately agreed because T MAKES THESE THINGS SO ACCURA. These are hands down the most popular muzzleloader bullets used by hunters in the United States. IN STOCK. Heavier bullets will give better penetration and more energy transfer and are more suited to heavier powder charges. Benefits of shooting Acme Coated bullets include Apr 10 2020 45 acp Accura 250gr fp. This invaluable resource has over 900 pages of data on all Hornady bullets. Catalog 30594 15 pack 30604 24 pack . It is supposed shoot sub moa. All controls are ambidextrous making your CVA Accura V2 ideal for both right and left handed shooters. in accordance with SAAMI Shooting Arms and Ammunition Institute guidelines. 7 grns and amax of 4. In Stock Free and Fast Shipping Plated Bullets are a more affordable option than jacketed bullets while meeting the quality and accuracy needed. 1 Box 180 Grain Flat Point 1 Box 180 Grain Hollow Point CVA Knucklesaver Bullet AC1428. 50 cal. 356 quot 124 gr HP. 50 caliber CVA Accura MR Black Nitride model rifle for NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING. Wishlist 1. com . Aug 02 2011 In general all Powerbelt bullets are easy to load. 8. 59. This FREE Reloading amp Load Data Guide Edition 6. However the CVA Optima V2 has similar features to its predecessor but is visibly upgraded and redesigned to comply all the latest muzzleloading technology. going to try a CVA accura with the Bergara barrell. Bulk 223 Reloading bullets for sale. 224 Bullets usually used in the 223 Remington and 5. Hornady 240 gr. The 90 grain bullets need a 1 6. 8 cents each I don 39 t see myself going back to Berry 39 s or Extreme anytime soon. Sure it s a lot of work But it was worth it to me more than 22 years ago when I began casting for myself and am sure you will agree when you see what your gun s capabilities are with a quality bullet. com and I ALWAYS cross reference that data with published load data from the bullet or powder manufacturer . Consider the source of information. According to the berry data you should be running mid load for comparable jacketed bullet since there is none you can go low end on the 158 39 s which will still put you in the 7. Load data from any load manual or website can be used. The bullet is our new 120 grain HV that we developed the second week of July 2000 285120HV. 70 inch at 25 yards. VOUCHER 3 days ago If a bullet is not listed below use load data for LEAD bullets adjusting for bullet profile and length. The recommended load is a 140 grain charge by volume 98 grains by weight if you re looking for the utmost accuracy of Blackhorn 209. Dec 15 2016 I found the load data that Lee provides is good for at least 100yds. 45 to . Oct 14 2018 Then i sighted in my grandpas optima. Feb 22 2010 . If load data for your powder or nbsp Accura Outdoors is the home of the Precision bond copper plated bullet. Note the 20. Gold dots are heavily plated and designed for defensive purposes. That load propels the . Dec 21 2004 Lee 39 s new manual list a starting load of 3. 3 range. I 39 m also going to try the Powerbelt Platinum Personally I would run the Lyman load at 7. The only real complaint I have is the utter lack of load data for these projectiles I have searched the internet with minimal results even went as far as to write zero 39 s customer service an email and asked for some advise on min and max velocities or a powder range and have no response so descent bullet 2 days ago Featuring over 1 000 pages of reloading data techniques and bullet information the 10th edition handbook gives hand loaders access to over 200 different calibers featuring a variety of loads using Hornady bullets. 5 mm ABLR weighs 129 grs. 52 caliber I 39 ve shot more game using muzzleloaders with various Barnes bullets than any other bullet and can attest to their accuracy and performance. https amzn. Title Muzzleloading data OCt 2010 Created Date Online Read Never deviate from the load recommendations including without limitation by using different powders sabots bullets or more or less powder. 30 Oct 2019 The new wave of muzzleloading bullets will change the way you look at The 30 inch barrel of the CVA . Use this ballistic calculator in order to calculate the flight path of a bullet given the shooting parameters that meet your conditions. Hodgdon Triple Seven As always we aim to manufacture the highest quality most accurate machine forged bullets on the market. As such the new ELR Powerbelt will shoot flatter farther and has just as much knockdown power as a standard . Results 1 12 of 97 ACME bullets are sized lubed and are ready to reload right out of Titan Reloading offers Rifle and Pistol Bullets in Many Popular Calibers like Accura Anybody have load chrono data on Hi Tek coated bullets in 9mm Find company research competitor information contact details amp financial data for Accura Bullets LLC of Nampa ID. Be very sure your rifle is bored for bullets of . H4350 is an extruded propellant in our Extreme series that has been one of our most popular powders with shooters for decades. 75. There is some load data for a 260 gr at Steves pages. Muzzle Loading Bullets Qty 30. 357 Magnum data go here Cartridge Loads Hodgdon Reloading Data Center data. 845 1x8 Rem 7 These are the bullets I have been using for the last couple of years and have had ok success 1 deer and great accuracy with them. All guns are . Thank you for supporting our family owned businesses during this time May 13 2013 It 39 s always good to work up the load with your gun. You can use a taper or a roll crimp. 17 Remington Fireball 17 Remington Load Data 204 Ruger Load Data 22 Hornet Load Data 221 Remington Fireball Load Data 222 Remington Load Data 223 Remington Load Data 5. I knew I wanted to only use BH209 just needed to find the right bullet and powder volume. Sierra Handgun Reloading Manual Lee Modern Reloading Midway 44 mag Loadmap Accurate Arms Web Load data for AA 9 Accurate 2700 is a medium burning double base spherical rifle powder that is ideally suited for the 30 06 Springfield and other medium capacity calibers such as the 22 250 Remington 220 Swift and the 243 Winchester. 505 2800 fps and above . 8 grains. Select 230 grain JHP bullet handloads duplicated the accuracy of these two loads and a couple exceeded them slightly. Accura Outdoors is a Trademark by Accura Bullets LLC the address on file for this trademark is 2316 E. 19. TAC TX bullets perform consistently on small and medium sized game to 300 yards for DRT performance. F 168gr Federal Gold Medal Match. It is quite a load but it is grouping fairly well and I think it could be used for hunting out to 200 yards. The data here is a good representation of what you can expect from your own off the shelf hunting setup. The bullets go in at . 50 cal and 30 gr Note use with Barnes TMZ T EZ Aligner 30763. 007 quot larger diameter . It was almost like the bullets would not bite the groovs of the bore. Our experience through testing and hunting has been that best results are attained in the 50 caliber muzzleloader using 90 grains volumetric of Black MZ with sabot bullet weights of 240 grains to 260 grains. 233 Rem 6. A. This section is for customers 39 comments but we also use the bullets and when we develop a new one we are always excited when a plan comes together. The bullet of choice in this range day powder test was the PowerBelt AeroLite 250 grain bullet as it is highly recommended for the CVA Accura lineup and provides easy loading and accurate results. i bought a 6. 355 inch bullets and their one remaining 0. 356 quot 115 gr nbsp 11 Jul 2018 The company sold and the name was changed to Accura. 5x47 Lapua . handloads. HPBT Match Box of 500 Diameter inches . Apr 13 2018 While many manufacturers produce copper jacketed or semi jacketed bullets as well as spire point for better accuracy at longer ranges you can cast your own bullets to load this caliber. I have found RMR to be the best plated bullet yet and at 7. All of these bullets have great ballistics down range and their aerodynamic tips aid in long range accuracy. Dec 06 2019 Out shooting some Everglades bullets I loaded up for plinking. Savage White Knight LR Hunter and CVA Accuras. The result is a bullet that flies true penetrates deep and retains its weight without causing extensive Zero bullets are available in a wide variety of handgun calibers and designs from roundnose to wads jacketed and unjacketed. Manufacturer Dealer Seller of proprietary unique exotic polymer coated heat treated reloading bullets. Very happy with these guns. 5 to 40 gr of the same powder depending on the barrel. The Russian isn 39 t 155gr but close enough if you reduce them they are listed as max. I 39 m going to shoot blackhorn 209 powder. 44 cal RNFP plateds through the Super Redhawk. Federal Premium has redefined modern in line performance with the Trophy Copper Muzzleloader Bullet. PowerBond 30 Cal 120gr RN Plated Bullets 500 Count Sep 19 2015 300 grain bullets tend to work best out of CVAs but each gun is different so you might need to try a few and see what your gun likes. 477 quot a good dose of Hodgdon CFE Pistol Powder Federal Large Pistol Match Primers GM150M seating to 1. The loads described on this site were generated at the ballistics test facilities of Western Powders Inc. 238 nom No issues at all in several pistols. 355 quot 147 gr 500 9mm 147gr FMJ Bullets Everglades Ammunition None FMJ 9 mm 0. 900 quot . May 23 2013 We get real good groups out of our cva accura with 120 grains of triple 7 and the 240 grain tc xtp mags we are using but those sabots are not legal for your elk hunt. Regardless of the pseudo warnings three pellet loads have been hyped for years by now. com Accura Outdoors Copper Plated Bullets for Sale. Sold Out. to 2yKpglR Out of Stock Qty Add gt 9mm 115 RN Quantity of 500 Diameter 0. Berry 39 s does not research or publish the load data but you can use any published load data for a jacketed or lead bullet as long as it is the same weight bullet. Each Armscor 147gr FMJ BT Bullets New Unprimed BRASS FREE USPS SHIPPING. 308 win load with winchester pp bullets steelydan Handloading Procedures Practices 3 10 30 2009 06 10 AM New to me CVA Kodiak Mag okiediver72 Muzzleloaders 2 02 22 2009 05 56 PM Need load run through load program please befus Rifles and Rifle Cartridges 10 10 16 2008 11 04 AM Looking for general purpose 357 Mag load for cast Bullet was recovered just under the hide in a perfect mushroom and no loss of bullet weight. Dec 21 2013 I find the 20. 50 cal. that 39 s 40 f. HP Hollow Point FP Flat Point HPCB Heavy Plate Concave Base RN Round nbsp Jim and Mary Clary review the CVA Accura MR Black Nitride Rifle. ACCURA V2 SS NIT EDGE . I was hopeing to start with actual 350 legend data or proven loads. 030 bushing This product has either been removed or is no longer available for sale. Eventually so will my custom Encore project gun. I load them moderately using the same as I would for a lead bullet of equal weight. Accurate 5744 is an extremely fast burning double base extruded powder. With a much bigger hollow cavity and a much bigger polycarbonate plug at the end of the bullet these bullets are devastating with 100 grain loads at close to moderate ranges. If you want to shoot hotter loads it s recommended to go with the Arrowhead Muzzleloader. Jan 17 2011 I went through the load data that some of our members supplied in another post. I ve been using a super x power point 150 grain Dec 19 2018 Accurate Reloading Powders Load Data. 100gr Blackhorn209 . The most accurate factory load tested was a Black Hills 230 grain JHP load that reached 848 fps and grouped five shots into . 308 Weight grains 175 Sectional Density . 3grs 7. It will a produce a line graph showing the bullet drop and flight path of the bullet. I did load up some 44 mags and will test them out as soon as this cold spell and high wind settles down. Since I posted I called Extreme Bullets and they advised using data for a cast bullet and give a light crimp as the plating is very thin. R. 14. Bringing all the raw materials in house Accura begins by extruding the lead billets into wire. I 39 ve Already resized some new Remington 45 ACP p Nickel plated brass belled the case mouths to . My OAL is also longer than the lead or jacketed data that is listed which provides some safety. 45cal Blue CR fits my Accura barrel perfectly with this bullet and so far I am getting about 2150 fps using 82gr of BH209. The first time I pulled the trigger it was a misfire. Loads When poor muzzleloader accuracy is due to your load it can most often be blamed on a magnum 150 grain powder charge. gun and looking to start working up some bullet primer combinations with the Blackhorn 209 powder. Oct 23 2006 I used published data for 200 gr. 250gr CVA Slick load sabots 100gr Blackhorn209 cci 209m primers 100 yards. While the . PowerBelt AeroLite Bullets borrow many of the PowerBelt Platinum s technical advantages such as its plating technology fluted gas check and aggressive taper. In the table below I 39 ve converted the . Loads easily and provides excellent accuracy. 405 A . The Nitride treatment hardens the outer layers of the barrel steel and turns it a rich black color making these barrels impervious to corrosion inside and out. The most affordable accurate bullet you can buy. The Case holds 22. It will shoot 400 yds depending on conditions and how far u want to push it. 50 caliber No. Designed for personal defense and medium game hunting XTP Mag bullets provide the same controlled expansion accuracy and dependability that have made XTP bullets a favorite among target shooters and hunters alike. Benefits include 1 Coating prevents lead to bore contact thus virtually eliminating lead fouling. And with no data on Hodgdons website specifically for platted bullets it is hard to say what the actual max load is. soft point Can 39 t find any load data anywhere not sure why. It might do better I invested the time and money and working up the load but I was happy with it so stopped. 14 hours ago If you are interested in the most recent data for cartridges and or bullet weights styles not listed on this page contact Barnes Consumer Service department to inquire about recommended loads and approximate timing for the data to be made available via email at email protected Any powder with a burn rate equal to or slower than IMR4350 is a 12 gauge Target Loads 20 gauge Std Field Loads 20 gauge Turkey Loads 20 gauge Target Loads . 356 quot 115 gr RN 500 ct Accura Premium Powerbond Bullets 9mm . Benefits of shooting Acme Coated bullets include 9MM lead cast bullets for reloading and other reloading supplies available online at ACME Bullet. Muzzleloader Rifles. All bullets are cast with 92 6 2 alloy then coated with HiTek coating that molecularly bonds to the bullet as it cures. Mcpherson lists the same. Our bullets are specially purposed for competitive shooters who need an accurate bullet with no barrel leading no smoke and at a price comparable to a non coated lead bullet. The lot number is stamped on the back of the bottle. Ballistics Chart. I tried shockwaves and powerbelts it was throwing them all over the paper. This combination shoots 2 3 groups at 150 yards for me and is very easy to load. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks lead time on shipping after purchase. 50 ISM I have been able to read and understand the information on the AccuBond Long Range Bullet Information. What they 39 re saying I was one of the lucky people selected to test the RL50 powder earlier this year. com cva accura v2 lr nitride 45 caliber pr3132nm. 366 well above the B. 1 grains of powder under the bullet so do still have room. Dec 08 2017 Never shot the long range model before but I 39 ve shot several cva models. 56 45 NATO Load Data 222 Remington Magnum Load Data 22 PPC USA Load Data 225 Winchester Load Data 22 BR Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Load Data Oct 18 2018 In fact Hornady s handloading manual includes 0. However the AeroLite bullet itself is completely different on the inside being specificall CVA 39 s trigger guard actuated breeching lever makes the Accura PR a very simple break action muzzleloader to operate and by removing just one screw the entire gun can be disassemble. I use Winchester primers. 38 Sp. Measure smokeless powder charges by weight not volume. This is then put through their precise swage machines that uses pressure to form the lead core into the bullet shape. 411 and come out at . I shot a buncha the Accura 240 gr. Other powders and bullets may work but CVA already found the most accurate load. accura bullets load data

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